Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Nature Walk for Prince C

This New Year I promise myself to sew at least once from every pattern I have bought! Yes, each and every one of them! Oh know this is a very tall order for me. The first one on the list in Oliver + S Nature walk set. Believe it or not I bought (the bigger size) this pattern in my first batch of O+S. I planed on making it for my older boys-like over three year ago. Then when I knew baby #5 was a boy I had to buy the smaller one before they disappeared.  Sad is it not?!?  
Well sad no more! I sewn my first one! I made the 12-18 months size for Prince C. He wears almost everything in the 12-18 months range but the sketchbook and Sailboat bottoms he is still a 6-12months. So I thought, this should fit!
I should have known better it didn't. I should have measured. While the top fits fabulous the bottoms are tight. They do go on but I really need to make the next size up, well the waist line needs to be the next size up, the fit in the legs and length is perfect other than that. (excuse the shirt sticking out of the bottom, it's a 24m size shirt and is big on him, it's from my lovely sister. : ) I know he'll grow into it)

On plus side, he loves it, pants and all! He keeps rubbing the pants, I guess he is a fleece baby.

Now the pattern it's self is wonderful! I should have known. ; ) Everything came together nicely and this over all fairly quick to sew as well. I did do most of the sewing for the top on my serger. This is another "Why did I not sew this sooner"! I think I will see a few more bottoms for Prince C in these, and maybe a pair or two for Sweet pea. She seems to like this too and was disappointed when she found out they were not hers.

Poor little lass, I have not sewn for her in ages. (the dolly doesn't count as she has no clue mommy made it) She has been wanting a new dress and I have been enjoying sewing for my boys. Maybe one more dress then back to my little Prince, he really does need some new things.

So what are you ladies New Years sewing resolutions?

Saturday, December 28, 2013

LTTS Book: Messy Kid Bibs

When I bought my Little Things to Sew Book I bought it with this pattern in mind for Sweet pea. The main reason I bought this book... I never did get around to making her this bib. Thank goodness we had Prince C! Just before Christmas Eve I made this bib, #1; I wanted Prince C to have a Christmas bib and #2; I didn't want him to mess up his clothes. ; )

This bib was so quick and easy to make that I made him two more the other day. I used left over fabric from his Puppet Theater and puppet drawstring bag. Two Fat quarters of fabric would really be enough to make a bib. (other than the bias) It took me less than an hour to make both of these from cutting out to sewing.  

The size is great too for toddlers, just perfect to cover Prince C clothes and a pocket to catch any food missed. I did not use any on the iron on vinyl for any of these, I like the cloth bibs much better. I did how ever use two piece of fabric for main bib, a front and a back. Nothing leaks through and easy to wash still.
15 projects sewn and 6 to go!  
What's next on Little Things to Sew challenge you ask??
The wee little village!
Happy Sewing Ladies!

Monday, December 23, 2013

More Christmas Pajamas!

I feel like I am on a roll! I made another pair of pj's today for my teenage nephew for Christmas. These are a size 8 made in some of the softest flannel I have ever seen, so perfect for the Sleepover pattern!

The plaid was a bit of pain to sew with, it sewn like it was a knit. But thankfully it came out nice. I think these are my favorite pair yet. I wonder if I could make them in my size?? I do hope he likes them.
Now back to one pair of Sketchbook pants for Mr J and a yummy gingerbread house.....

Some Small Christmas projects!

A very quick post on some smaller things I have made for Christmas. This little fellow was made on Friday, the last day the kids were in school before the holiday break. He's for Prince C. Prince C has taking a liking to Sweet pea's baby from Aunt Fran so I am hoping this gets him to leave her alone. (Lots of fighting of Sweet pea's dolly!)

He is a baby sock monkey too! I made him a cloth nappy, the very same as I used with Sweet pea Ella doll. Both were quick easy. the sock monkey was lots of hand stitching though.

