Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday W and Some Sketchbook shirts too

The small guy on the left just had a birthday a few weeks ago. He turned 9! Well we had his birthday party early, as in on Superbowl Sunday,  but I made his shirt a tad late. But better late than never, right?

When I bought the fabric for W's shirt I bought a bit extra than what the pattern called for. I try to do this in case I miscut anything while sewing. W had seen this fabric online then I found it of all places Hobby Lobby and knew I needed to make W a birthday shirt from it. G wanted one too so I had to fussy cut out two size 6 for both boys.
I used a favorite O+S pattern to make these tops. I have made around 20 Sketchbook shirts now. I am sure I can make these in my sleep. I really love this pattern and so do my boys.

W wanted a label made out of the salvage too. I think it's cute but don't tell him that I said so. ;)
I even had enough fabric to make little guy one too. Not bad for 3 yards of fabric. I not sure if he likes the shirt or just his picture taken but he sure was smiley!
I paired it with his Christmas Sketchbook pants. I am wanting to make him some more pants like these. They have the suspenders on them so they are great for our almost crawler.

The fit of this shirt is still great but there in no putting a button under those little chubby cheeks now.  I do love those cheeks!!

W had a Superbowl birthday party on the 3rd. He loves football. I made him an ice cream cake football cake. I was very nervous about making this. The frosting was freezing to the cake before I had it smoothed out but he really love it.  It made all the work on it worth it.

The inside has layers of cake and ice cream, yummy!

I found these on the day of his party at the dollar store by the house. These were a big hit with all our kids.

His party was the easiest to make too. He wanted all take out food which was great for me! A no fuss party with lots of football. :)
Happy Birthday W!! We love you!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Crossover and Ruffles

This year I have been trying to stay ahead of the seasons in my sewing for the children. The first thing so far I have made for hot weather is a Crossover Ruffle dress for Sweet pea. I made this a while ago, as in before my serger was "fixed" by my now 9 year old little boy, but that's another story....

This is a very simple dress to sew and the ruffles add that bit a girly girl to her dresses that we both love. This is a McCall's pattern that I have had for a few years now, one of the first patterns that I ever bought for Sweet pea. She is now in the largest size and will be too old for the ruffles bum so I will enjoy this last year of that. : )
The fabric is Nicey Jane, a favorite of mine. The ruffles are very simple to make too. I used my serger and made a narrow rolled hem. I sure do miss my serger friend. sniff, sniff

Another great thing about this pattern is that as she gets taller it will fit great as top too. Her dress from two years ago looks great as top now. I do love clothes that fit for several years.
Here is the back of the dress when she is playing....

and the back when she is showing off her ruffles and being silly. I do love toddlers!

I have herd that 3 year olds are so much fun taking pictures. This is the other pictures I took that she didn't quit smile as she would. Her posing for her picture to be taking. hehehe Too much fun!

Happy Sewing!