Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday's Best

 With the baby's due date coming I am trying to finish up some sewing for him that I wanted to get done, I have been working on this outfit for a couple of weeks and just finished the bow tie up last night.

The top is O+S Sketchbook top and the bottom's are the Sailboat pants pattern. I think they look pretty good paired together. (they are pictured on Baby C's changing table, pad cover made by me.) I used the Children at Play fabric line for the pants and bow tie.
 The bow tie and pockets are done in then same pin wheel fabric. The bow tie is sorta made out two tutorials that I found online. One day I'll have to show you how I made it.
Almost done with only a few more things to be finished up before he's born! I need some more fabric for two of the outfits. One print I need to run down town but that trip will have to wait until the week starts. Too many kids in the quilt store adds up to alot of yardage of fabric bought!! (I don't know where they get that from. ;) )

I hope everyone is having a Happy Memorial Day weekend!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Car Seat Baby Quilt

 I did finish up this quilt a bit ago but forgot to share it with you. I love this little quilt pattern and it went together very quickly too. I found the free pattern over at the Moda Bake Shop. (they have TONS of great patterns!!) I used the Cape Ann charm pack with matching yardage fabric for the borders and backing.
This cozy quilt ties onto the car seat, just wonderful for wiggle babies! I wish I had this pattern years ago.

Only 6 weeks to go! I better finish all those baby projects.....

Happy Sewing!!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Baby Boy Bubble

 Oh so sweet baby things to make! I just love sewing the littlest things for our little prince-to-be. They even smell like new baby already. {or maybe it's just hormones ;) } I fell in love with this ever so lovely pattern when I seen this picture over on the flicker group. It is so dreamy for any baby boy! Thanks to Deb (a very big thank you!!!) I was able to make this for our baby boy.
 I love the details on this bubble. The trim was from Deb too, it goes so wonderfully with the fabric and pattern. Made for it! The fabric is from the Children at Play line. I love how well the fabric worked with this pattern. 
The pattern is from the Sew Beautiful magazine, it's the John and Suaznne's Bubble Redesigned. It is perfect for babies in the hot summer weather that we are already getting here. I have a few more planned very soon to make too. I am going to make a white/soft white one for his coming home outfit and first baby pictures. I am hoping to be able to use some of my great-grandmother trims on it. Not to say about the three other ones that are stuck in head now too. ;) A fast summer favorite of this mama's.

Thanks so much to my friend Deb!!

Happy Sewing!


Friday, May 18, 2012

Summer Fun!

 I made another Tea Party dress for missy Sweet pea with a fun summer print! The fabric was from grandma and daddy pick out the buttons so this is a very special dress for her. Plus this has to be her very favorite fabric yet! (Can you tell that she just loves this dress!?!)
 I trimmed the bodice in orange rick rack and top stitched in the same orange color as the rick rack. She just loves the color orange. I just love those little chubby cheeks with chocolate on them. :)
 The weather is getting pretty hot here so I am trying to convince Sweet pea that her hair up is much better than down. One day I won, just one day but I'll take what I can get. ;)
I made this dress last year for her and it still fits pretty good for yet another summer full of fun. My, how she has grown though.

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sailboat Pants Fun!

 I am not quit done with these but had to share! I just received my Sailboat pattern the other day and already have made baby C two pairs of pants. (this one still needs two buttons but I haven't gone to the store yet....) The pattern is very fun to sew and goes together in one evening of sleeping children.

This one is made out of the Children at Play fabric line. I still need to make the top to go with the outfit but once again I need to go to the store and most days that sounds like too much work. ;)
 baby C checking out his new duds. He seems to be getting very big lately!
 Another pair made out of very soft denim in 6-12 months size.
Now I need to get some tops made to go with the bottoms but right now I am onto Sweet pea's orange dress, the fabric is grandma and grandpa. I need to finish up her summer sewing and some things for the boys before the end of school year. Times always seems to fly by quicker when things need to be done. :)

Happy Sewing!!


Monday, May 14, 2012

Little Sewing

 I love to sew little things, and little baby things are even better! I made this vintage bonnet for our soon-to-be baby boy from an almost pattern that I have here. (Sweet pea's baby was happy to model this for you but it's a good thing she didn't see it or it would have been hers.)
 I had the main two pattern pieces but had to make the ties so I used 1/4" double bias tape and I also added a brim to it to keep the hot summer sun off his little face. The brim was so easy to add too. I fully lined the bonnet as well.
 Even though I didn't have any instructions at all it still sewn up in less than 30 minutes. Not bad if I say so.
 I used just some left over fabric to make this tiny thing too. I used the same fabric as his whale sun suit. I can't wait to him in it! {although I can totally wait until the labor part! ;) }
 Of course I couldn't forget my Sweet pea! I made her a reversible skirt from the Swing set pattern from O+S. The pattern is lined so I took the top skirt pattern and cut out the lining fabric from teh same pattern piece insted of the lining pattern piece. I left the button holes off the side and left the seam unfinshed in an inch space for feeding the elastic though. I then finished it off with pressing both top and under skirt up an 1/2" then sewing both together.  
I think she will like it. :)

digital sailboat top, skirt + pants sewing pattern
Now onto baby boy's sailboat pants! I was lucky enough to find the paper pattern (it's another out of print) and hubby bought it for me for Mother's Day. Until then,

Happy Sewing!!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day Sewing

 I made this dress the other day but I was able to try it on Sweet pea and get some really good pictures of her in it. She usely hates, hates her picture taken but she was all smiles today! It was a lovely Mother's day present for me. :)
 The dress is the out of print Oliver + S Play date, which I love! It is a simple dress but lovely details in the sewing. It took two evenings of sewing to make which is pretty good for me lately.
 I just love her smile!
 The pockets were a bit hit! A place for her little treasures to go.
She really loves this dress too, I am not sure if it is because she really likes the way it looks or because it was for her and not "baby brother" as she says. Plus with the hot weather we are having the dresses are probably feeling really nice now too.

