Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Winter Coat For Sweet pea

 I finished this coat last week but I am just now sharing it with you ladies. I used the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch jacket pattern but made some of my own changes to it. :)
 It if fully lined, inside and outside is a cozy fleece. Sweet pea just loves fleece! The coat wasn't lined before in the original pattern but was very easy to do. All I did was cut out two whole jackets out of the fleece. The front two piece of the jacket skirt was to be cut out with a rectangle slice out of it but I cut it out straight across. I then sewn up the two coats but only one with the collar then sewn them together the entire way around with leaving a 8" opening for turning. To finish it off all I had to do was stitch across the bottom of the coat skirt. Easy Peasy! Then I finished it off with some wooden buttons that is Sweet pea's FAVORITE buttons! 
Here is a look at the inside, all nice and finished. :) I am very happy with the way the coat came out but a word of warning that the button holes were a big pain to make!! I was happy to finish them but I broke a my seam riper opening up the very last button hole. But other than that it was fun to make. :)

Happy Sewing!!! And onto Christmas sewing!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Help! Blogger problems!

First off I want to say sorry for being "gone" all week. I was rear ended in my van early this week and have been pretty sore. My van is all tore up too. that being said I have been having a big problem with signing into blogger all this week. It won't let me sign in saying I have the wrong password even though I don't. gggrrrr. I have to reset the password every time I want to use blogger. I am getting a big head ache over this! Any one know what the heck is going on?


Monday, November 7, 2011

A Vintage Dress

Well, not really but I love the look of vintage! This is the newest pattern From Oliver + S, Apple picking dress. A simple but lovely pattern.

 I used a lighter weight fabric for this one and added to the pattern growth tucks to the skirt and some sweet lace trim to the bottom of the skirt. I also added the lace to both sides of the button placket. I think it gives the dress that old timey look that I love.
 I just love this pattern! The look and the fit on my little growing girl. It is very easy to follow and fun to sew together. This pattern is a great new look to an old vintage one!
Happy Sewing ladies!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shirbet Pips Swinging Good Time!

 I made this dress a bit ago and I love how it turned out! It fits Sweet pea great and is so lovely on her too.
It's the perfect print for swinging in too. I used Sherbet pips, oh how I love this print!

 This is Sweet pea's new way to swing by herself. It's way more fun swinging by herself too. ;)
It is the Oliver + S pattern Puppet Show. The pattern was out of print but is now back as a PDF. The PDF can be printed at a print shop and be printed up as the full size pattern sheet, no need to tape together as a  big puzzle. I'll be sharing more on this pattern later this week.

Happy Sewing!!