Saturday, April 30, 2011

Count Down till School's Out for the Summer Tutorial

School is about over for the year. I don't know who is more excited, the kiddos or me! (Sleeping in in the mornings, staying up late at night, going to the beach, playing in the back yard pool, no waiting in the car line at school to pick up the kids, spending the whole day with my boys....) So to celebrate this wonderful time of year I made the boys a count down till summer vacation.

To make this quick and easy count down I first went to the dollar store by the house and bought a picture frame for $5. Everything else I had at the house.
 **You'll need**
a picture frame, I used a 11"x14" frame 
scrap book paper,
letter & number stickers
 double sided tape.

1; I took the paper mat out of the frame and placed a piece of scrap book paper behind it and taped it in place from the back.

2; Find the center of the top mat. Next start with the center letter and work your way out. I find if I start with the center word/letter I am better able to center the whole line.

(ignore the missing A here, lol. I didn't even realize I forgot it I was so worried about making the letters strait!)

3; Next come the numbers. I used red numbers with some blue numbers here and there. When we uncover a blue number we will have a fun activity to do together. (bake cookies, play outside in the sprinkler) I used a ruler to line up my numbers too.
Now add a few summer stickers to the matte.

4; Place the finished matte back into the frame. (here is where I noticed the missing A so out came the picture to fix it. Never try to make anything half asleep, lol.)

5; now cut off little pieces of the double sided tape and place over every number on the outside of the glass.

6; Take a different color of scrapbook paper and cut out your favorite shape, 20 of them, and place them over the numbers onto the double sided tape.

Every school day take off a cover to see the number of days left of school till vacation starts! This is great way to help my to younger boys learn to count better. Easy Peasy Mac and cheezy! as my middle son says. :)


Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day - for me!

I am sure you ladies are like me and most of  things we sew and craft are for our kids and other people - rearly ourselves! I have seen this tutorial over at noodlehead last year and have been wanting to make it ever since but never find the time to make myself anything. So with Mother's Day coming I thought it was the perfect time to give it a try!
Here is my new Gathered Clutch! I am very happy with how it came out, I will admit I was a bit neverus about sewing it. I thought I was going to mess the zipper part up or something. I used only scrap pieces of fabric to make the whole thing too! I have been saving this fabric becuase it is some of my favorite so it is nice to finally make something out of it. I even had the zipper on hand too so I had to buy nothing to make it. :)
On the inside is pockets for my cards too. It was a very easy tutorial to follow!

I also made these too cute bottles for my bathroom counter top. I seen them over at The Idea Room. and had to make them. The bottles started out as Starbucks frappuccino bottles. I had to soak the bottles in hot soapy dish water and the stickers and glue came right off! Very fun and fast project!!

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beautiful Handemade Bookmarks!

 Last week I seen this awesome tutorial on making these beautiful bookmarks for Teacher appreciation week over at Skip to my Lou. With the boys having so many teachers I thought this was a great gift to make that wouldn't be to overwelling on the amont I need to make. (I still have 6 flowers to make to finish the last of the book markers!)
I decided that I like the look of the bookmarkers without the button on them. I love the center of the flower look. :) All in all it is a pretty quick project.

Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Carolina Dress Print out pattern & Supply list

 After a bit pulling my hair out I think I figured out how to post the pattern pieces for the sew along. (Me and computers don't mix ;). ) All you need is the bodice pattern, the rest of the dress cuts out in measured pieces. Pretty easy cutting!

Bodice piece #1

Bodice piece #2

Bodice piece #3

Let me know if the links don't work or if the pattern doesn't print the right size. I placed a 1" test square on each pattern so you'll know if it isn't the right size. (Size 1 & 2 are the same size bodice pieces.)
Supplies you'll need
*1/2" elastic
*skirt fabric & top tie fabric;
 1 1/2 yard to 2 yards (2 yards for the bigger sizes)
*bodice fabric
1/2 yard to 3/4 yard
*matching thread
* rick rack, optional

Let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, April 25, 2011

More Carolina dresses!

