Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I have not been doing

Ok, so obviously I have not been sewing...nothing, nada. I have been feeling so good, I have had the flu then a virus then my medicine for heart started not working so well any more.  Oh yah, I also have surgery now scheduled for next month to have my thyroid removed. (Hopefully, and praying, this will fix all my health problems!) So I decided sewing was not happening. Now don't get me wrong, I have been planning sewing. : ) Lots and lots of sewing!

Like a new strawberry dress for Sarah that we seen on The Cottage Mama blog. We are making ours pink color tones. I have two sailor dresses planned for missy too. I want to make little man a new sailor suit too complete with a hat.
My nephew and his wife just had a new baby boy I am wanting to make an outfit for.

Now for the exciting part!

After drooling over some of Nicole's and Justine's dresses I have broke sown and bought myself some patterns, yes for me!

Three deer and Doe and two Collette patterns. I even bought five yards of some fabric that I would normally not buy. I am super excited to try al these patterns out. Well see how long it take for me to get into gear. But first I want to finish those last four projects for the Little Things To Sew Book Challenge.

Wish me lots of luck and sewing time!