Sunday, January 26, 2014

LTTS Play Town

Here's another one for adventure In the Little Things To Sew book! I used only the fabric I have on hand...and that is not in the frozen shed. ;) All are fabulous scraps that I have saved for this project. Sadly the "main" house fabrics is buried some where out in the frozen shed I was telling you about.  OS any way, here is what I have made so far!

I had the most fun adding things to the houses back side. Most are fabric that I appliqued on but the flower trellis was done on the sewing machine then I added some hand stitched flowers. This one is Sweet pea's favorite house.  

I also added some details to the sides. The white house that looks, well rather wonky is rather wonky. The white in linen and was not fun to sew for this project at all. I have used the linen for lining clothes with no problem but this project it is just way to thin. I will not use it again for this.ever.

Here is Sweet pea's pet store. She helped with this one by "designing" it. It was hard trying to sew it together as she was trying to play with it at the same time. : )

I was going to make as least two more houses but time has caught up with me and our wee little Prince C has learned a new trick that he rather enjoys....taking all his clothes off. Yep the little bugger is at that stage, soooo I really need to get to some more Tea Party paly suits for him. They are the only thing he can not take off. I plan on one more fox one and maybe a monkey one for fun.

#17 done!

Happy Sewing!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Crochet Cables Hat

Once in a while I really do make myself some things. This has been such a cold winter that three snow storms ago I decided to crochet myself a new hat. This is the second hat, the first one was a big flop. The pattern was a "free" one off some blog and well, it wasn't a good one. So reused the yarn and made this one! Success!

I found the pattern off the show Knit and Crochet Now, the pattern is Crochet Cables Hat. It's free pattern too but it was a great free pattern, as in it turned out! It honestly did take long to make, I just didn't work on it that much. Sweet pea has requested one just like mama's so I have to pull out some more yarn later today...I really had forgotten how much I enjoyed crocheting. It was my first crafting love. : )  

Have a great, warm weekend!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

LTTS book, Big Kid Book Bag


How are you doing on the Cover to Cover challenge? I have really been enjoying seeing all the projects popping up in Lighting McStitch Flicker pool!
Here is project #16 of The Little Things To Sew Book challenge.
I am on the home stretch folks, maybe I'll be done at the end of next month?!?

To see all the details, head on over to Bartacks and Singletacks Blog !

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Nursing Cover

Any day now my nephew and his lovely wife are going to have their second baby boy. EEPPP! We are all so excited here. : )
The mother-to-be ask me if I would make her a nursing cover, I sure would!! 
I found this pattern over at Pretty Prudent. It was quick to make and sew, I so wish I had made a few of these when mine were all babies. : ( Where did the time go?!?

Any how, I wanted to find a fabric with kittens in it, this has kitten and puppies. I almost bought 3 yards of this fabric. I love it dearly but I was not sure what else I would make with it so it I held back I didn't. Now I wish I had of although still no idea what I do with it. ; )

I really would like to make her one more if she likes it. I do love sewing for babies!

Happy Sewing!


Day Dreaming of Warm Weather

I was so excited to move back up north, I missed the beautiful white sparkly snow! How fun is it to go sledding in, build a snowman with the kids and even the fun snowball fight. Yes, I sure did miss having a real winter....I am so over that now! It's 8f out right now, oh where are you spring!

So to make it seem a bit warmer I thought I would follow suit as to some friends of mine and sew for the coming summer (seems like a life time away now) months. I broke down with the sale over at O+S and bought the hula hoopskirt pattern. I have been drooling over every single one that Petra has made. I hope to find some great bright summer fabric and Sweet pea a few more up like hers. I am so glad I bought too, it was so much fun to sew! Easy too! I love it even more after I sewn this one.

The top picture is side one of the great skirt!

The skirt is reversible too, how clever of Liesl!
I made a hopscotch top ala Nicole to go with her new skirt. The front of the shirt is simple the same as the back but with just a deeper neckline. Thank you Nicole for the ingenious idea! The hat is the Tulip hat from Cottage mama. I have made Sweet pea two of these hats before and they are her favorite. I did add a wee little bow on the top of it.

So are you sick of all this snow yet? I think I need to go on vacation to visit some friends in warmer weather!

Happy Sewing!


Monday, January 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mr. G and Sweet pea!

This month at our house we celebrated Mr. G's 8th birthday and Sweet pea's 4th! I can not believe how much these two have grown. Sniff, sniff.

Every year I make their birthday cakes, this year's cake for my big boy was a camouflage cake. I made the tree out of a ice cream cone and even added deer tracks across the top of the cake. I found this camo sugar paper at eth store and added it to the sides. Not bad looking I think, at least I know G loved it!  

See, it's even camo in the inside. It from a mix this year, Duff Stuff cake mix. It was very yummy for a box mix! 

I made Mr. G a LTTS book bag, here's a sneak peek at it! You have to wait to see the rest. ; ) 

Sweet pea picked out a little paper kit for her cake, she told me she wanted a Lalaloopsy Cake this year after we had bought it, yep it sure look like it does belong on a Lalaloopys cake to me! 

I made the frosting colors to match her decorations for the top and sides. She was very thrilled with it!

I did finish her dolly dress so they matched her birthday. 

