Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LTTS Book No-tie scarves for all!

This past weekend it turned very chilly here with the highs in the 30sF most days. It even snowed on Saturday. So I had to make four out of five children new scarves. OK, OK Sweet pea really didn't need one but I had some fabric on hand already so I thought why not. (J's still fits him and it is much liked so he didn't want a new one) This is #11 on my list to sew from the Little Things To Sew book challenge too. Yippy!
This is such a clever sew and easy if you follow the directions in the book. Why do I say this? Why on the second scarf I didn't and had to rip out the whole scarf twice. Yep, twice. This was because I thought the first one was darn easy that I didn't need to reread the instructions again. haha, joke was on me! After lots of frustration I reread the book then did duh! hit my self in head. lesson learned.

Other than that, they were easy and quick to sew. I love the way it makes into a no-tie scarf, a simple hole through the middle. The kids love the no-tie part too, there is nothing to slow them down on the way out the door! They all proudly wear them to school. :-)  

Miss flamingo looks great in them too!
Happy Sewing!

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Lovely Red Wool Coat

I have been wanting to make Miss Sweet pea a red wool coat since she was born, yes really that long. ; ) The trouble is I was having a very hard time finding any wool and when I did it was the type more for dresses, skirts, suits...but not for winter coats. Then my lovely friend Sarvi found some for us at her local fabric store, thanks so much Sarvi! It's the perfect color and weight.
The lining of her coat is a plaid from Moda Wool and Needle line, I used a fabric that would pass down easily to little Prince C when he grows. I was surprised to find it at a local fabric store thee line and the color I wanted! Score!

The pattern is  the School Days coat from good old Oliver +S! It does take a bit of time to sew up but the instructions make it a breeze and fun to sew. I think this is the most satisfying pattern to make I own. It wears so wonderfully too.

In case you are wondering the pants are her After School corduroy, sadly these are so worn out and almost too small for her to wear them. I do need to make her two pairs for this winter.  The scarf is the most special though. It was mine when I was her age. It was so wonderful to pass it down to my daughter. *sniff, sniff*

and Sweet pea? She is totally in love it! She has worn it over a two weeks now, without the toggles until two days ago even. I think its' a winner for both of us.
Have a great Weekend!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Snowflake Fairy tale Dress

While amidst my Holiday sewing Sweet pea requested a Snowflake "skaters" dress, one like Dora's. You know Dora the Explorer? Her Ice Skating adventure came out last week and Sweet pea had fun "skating" along with her when she declared that she too had to have a skaters dress. Now I told her that I would not go out and buy fabric for this dress but we could see what we had on hand to make one.

She picked out this purple dotted fabric and I pulled out dome scraps of blue I left from her butterfly dress. She said they were perfect, score! All I had to do was paint some white sparkle paint onto some of the skirt dots. Sadly you cannot see them in any of these pictures. (She sure does love them)
I used the Oliver +S Fairy tale dress pattern. I did square out the neck line to "match" Dora's dress. The snowflake had to be hand stitched on too. I am not that great a seamstress to be able stitch it on with my sewing machine. It was supposed to be a quick dress, haha, it took three days to make it! I guess it was all the hand stitching on this dress but oh how I love, love this pattern! It's so worth every minute spent on it. : )

As you can tell she adores this dress! She couldn't be happier with it. I think it is because she "designed" it. She does love to help get into the planning of making her clothes. I hope she always stays this way.

Here is a close up of her snowflake, I used a metallic silver thread to sew it on, to give it that wee bit of sparkle. (A why the hand stitched it on)

The only problem she had with this dress?? I have to make our little dog a matching one. How on earth does one make a doggy dress?!? I guess I better figure it out real soon because she is wanting it today....
Happy Sewing ladies!!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A Little Work in Progress

While I have not been blogging I have been very busy sewing. I have been working on little miss Ella for about two weeks now. (She is bit more finished at the moment) I bought a Waldorf doll kit and this is her after the "kit" part was done.

I have to work on her when hubby is home or in the middle of night. I wouldn't want little eyes to see early. I do have one dress/nappy outfit sewn. I love these clothe nappies! They are supper quick and easy to sew. More about that later...
So what have you ladies been working on for Christmas?
Until next time...
Happy Christmas Sewing!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Field trip Tee, Not Just for My Boys!

When the Field Trip pattern came out I snatched it up very quick in both sizes, I had to have it for my all four of my boys. I have seen so many on the Flicker group that I just loved. I never thought about making one for my little princess. That is until last Monday I needed to make a white shirt to go under her costume. Now I have made the Hopscotch top many, many times and do love the pattern but I wanted something very simple and quick so I went with this pattern. I never intended it to be a shirt for everyday wear, until the ribbon came out!  
You see, I used some scrap fabric for the shirt and you'll never guess but I had to piece together the front to make the fabric big enough to cut out the front pattern piece. Sweet pea wanted ribbon on it any way so I sewn it right over the middle seam to hide it. She loves this shirt, score! I am already planning on making her a pink pair of After School pants and this hoes with it perfect.

After the first shirt I decided to make her two more for this fall/winter wardrobe. They are a very quick, easy sew, it was the easiest shirt I have ever made her. The stripped pink sweater knit top is fabric from her stash that we bought last year on clearance from Hobby Lobby.  I doubled the width of the neck binding here for more of a sweater look.  This one is her favorite one all three. The fabric is oh so snuggly soft!

This is fabric that I planned for a Sail Boat top but I now glad I saved it for this top. A lovely color for fall.

In case you are wondering, the pants are Mia and Ben from last year. So far they still fairly well but I think she will out grow them before the cold weather turns back to warm. Until we shall both enjoy them.  

So what are you working on for fall/winter clothes? Or Summer for my friends on the other side of world?
Have a great weekend!