Saturday, March 23, 2013

Easter Preview 2013

I have not blogged I have been working on Easter outfits for the kids. I am really hoping that I do get them done really soon seeing how Easter is almost here.
Prince C's is Michie' knicker #103 pattern. I have been following her blog for a few months and finally bought some of her adorable patterns for my baby. They remind me of the way baby boys use to be dressed. Super cute!

The pattern was pretty easy to follow. This was the second outfit I have ever smocked, it's not perfect but I am super happy with it. Thank you Tamara for all the help! :  ) I will have to frame this on the wall after Easter. ; )
This was the first time I made piping too. I used left over blue fabric from his bubble outfit. I am wanting to make this little guy a few more of these up for spring weather. It looks roomy for a crawling, wiggly baby to play in.

I did get the boys, Easter shirts done too. I used the good old Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern for these. The two younger boys have the long sleeve shirts while J's is short sleeve. The younger boys didn't need any new shirts but J does so I wanted something he could wear after Easter too. If I have time after making their pants I will make him a long sleeve one too. 
J has grown so much in the past 6 months that he needs a bunch of new clothes. I did buy him a few patterns that I will be getting to soon I hope. I am looking forward to making him some clothes! (I hope he is too.)

Well back to the shirts, I found this fabric at Hancock's fabrics. The have lots of shirting fabric that is a 100 percent cotton. It feels so nice to the touch too, light weight and super soft. I want to go back and buy more fabrics in the different colors for J for more shirts. It's nice to sew with too. However it does wrinkle something awful but it does press really well too. The good  and the bad I guess.

I am getting much better at long sleeve plackets too! The younger boys didn't want long sleeve shirts but these were more for mama this year. They don't need any short sleeve shirts at all and I love, love to the look of the long sleeve shirt.

Here is J's shirt. I added three inched to the length of this so he can tuck it in if he wants too. I tried to pattern match as best I could for all their pockets too. They say they love them. Now all to do is make the pants for them....

While making these button holes I had a bit of a mishap. I marked all the shirts at once to make the button holes, or so I thought. I made the first two shirts them the next day I went to make the button holes on the third. When I looked at it no markings at all. hhhmmm. I was really tired so I guess that I just didn't get to this shirt. When I went to mark out the button holes  (again) I then realized real quick I used a disappearing marker. Duh! The was a bit left from the day before but the marks were very hard to see. Lesson learned that when I mark button holes I'll be sure to make them right before I sew.

Last but not least is Sweet pea's dress. The photo to the left is what I hope the smocking to look like when her dress is done and to the left is my first ever bullion roses. For her dress I am trying out some new things. I am making mods to the Fairy tale dress from Oliver + S so I am hoping and praying that it turns out. You see this year Sweet pea requested a dress so I am hoping to make the one she wants, or at least close to it.
Well back to my smocking!
I hope you sewing is going well too!

Friday, March 8, 2013

My First School Photo Dress!!

A while ago on the Oliver + S flicker group a lady made this dress. I fell in love with it and wanted to try it myself. Lucky for me Liesl asked her to make a tutorial of it. You can find it over here.  I have been dying to make this dress for months so I am so happy to finally have it made! (Can you tell??)

My grandmother sent this gorgeous corduroy fabric back In November which was perfect for this dress I think.  I was planning on making the dress back then but some how time got away from me. I did make a size 4 though so I know it will fit this next year at least.  Although The pattern matching isn't great (I didn't even try in the back) and there is a pucker under the sleeve I am still very happy with how this dress came out.

As to no surprise the pattern was very well written and much easier to follow than I thought, even for a three scissor pattern. I have come to love how well written the Oliver + S patterns are, I am even a bit spoiled by them. ; ) This dress was a bit time consuming but well worth the time that goes into making it.

The part I am most excite about is the zipper. Can you see it? Good I can't either. ; )
This is by far the best zipper I have ever put in! At the time I cut this out I didn't match the pattern on the fabric on the back pannels but now I wish I did. Oh well, nothing I can do now.

At first Sweet pea wasn't thrilled with dress. I am not as to be sure why. It does have her favorite colors on it. She didn't even want to help me make this one. That all changed by the zipper part. The poor girl doesn't have many dresses with zippers in them. Buttons are way easier to put in and Sweet pea has a love for buttons.... well, so do I. That and this morning when she got out of bed it was very cold and the dress is really warm. Double points!

I will be sure to make more of these dress. I love the pattern very much. Next maybe a smocked one similar to this one? In pink ginume with little bullion roses on it? We'll see.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

8 Months Old and Banded Boy Bubble

My second post today! Yep, nothing for weeks now lots of photos and great sewing projects to share with you ladies! After I have had a no sewing spell for few weeks I have lots of sewing projects I am inching to make. I had surgery on the 4th last month and I am now just starting to get back into the swing of things. That and we have started to home school our oldest son too. It is time consuming but so worth it.
Now back to sewing and this little guy. He just turned 8 months old! He has been growing so quick. He is scooting around the floor and very close to crawling. He can stand with some help and he never sits still anymore. We do love him so much. He seems to have everyone wanting to play with him at all times. Napping is becoming hard to do, he doesn't want to miss anything that is going on. He is a little ball of fun. :)
As this little prince is getting bigger I want to make him some classic baby boy clothes before he is too old. Last fall I found patterns called Creations By Michie' and fell in love with them. I found two patterns a couple of weeks ago in the local fabric store and bought them both. The first to try was the Banded Boy Bubble. I made a size 12 months thinking it was going to be big and fit more towards the end of spring when the weather here gets warmer. I was in for a surprise though, it fits beautifully right now. That's great but the high is only 50 degrees. Oh well,  it still looks great on him. : )

The pattern is easy to follow and has lovely results. I love the fit too. There is plenty of room for crawling, playing and rolling around. I think it will be great for the summer heat.

My favorite part of this pattern has to be the pin tucks. His has to be is it is so easy to reach his feet wearing this. It must have been because the whole time he was after them. ;-)

Can you see his top two teeth?!? Yes, a tiny mouth full!

Now there are lots of photos of this Little guy. He is just too easy to take pictures of! He may not sit still but he smiles the whole time. He really smiles all day. My happy baby boy!

His new game is sticking out his tongue. I think it's so cute, but most everyhing he does is.

I love you my Prince C!!

Little Things To Sew Messenger Bag

Believe it or not I made this back in in the beginning of January for Christmas gift for a special friend. You see she isn't only a great friend but she is also my favorite aunt. :) I decided to make her this Messenger bag from the LTTS book. I have wanted to make one of these forever for myself so I though that she would like too.

Sweet pea and I made a trip to the fabric store together. I picked out some fabric for the lining then she picked out the fabric for the bias on the bag. The fabric went very well with the other fabrics too. Sweet pea is getting such a good eye for matching colors. I love to sew things with this little girl!

I had help on the pockets from McStitch. When made hers she realized that the pocket flaps were on the small side. I made mine the same size as her redone pocket flaps .

This bag does have plenty of pockets too! There are even pockets on the sides and inside too. The boys love all the pockets on this bag.  I'll have to get around later on this spring and make all of them one too.

This pattern was a three scissors so I have been kind of stalling on making it but to my surprise it was very easy to make a quite fun too! I should have known that any Oliver + S pattern would be very well written. ; )
Until then,
Happy sewing!