I remade the School photo dress in a dolly size for a 14" Waldorf doll. It came out fitting very well I think. Sweet pea was thrilled with it!

I even made a matching nappy by request. Really need to buy some fabric fat quarters and make a bunch of these clothe nappies up one day. They really are supper easy and quick to make.

Would you like to make a wee little dress??
If so I'll be sharing on how I did this later on in the week!

Happy Birthday my little Loves!!


Sunday, January 12, 2014

My First Deer and Doe, the Plantain T-Shirt

I have been eyeing the Deer and Doe patterns ever since I seen the lovely Nicole make them for her teen twin daughters. I have bought a few(ok a lot!) of patterns for myself but have yet to sew almost all of them so I told myself I wouldn't buy any more patterns until I sew them all. Such a tease!

Then Cindy made this top, and to make it even better the pattern is free one! Yep, free! That's my price and how could I say no.
I printed it out yesterday and taped that baby together and had it sewn in no time. I do wish all my sewing was this quick. ; )

I did have to resize it a bit, I will adjust the sleeves some next time around but I am sure I will make more of these tops!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Shool Photo in Warm, Soft Wool

I just love winter sewing! I can use all those soft, warm fabrics. *sigh*
For this dress I used some wool fabric from the small country fabric store right up the road form us. She has some real treasures there! She got this fabric in the last summer but I was not sure a the moment what I would it for, until last Friday. Then I knew I had to have it for this dress!  

The pattern is the School Photo dress from Oliver + S (Come join the sew-along going on right now over at O+S blog!) I think the fabric and pattern are a perfect pair! The pattern is perfect for those heavier fabrics too. It worked out so very well and sewn like a dream. I didn't run into any problems while this baby! I even lined it in the same wool as the outside fabric, Sweet pea noticed this and loves, loves it. She says it's very soft.

I made the dress a size 4, which is a great reminder that very soon I will have to buy all the next size up in the pattern I have not purchased yet. Yikes! I do have some bought but I need to quit a few more. Thank goodness I will not have that problem with Prince C due to older brothers. I think I will have to sew two summer versions of this dress later in spring just so I get my moneys worth out of it. *wink, wink*

What's even better than the front and lining of this dress?? The invisible zipper in the back! You can't even see it. Funny thing is that Sweet pea loves this too. That's my girl!

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

School Photo Sew-Along Starts today!

Today starts the sew-along for the Oliver+ S School Photo dress, you want to join in?
Head over to Oliver + S blog!

Happy Sewing!!


Friday, January 3, 2014

Better Late Than Never!

It is always to get things done late than never. This was suppose to be Prince C's Christmas outfit. I got a great start on it but was not able to finish on time. The good news it's done and I didn't pick out "Christmasy" colors so he can wear it all winter long! Both pattern are Oliver + S, both are my favorite patterns for him too. (the most used as well)

The Tea Party suit is a size 12-18 months made into pants with a button leg close instead of the snaps. This works so much better than the snaps, they never ever come undone! So important with an active baby or toddler. ; )
I also added an inch to top of the pants/body suit part as well to allow room for him to grow.
(wasn't he just the cutest little baby!!)
His fox Tea party would still fit him if I just did this when I sewn them. I hope to have time to make him a new pair this winter.
Oh yes, the fabric for these are a pant suiting I found Hancock's this past spring. I have made Mr. W and Mr. G both pairs of the sketchbook out this same fabric and have a pair cut out for Mr. J as well.

The shirt is made out of left over fabric form Sweet pea's winter red wool coat. It flannel fabric form Moda Wool and Needle line. It's so think and soft, I love to pet it and so does Prince C. It makes such a lovely shirt for him.

I also made piping for the Tea party suit, I love thin piping on this suit between bodice for my wee little boy.

The shirt is the sketchbook pattern made into a onesie shirt. This is great for little ones, now his shirt does not come untucked ever! It's fairly easy to do. I used a bias on the hem and used snaps to keep it all closed between the legs. I will make a tutorial on this a week or two as soon as my other sewing on list is done.
Out side there is a bunch of snow and I have four kids wanting to go out and play,
Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Sewing for little Miss Sweet pea and Happy New Years!

My poor little Sweet pea told me the other day that I have not sewn her any new clothes in a very long time. She really does not need anything at the moment, she has way too many clothes as it is. But alas it still hurt. So she picked out some fabric that we had on hand (I am really trying to get this fabric stash down!) and I picked out a skirt pattern, Oliver + S Music Class pattern and she was happy again. 

The shirt I had already sewn her awhile ago but it still looks brand new, I am surprised as it is white. The skirt fabric is corduroy with pockets trimmed in velvet ribbon many thanks to Nicole for the wonderful idea! It fits well too.

The cardigan is a bit big on her but I guess it's better than being small, besides she really loves this outfit.

Miss Sweet pea picked out the stockings and the cardigan. This time I think she did very well. As you know her favorite color is pink!

Well as today I am trying to deep clean and organize, no sewing today. I do have two pairs of pants for the baby cut out and ready sew. I hope to have done by the weekend then onto Garrett birthday quilt! (Oh yes this is waaayy last minute sewing, his birthday is on the 8th. I think it's going to be a late gift!)
Happy New Years from us to you!!