Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~Princess Sweet pea~

Introducing Princess Sweet pea!!

Yes that's right, I finally, finally got this dress done! Yippy Yay!!
This was one of those projects that I never thought I would finish. It has taken some time in to it and I am so happy with the end results but I will never make another one again. Or at least for a while. ; )

Here is the story behind this dress. Sweet pea wanted a princess dress for her birthday but with four out of five kiddos birthdays all within a months time it just did not happen. So I put it to the back burner of my mind.
Then one day while Sweet pea was on the Disney jr website playing her Princess Sofia's games she drugged me to the computer screen to see  "Me online and wanted the same dress for me, for real". Yes, that is what she really said. I printed out the photo and she helped me pick out the fabrics for her very own real princess dress. I chose to use the Oliver + S Fairy tale dress pattern. This is the third time I have used this pattern, I love it! My very favorite pattern from Oliver + S so far!  (I still have yet to make this dress without any modifications to it yet though.)
Here is the first one
Here is the second one
The mods on this one is the capped sleeves, copied off the O+S bubble dress, added length and width to the skirt, I color blocked the bodice and added two layers of the tulle. The sash is simple done by cutting the width of the fabric 5" then folding in half to stitch. The dress was finished off with glass beads "purls" around the color block and the capped sleeves.

She. loves. this. dress.

I have no clue as to where on earth she will wear this dress but it does make her very happy. I am pretty sure that she now thinks she is a real princess. What to do??

She requested photos to be taken a certain way too. This is one of them. She loves to play in the tulle and wanted these taken. What a silly girl!

My little prince C wanted in the photos too. He gets very jealous of her sister now and could not figure out why mama would want to take pictures of sissy. As you can see he was trying very hard to get in the picture.

He was trying to throw her out of the chair here, hehehe.
 Nope not jealous at all......

Not at all.

Happy Sewing and I will "see" you ladies in a couple of weeks!!

We are Moving!

We are in the middle of packing for a move back up north. Right now the move is planned in August so we are packing everything...Prince C helped pack himself. He loves, loves these boxes!
My blogging will stop very soon seeing we will have no internet but I will back mid August. I will be missing you gals and blogs very much! I will be having one more post hopefully, if I finish Sweet pea's dress soon enough. We will see.
Until then,

Friday, July 5, 2013

Flip This Pattern! : Zara dress knock off

Over at Frances Suzanne Sewing sister's they are having a sewing series/contest called flip this pattern. The pattern chosen this month was Oliver + S Roller skate. I have already made two dresses for Sweet pea with this pattern and I am totally in love with it! Sweet pea's most worn dresses happen to be these two dress too. How could I not sew along this month?!? 


I seen this dress over at Zara's. I love, love the lines and colors! So I made a Knock off PONTE DI ROMA DRESS for this month flip change. 

I made the next size up for Sweet pea, a 4T,  seeing how she has too many clothes that fit her right now. It's a tad big but that's ok. I took in the sides of the dress pattern in 1", added a peter pan collar and the 2+2 top sleeves to make this dress. To finish it off I made a band at the bottom of the dress by echoing the bottom 4"s of the dress. 

I love the simple colors of this dress and to my surprise Sweet pea does too. It was such a shocker seeing how if it's not pink she usually doesn't have anything to do with it. It also might be me sewing for her baby brother more than for her.....

I used a purl button on the closer in the back. I though it made it nice a dressy for her. She has been saving this button for a about a year now so she was very happy for it to be added to a dress for her.

It is a fun dress too! Sweet pea had a hard time not acting silly for most of these photos. She wanted to do her own "modeling" .

Yep this girl has got it!

Happy Sewing!!


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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1st Birthday Baby Boy and Party!

Sunday we had Prince C's 1st Birthday Party! He had a blast! It was so much fun watching his face trying new things. First up was his picture. I love this one, it really shows what he did the whole time I was attempting to get just one good photo of this little guy. All I wanted was just one.  

He loved the pom pom hanging from the ceiling. He did try to grab it several times. Many thanks to my older boys for helping with keeping his hands more to the floor.

Then he thought that the steamers would be yummy to chew on....

but he didn't think a hat was going on his head, not his head. Oh yah, and the suspenders, didn't happen either. He hated those just as much as the hat. I really loved the little hat. sniff, sniff.

I still think he was just the cutest though.

Here is a closer look at his outfit. I used the Oliver + S Sketchbook pattern for his top and knickers. I wanted something vintage looking for him. I just love anything vintage!
The shirt I made into a onesie shirt so it stays tucked in his pants. He is a very wiggly baby boy so this has helped out a ton. He was worn this outfit many times already and I love, love this shirt! I will have to make all his shirts like this from now on. Many thanks to another O+S gal for this great idea!!
The pants I made into knickers. I kept the length the same as the pattern and transferred the pleat from the top onto the bottoms and made a cuff to finish them off. Easy peasy!  For the suspender we already had a pair so all I had to do was sew the buttons onto the waist band. For the button on the pants I sewn in a fake button hole. I love the look of this too.
The hat pattern was my own. It fits him well if he would just leave the thing on his head for two seconds...
Now the fabrics, the shirt in linen and the pants in a suiting, a lovely, soft suiting. I love the feel of it! It was a bit of a pain to sew though. It stretches so easy.

Now little guy was not much into being held this day so this is the best photo I have of the shirt fit. Poor little one, there was too much to get into this day.

His cake was a  traditional carrot cake, many, many thanks to Sarvi for the recipe!! Our little guy is severely allergic to dairy and this cake not only fit the bill but was very yummy too.

For the cupcakes I did make frosting for the older ones. They said they really needed it.

Sweet pea helped with the decoration. I was not really doing a theme but she insisted that he wanted a Max and Ruby. She told me to go to Nick jr on the puter (computer)  and I find party stuff.(her own words!) I am sure she has to see this on the TV. It was not a big deal so I did. She picked out what Prince C wanted. ; ) A p[arty banner and a few party fun things for his guests.

Surely she wasn't thinking about herself here.

For dinner we had hamburgers and fried, one Prince C's favorites.

And sweet lemon aide.

The really fun part of our day was to watch Prince C eat his first

He couldn't get enough of it! He ate a whole corner off the cake before we decided he had enough. I was afraid after eating all those fries and watermelon that it was more than his tummy could handle.

This is the most special gift Prince received for his birthday. My wonderful mom made this for him. I love it and the colors are the same for his party. I do wish I got a photo of him opening this. He spread it out on the floor, got this big grin and decided it was  a pint size yoga mat for him and proceeded to use it as such. I about died laughing at him. I think he has been watching me work out. ; )

Our whole family had a wonderful day with our special baby boy.

Happy Birthday Prince C!!!