I even made a place his tale to go through. All I did was make a big buttonhole on the nappy.
I also made Prince C a nice bib for Little things To Sew book. I bought this book with Sweet pea in mind to make her a bunch of these but it never did happen. At least I did get around to get use out of this pattern for the next baby! It's a great pattern, easy a fairly quick. I am getting much better at making bias I think. ; )

Later in the week I plan on making a few more of these. They will be very useful with my messy little man! He even likes to wear this.

lastly, Sweet pea and I made this Christmas tree cake yesterday together. It was so much fun baking her. Nothing says the Happy Holidays like baking! I think it came out very well. I wasn't ready to cut but she and the boys sure were! It's almost gone now. *sniff, sniff*
We have made over 5 dozen cookies and still counting, I still have some sewing that must be done before Christmas too. I hope to have it all done, wish my luck!
Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 20, 2013

A Requested Christmas Outfit for Garrett

Now this doesn't happen very often but one of my middle boys, Garrett, requested that I make him a Christmas outfit for his program at school this year. We chose the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern for both shirt and pants. This is a favorite of mine and the boys both. He picked out the shirting from some on hand fabric I had in my stash. It's from my lovely grandmother so it very special, perfect for a Christmas shirt. It's polyester blend and has a sheen to it.  The shirt is a size 6, I added 3" to the length of the shirt and 1" to the sleeve length. While he has gotten taller he has not filled out any. I also hanged up the pocket a bit and made it triangle at the bottom instead of square.
The pants are a brown suiting I bought this past Easter but never got around to sew. Easter was full of smocking for the two little ones. He loves the fit and softness of both fabrics. These I just added length to make them pants form shorts. These are a size 7 so he will have tummy/bottom growing room.

I think he looks very sharp, so does his brother who has requested an outfit just like this one. That's Wyatt. They wear the same size clothes, right down do alterations. I am making him the same one so they don't fight over this one. I have his pants almost done as well.

I do love this pattern, it was love at first sew. : )

So are you ladies working on any last minute sewing too?
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Puppet Theater Gift: part 2 and a wee little bunny!

Here is the second part to Prince C puppet theater present! I made the four puppets from the Little Things to Sew Bear bath mitten pattern. They were all very easy to make and the pattern mods we easy to make as well. I made all four in about two hours of sewing. Each puppet is from a different type of fabric, corduroy, fleece, wool and terry cloth.

I also made him a Juggler bag with left over fabrics from his theater. This pattern is also from the LTTS book.  I had left over its from the Super Why pajamas so I added the word "puppets" on the bag. This is so the older ones know not to put their things into it. ; )  
Both of these are from the Little Things to Sew book challenge, #13 and #14 done! Seven more to sew baby! 

I also whipped up this cute little bunny for Prince C for his stocking on Christmas morning. The fabric was left over from his lamb Halloween costume this year. He has super soft fur made for cuddling. C hasn't seen him yet either!

He even has a wee little tale.

Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?
Well I got to go back to sewing, I do hope to finish my ever growing list by Christmas eve! One more thing to sew for the baby today and Garrett's Sketchbook trousers.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Puppet Theater Christmas Gift for Prince C: Part 1

Here is my second homemade Christmas gift! It's the Puppet Theater from The Little Things To Sew Book. It was on my list last year but I was unable to get to it until, well until last week. I really was beginning to wonder if I would have enough time to make and finish it this year but I did!

I made it for Prince C but I am very sure that all the kids will use it. Prince C is a tad short to reach the puppet theater curtains at the moment. I am sure he'll grow into it. : )
On his I copied an idea from this Puppet theater, love it! I made Prince C his own label complete with Charlie and Lola. I had to add them for when I was sewing this I kept thinking this reminded me of their house. Can you here the two of the giggling?!? I plan on making Prince C Charlie and Lola puppets after the Holidays and birthday season is over.

I used scraps of Children at play scraps for the flowers on the window boxes and a old brass button for the door knob. The button is a special button for my grandmother. : )

I did have to sew this with Sweet pea and little man watching to get it done but the good news is that he really, really loves it! I had to pry it from his hands with him screaming "mine, give back!" at me.
The other great part? It's #12 from the Little Things to Sew book Challenge! Yippy!