I aslo made a baby bonnet for for our new baby-to-be but I will be posting on that tomorrow!

Happpy Mother's Day!!


Friday, May 11, 2012

A Little Play Date Dress

 I have had my eye on the Play Date pattern from Oliver + S for while and finally was able to track it down this past February. (it is sadly out of print)  It has taken me this long to get around to making this dress for my little Sweet pea.
 I used a butter cream yellow kona cotton fabric with Sarah Jane fabric scraps for the bias. This dress idea came from Queen of the Flies. I also used her tutorail for the yoke as well. It leaves such a nice finish on the yoke on the inside as well as the outside.
And Sweet pea, she loves it! The poor thing is a bit jealous of me sewing for the baby lately that I think she really loves that mama made something pretty just for her. I can't wait to try it on her!

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Tea Party Sun Suit For Baby

 Last night I got to work on another play suit for baby C. I used the pattern from Oliver + S Tea Party play suit, such a quick and easy pattern! One of my summer favorites.
 The top  is done in Cape Ann scraps from his baby quilt (to be blogged) and the kona cotton fabrics to go with. I used buttons on the leg closers again too. I bought the snaps but still I am trying to figure the thing out.
I made little one a outfit just like the gal from hubby's work.I do love the way it came out. I made a few changes from the original pattern, including making this one is longer in length seeing the last baby was very long and skinny and this one looks to be following the same. (all miy babies were on the skinny side!)

Happy sewing!


Monday, May 7, 2012

Strawberry Fun!

 I took Sweet pea for her first berry picking this morning, she had a blast too! And boy does she love her strawberries!
 She carried the basket right up until the end then it got "too heaby" to carry. She even picked pretty red berries too all by herself. I was afraid that she wouldn't want to pick or be really board but she had fun the whole time and loved to look for the "yummy red berries" as she called them.
 Oh is she proud of her harvest too! She even has the cute red stains on her dress and hands to go with it. I just love the little red stains on her. :)
And to make this day even better her Carolina dress from last summer still fits her! Thank goodness for a tiny waisted girl. ;) This was a great way to start our week out. :)


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Special Gifts

 The boys were busy this weekend making some special gifts for some special people. These were so easy for them to make and they had so much fun making them too. I found the free printable here. at Domesticated Lady.
 Sweet pea was "driving" the clothes pins all over the table while we worked, she even was making the cutest car nosies to go with it.
The boys picked the project and even helped find everything on the list we needed at the store. They are getting so big. :) I am so glad that they enjoy making things with their hands too.
I hope everyone's weekend was as good as ours!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

A Quilted Bird Mobile For Baby

 I made a little something for the baby this past week and finished it last night. I made him a bird mobile like Sweet pea's here but changed the bird pattern on his to match the birds on his bedding.
 This was a fun and easy project but I must admit that it did take me a week to make though. Maybe a bit of procrastination?

I used a grape vine wreath for his too insted of the quilting hoop, I wanted to match the twigs in his blanket that the birds are perch on. All the birds are made out of scrap fabric that I had laying around the house too.
 I will be posting a tutorial on Monday morning for his mobile. All I need to make for crib is a chnging pad cover now...and finish the rest of the room.
Happy Sewing!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Sneak Peak!

 Another work in progress for our little man to be! I received a Cape Ann charm pack and a yard and half of fabric in the mail yesterday and I just had to get this sewn. (I sure you know how that is ;) )I just love this fabric!
I can just see it on Little C's car seat with him snuggled inside. I found the pattern over at the Moda Bake Shop. I just their web site! Hopefully I can finish all three projects this weekend that need to be done! Now for my belly to quit hurting.....

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What We Have Been Doing

 We have been doing a whole lot of relaxing here. With my belly getting bigger and little guy growing I have been so tired lately so the kids and I have been taking it easy!
 A little snacking and watching TV in bed is always good but one of us it was too much and she had to take a nap. ;)
Little man was home sick htis last too but he is feeling so much better now. He has "ordered" pj's from me and wants them done very soon so I just have to wait on the pattern in the mail. That's what happens when mama looks at the Oliver + S flicker group with the kids, they always see clothes that mama just has to make them too. I just love it! :) I hope that they always lovve for mom to sew for them.

Now to only finish baby C's quilted bird mobile and Mr W floor pillow between today and tomorrow and I have it made. For some reason my big belly is getting in the way when trying to sew so it takes a bit longer to finish up projects now. With less than 10 weeks to go I had better get in gear!

Happy Sewing!!