 This week end I made a few more Carolina dresses, 4 more to be exact! I made this one for Sweet pea with rick rack around the top of the front bodice and the same rick rack around the bottom of the dress. I love the way it came out! :)
 I also tested a couple of the other sizes, a 3 and a 5. They came out the right size when finished. (I am very happy) I will be posting the pattern pieces tomorrow for the sew along and the amounts of fabric needed for each size. I have sizes 1-6 made up.
 The sew along will be start on May 2nd and will go through May 6th. Come along and join in on the fun and spread the word!

 If you are not the sewing type and would love to have a Carolina dress for your little girl I placed the two extra dresses in my Etsy shop. I made just like Sweet pea's in a size 3 and a polka dotted rose in a size 5. (pictured below) And for the rest of this week everything is 15% off, just enter the code spring11. at check out.

Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Carolina Dress Sew Along!

What fun are sew along?!? I love them! I have been wanting to have a sew along here for a couple of months but with the kids and other projects time hasn't been on my side but with out further waiting here comes the Carolina Dress Sew along!

I will be having the sew along the week before Mother's Day, May 2-6. so spread the word!

This Dress has a fully lined bodice and a full skirt for plenty of twirly, what little girl wouldn't love that!

The back of the dress bodice has elastic for a nice fit. The front ties come through two button holes on the back and tie into a beautful big bow that flows down the back of the dress. I will have a printable pattern up the begining of this next week for the Carolina Dress, so no figuring out how to draw your pattern. :)

To make Sweet pea's skirt more "fluffy" I put and extra slip underneth her dress. She really likes fluffy dresses!!

I used the rose fabric form the Nicey Jane colletion from Heather Baily and the tangerine dot for the bodice. I really love the colors of the fabric and the Heather Baily fabric is so soft too!

Mark your canenders for May 2nd- the 6th!
Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Butterfly Pillow Case Dress

 I love making pillow case dresses! Last night I made Sweet pea a cute butterfly dress. I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby in the mark down bin last year and the leggings from Wal-mart for $1 at the fall mark down, they go together just wonderfully.
 The bias tape and the tie I made out of scrap fabric my gave me, I love the way they look together! I seen a pillow case dress similar colors on another blog but can't remember where, I really loved the colors together!
 While I was trying to take her picture she was in the middle of a tea party.
 How cute is this?!?

Happy Sewing!!

This week only I am haveing a 15% off sale in my Etsy Shop for my blog friends!!
When you check out enter the code spring11

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Bakugan Belt Clip Pouch Tutorial

 Here at our house Bakugans are popular with our boys. They like to take them with them when we go places, which they put them in their pockets. So I made them a belt clip pouch for them to carry their Bakugans around with them.

**What you'll need**
Black canvas (I used some scraps I had on hand)
Scraps of fabric (for the letters)
heat & bond light
belt clips
 1; Follow the directions on the Heat and bond the attach it to the back of the scrap fabric. Then trace a stenicl backwards onto the paper of the heat & bond.
 With the stencil there will spaces between parts of the letters so you need to connet the letters so it is one solid piece. Cut out your letters.
 2; Cut out the canvus pieces next. For each pouch you will need (2) 4"x6" pieces of black canvus cut.
 3; Iron on the letters to the front piece of the pouch. Place the letter on the center of the bottom half.
 Then stitch close to the edge as you can around the letter.
 4; Now attached the gromets to both pieces of the cnavus. Find the center of top and then measure down 2". Cut a small hole the place the front of the gromet through. Now place the back of the gromet over the back of the fabric and hammer in place.
 5; Pin the front and the back of the pouch with right sides together and stitch together with leaving the top of the pouch open.
 Serge or zig zag around the outter edge of the pouch and then around the top of the pouch. Fold over the top of the pouch towards the inside and press with your iron.
 6; Stitch around the top of the pouch to finish the top. That's it! Your Done!
 I made some up for my kids and my nephews. They really are a quick project to make and the boys really love them!
Happy Sewing!!