Bartacks and Singletrack : want to go all the way with me?
Tomorrow I share the puppets and puppet bags,
Until then Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Little Ella the Waldorf doll

This year we decided to have some homemade gifts for the two little ones at our house. This is the first one done! Meet little Ella, my very first home made Waldorf doll. (I do plan on making many more!)  She is a gift for my Sweet pea for Christmas.  She has a body fully stuffed with wool (she smells so good!) and her arms and legs are fully jointed. Her hair is made out of Alpaca yard, so soft and smells dreamy. This doll is made for cuddling!

I gave her a full head of yarn hair so Sweet pea can fix it any way she wants. this part of the doll took the longest to make but it wasn't hard though.

Little Ella is ready and waiting for Christmas morning to meet her new mommy. I am sure am excited for Sweet pea to open her gifts.

Besides the dolly I made Ella a wee little lace trimmed pillow and quilt for snuggling. The quilt is a mini version of Sweet pea's scrambled 9 patch. (which is for her birthday) All the blocks were cut at 2 1/2" squares to make it. The back is a lovely soft minky and so is the her pillow. 

Here is a closer look at them.

Ella's first outfit!
I crocheted her a cardigan with Mary Jane style shoes.
This is the mini version of the Oliver + S Bubble dress with matching cloth nappy.

Ella's second outfit is a faux front button up blouse trimmed in lace and a soft cozy pair of minky overalls. I wanted to make more outfits but to keep the presents even on Christmas morning I stopped myself and will make more for Sweet pea's birthday next month. It sure is way easier to buy for my little girl than the older boys'.

Miss Ella modeling her Bubbles dress, be kind her hair here is not done.

Well she is already for Christmas morning now!
If you are interested I bought the Waldorf dolly as kit from LaliDolls here
The kit came with everything to make the doll and the pattern for the doll and cloth nappy. Don't fret if you have not made dolls before! Her patterns has the best instructions and lots of colored photos to take you through the steps. This is coming from an Oliver + S addict. ; )
Next up Prince C's Puppet Theater!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sew-Along Coming!

school photo dress sewing pattern
You can go over to Oliver + S to find the pattern!
I hope you plan on joining the fun!

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Super Why Inspired Sleepover pj's

I made these the other day for my nephew and his wife's little boy's 2nd birthday. He loves the show Super Why so I really wanted to make him some pj's that go with the show. I didn't find any fabric with the Super Why on them but I though how perfect is the Alphabet flannel.

I used my favorite Sleepover pj pattern for these. One of my most used patterns ever. The facing and cuffs are very soft flannel as well. I had a hard time picking out buttons thought, I finally decided on these dark big buttons. I do love the bigger buttons on this pattern. I think they are easier for smaller hands to button up.

I added the size tag in the back too, a great way to remember how big I made them and a great way t tell the back from the front!
I was told he loves them very much and fit very well. There is nothing like warm pj's to say Happy Birthday!
Now back to my Christmas gift sewing, I do hope I finish in time!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sewing but not Blogging

I have really been sewing but honesty I have not sat down and try to write any post on them. I am way behind in what I want to have done so at this point I am setting just for what can be done. I have a quilt top almost done and ready for Sweet pea's birthday next month, (I need to start me G's too!) I did manage to finish up almost all of the Waldorf doll sewing with a great post to come on that! I have almost finished a pair of Tea party pants suit in brown suiting for my Prince C. I do love this and can't wait to finish.....and the list goes on and on.
So now onto the pants! They are Afterschool pants for Sweet pea as she really needed some new winter pants. She has really worn out all but one pair form last year out. She is as tough as the boys on pants. The top pair was request by her. How I do loves these, she wanted to match grandpa so she could go hunting with him. I added ruffles so they would like girly.

On the back pockets I top stitched oak leaves. I not sure if this helps but she loves it. They are very sturdy pants too, perfect to play in the snow today.

She also needs a dressy pair so I made these pale pink stretch twill with lace. I am a lace kick this past week so I had to add it. (Wait till you see her Christmas doll!)

Front pockets

Back Pockets

I did make the hem longer on both of these pants so they would fit longer, Sweet pea seems to grow about 3" in six month time.

The fit is pretty good but I am afraid that this means I have to order the next size up in the pattern soon. We shall enjoy these while we can. : )
Happy Sewing!