Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tea Party's Little Whale

 Oh my little baby boy, what a joy you are! He has grown so much in 7 weeks. His little whale outfit now fits him wonderfully! I love him in it too.
 I used the Oliver + S Tea Party pattern for this one. I did make mods to it by changing the bodice and short pattern pieces from separate into one pattern piece. I also added cuff to the shorts part and made a button placket to the leg closers. The bonnet is a vintage pattern that I go from mom. The fabric is from the Children at Play line.
 Here is his outfit when I finished it this past spring. I had also made one for friends baby too. It was fast and easy to make.
 I really love the little whale on it. A wonderful summer outfit that I had thought would have fit him sooner.
Sweet pea's baby doll was actually bigger than baby C when he was born. Now he is way bigger and the bonnet fits him now too. Although I am sure Sweet pea will be happy to have it for her baby doll when he out grows it. ;) It makes me wonder how quick will the 6-12m clothes will fit him.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sleep Over Party!

 The Sleep Over Pj pattern party that is! A new to me pattern from Oliver + S. The pattern sews up nicely just as all the Oliver + S patterns do. The only trouble I had was the pocket placement was 1/2" to low for the hem. I found this out too late and had to rework the top a bit. No biggy though. On the fourth I plan on moving the pocket up a 1/2" to solve this problem. 

 I started with Prince C's pj's first. My thinking is that because they are waayy smaller than the other kids sizes that they must sew up quicker. I am not sure if this is true but a nice thought.  ;)
 These to two are from the Children at Play Fabric line, both are flannel and very soft. I just adore this fabric line! The bonus about both these pj's are that they are made with only left over fabric from the big boys' pj's. I only bought the yardage need for each one pj a piece and no more. Thanks mom for showing me how to cut pattern's out! :)
 On these I added a fun polka dotted buttons and as always made a tag for the inside with the salvage fabric name.
 I bought the fabric for these from Hobby Lobby at a very good price. They are super soft to the touch. I love the print too. Perfect for any little boy. All are size 6-12 months. They are too big for little man still but I am sure he will be in them before I know it.
Here is the stack of waiting pj's for sewing. I am going to make all the kiddos three pj's piece, except for the baby who will be getting four. Well, I guess I better get move on finishing the rest!


Friday, August 10, 2012

My Sailor Boy!

 My Sailor boy little Prince C. What a sweet little boy he is.
 All of my baby boys had a little sailor outfit but this is the first one I have ever made for a boy. I used Simplicity 4711 for this one. This pattern is also the very first pattern I sewn for Sweet pea. (I'll have to share pictures of this one later!)
 I used simple kona cotton fabric with white ribbon for trim. The back has MOP buttons and I used snaps for the leg closers. As always I had a hard time with the snaps until I realized I had the snap backwards! After I turned the snap around it was easy peasy. (You would think that I would learn my lesson on the snaps by now.)
 I did make some mods to this pattern. I made the whole outfit fully lined so I had to change the structure of the collar some and also the bodice. It took a little fidgeting but it did come together nicely in the end.
 Front and back.
 The inside lining, I love to line the outfits so that there is not any seams to scratch baby.
 I did also make the back bodice like that of the Oliver +S bubble dress pattern. I love the way the dress finishes.
All in all this was very fun to sew!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


Monday, August 6, 2012

So Clever Charlotte!

 I sew mostly from Oliver + S patterns but another pattern I so love is the Finch top and shorts from Clever Charlotte. This is such an easy pattern and there are so many ways to change it up. This top is made in a 3T for my ever growing Sweet pea, I made it a 4T in length so she can layer it this winter and still wear it this coming summer. She is has been getting so tall!
 She totally loves the bow on this one! I made the bow with the hook and loop tape on the back so that the bow can be taken off easily. I did this for dear hubby who hates the bow on this top when he tries to buckle Sweet pea in her car seat. Problem solved!
 I added some pretty velvet ribbon to this pair, made just like the brown twill ones from Nicole's tutorial. They are finished off with some metal heart buttons.
 I also made Sweet pea a lace White top with pin tucks throughout the fabric. The fabric is light weight so I added a pink kona cotton for the lining fabric as to make the top a very pale pink color. (Pink is her favorite color right now!)I left the bow off this top and instead added a big button for a more "grown" look to it.
 I love the back on this top too, it's a racer back so very comfortable for summer time. I also made this top a 3T with the 4T length to layering for this winter and wear for the next summer too. Now onto some school sewing for Mr. J next and if I am very lucky maybe some good sleep too. ;)