Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Flower Dress

I made Sweet pea this adorable dress last night. I seen the tutorial for it over at Sewing in No Mans Land a couple of days ago and just fell in love with it! Her has a gathering stitch and buttons across the top of hers but I made mine with the elastic around the neck line.

Her tutorial was very easy to follow and the dress went together in 1 hour, it would have been less but I made the hem too long and had to take it up about 2". I really do love this dress pattern.  
I used a light weight fabric, very nice for hot weather. And best of all this dress is very confortable too! She has been wearing it all day. :) I am going to make one or two more of these dresses up!

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We Got Piggy Tails!!

We are finally able to put Sweet pea's hair up in piggy tails! I waited for this since the day she was born. What fun are they?!? (can you tell I am excited about this?)

Her hair has been growing like mad here lately and it has been bothering her neck, so it was off to the store for her first pony tail holders. Her piggy tails are a bit off due to her trying to get away while I was putting her hair up, but still real cute!

What fun are little girls!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Look!

I changed the look of my blog, again, lol. I like this one best so far. I love the white back ground! I think I will leave this one on here for good. I have been changing it trying to find the header and back ground I like like best. What do you think? Like it better?


Quilted Bird Mobile Tutorial

I have been meaning to put this tutorial up for two weeks now but just now I am finding time to post it. I have been crazy busy lately! 
I made Sweet pea a little bird mobile for her room, I used only scraps of fabric to make the whole thing too! I used left over fabric from pillow, Easter dress and her ruffle apron. It is a great way to start to destash my scrap supply. :)

Supplies needed:
embroidery hoop
scrap fabric
fusable fleece
heat and bond light
hot glue

1; cut little strips of fabric 2"x 1 1/2". Sew together useing a 1/4" seam alowance. Sew the strips of fabric until it is long enough to wrap around the embroidery hoop.

Press the seams all to one direction.

I used this tutorial here to make the birds. (the same as on her pillow). Stop before you sew on the wings though!! Make 8 birds.

3; Now onto the wings, when you trace out the wing trace out eight front sides of the wing pattern (side 1) and the flip over the pattern and trace the back side again eight times (side 2).

4; Iron on the wing onto side 1 of a bird and stitch around it.

Flip the bird over and iron on the wing 2, be sure to place it over the back stitching form the front side so to cover the stitching up from the front side. (see photo below)

Now stitch around the front side again following the same stsiching as the first time front wing was sewn. This will satitch the side 2 wing into place.
Repeat with the other seven birds.

5; Take the sewn strips of fabric abd the outside part of the embroidery hoop in hand. Run a bead of hot glue around the outside of the hoop gluing the strips of fabric in place.

6; Now working on the inside of the outside hoop only, run another bead of hot glue around the inside, glueing down the top of the fabric strip the whole way around.

7; Now run another bead of the glue to glue down the other open side of the fabric strip.

8; Now take the inside hoop and measure around, marking the four places where the ribbon hanger will go. My hoop in 28" so my marks are 7" apart.

Cut four pieces of ribbon 24". Hot glue the four ribbon ties on. Glue them on first to the inside of the hoop with the ribbon gong sdown to the floor then glue the ribbon to the outside of the hoop by bringing the ribbon up.

 Tie all the ribbon pieces together, then tie into a bow for the hanger.

9; Now take some white thread and cut 4 pieces 16" and 4 pieces 28". These are going to be used to hange the birds to the mobile.
Take one bird on hane a needle with one thread in it and run the thread through the middle back of the bird.

Take both ends of the thread and then tie them toghter. Repeatr with the rest of the birds.

10; lay the birds out how you want them to be placed onto hoop, alternating the short and lond threaded birds.

Glue the birds on with two birds between each ribbon space.

Take your outside hoop with the fabrib strip on it and place it over the inside hoop and tighten the screw up as far as it will go.

All that needs to be done is to tie a big bow around the screw on the hoop. Now your finshed!! Hang and enjoy!

Sweet pea does love her little birds in her room. (don't mind the unfished walls, we need to put up the crown molding still). she keep coming into my sewing room and grabing the birds and running of with them, lol. I think I will make up a few more birds for her to play with. ;)

Happy Sewing!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Butterflies and Polka Dots!

I made Sweet pea her first pillow case dress, I am in love with the colors of this one! It is bright and cheerful, all of her favorite colors. And she is standing on her own here!!! We are getting closer to walking but not quite there yet.

I made the pattern myself, I rarely use bought patterns. I got the idea from this dress from a pamplet at Hoby Lobby. I thought it wouldn't be hard to make this dress without a pattern. It is pretty simple. I made the ties at the top of her dress to match a border at the bottom of the dress. There are two different fabrics bordring the very bottom and two pockets on this dress. Perfect for spring and summer!

Here she is with one of her older brothers, I think they look so sweet in this picture! :) He is helping her stand, that and so she won't crawl off, lol.

the pockets are two differnt colors with the same fabric at the top of the pocket as the top ties.

Our label at the bottom, still loven them. It the little things that make me happy. :) I know I am very dorky.

And a tag on the inside so I will rember the size I make her dresses.

I don't know what they are looking at here, lol.

Happy Sewing!!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lots of Pretty Labels!

This past Saturday I finaly received my labels!! I ordered them back in the begining of Feburary and this was one of those couldn't wait until I seen them in person thing. They turned out great!

I love the way they look on Sweet pea's clothes, very designer. ;)
A more finished look.