Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sweet pea's New/Old Big Girl Bed

A couple of weeks ago some one gave us a bed for our oldest son J so Sweet pea in return got J's old twin bed.
I had to go out and buy some pink polka dotted sheets  for it by her request and lucky for me we had a lovely quilt for it already. This just isn't any quilt either. It was made by my great-grandmother years and years ago. (It still looks new even) I have had it put away just for this.

Sweet pea loves the whole bed too! She had to try it out. ; )

Mama had to buy her a new night light too. The light reflects off the crystals very lovely in dim light at night. She calls it her princess light.  

We also repainted the a baby cradle that was given to us when Prince C was born. That way Sweet pea could have it for her "babies". She helped to paint the whole thing too. I think she did a great job. : )

It was the best night sleep for her too! She had been sleeping in her bed almost every night since then. It's amazing what  new a bed can do.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wee Little Sketchbook Shorts

This week is KCW (Kids Clothing week for sewing) so I have been trying to fish up some things I have cut out last fall. First up was these two sketchbook shorts for Prince C!
They are both 6-12 month size. At first I thought they would be on the small size seeing that the shirts I made him are getting a bit hard to get on but the shorts will fit him for some time. I think it's just his chubby chin is making the tops fitting issues now. Poor little fellow doesn't have a bum is why the shorts fit. ; )

I used some fun Children at Play fabric for the pockets. I sure Prince C will never notice, he is only 9 months old, but it sure makes me smile. : )
I am now working on those pj bottoms for Sweet pea now. The tops have been sewn since January....
Happy KCW Sewing!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Vintage Style Romper

Last Friday I received my Sew Beautiful Magazine and fell in LOVE with the romper on the front cover! A vintage style romper with pleats was just calling my sewing machine names! I had to make one for Sweet pea right then and there. Well first I finished up my chevron skirt then I started this. : )

Lucky for me I had this fabric and lace already here at the house on hand. It was for a Play date dress but I though it would work very well for this pattern. I think that there might still be enough left over for the play date too, or maybe a Tea party dress? Anyway, I also had the buttons here from my grandmother. They are vintage MOP buttons. They were a bit dusty but cleaned up very well and look better than brand new. I have been hording these for just the right dress. : )

I can't say that I followed the pattern to a T. I not sure if I was reading it wrong or it was a miss print but the back bodice was to be cut in two pieces, main and lining and the pattern seem to read as though it was a four back bodice pattern pieces. I could have very well been me  though seeing I was sewing with four children running around the house and a baby pulling at the foot pedal cord the entire time I was working on this. Other that it wasn't bad to sew, quite fun! The back placket was something new I tried. It is all hand stitched and looks so dreamy when finished! 
(see picture below) 

The pleats are even on the back! Can you see the back seem? Nope, only pleats? Yep, I love that too! ; )

This little girl loves it. She thinks it's still a dress but oh well it still very sweet on her. It's nice and roomy for play but looks so dressy that she could wear it to church. I think I will add side pockets to the next one too.

Here's a peek at the inside back placket. You can't see barley a stitch. I maybe a nerd but I think this is so cool!
We will see later!
Happy Sewing!
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Big Boy's Easter and the Whole Family!

Mr. W
OK this is a bit late but these kids are so hard to photo graph together so better late than never! :)

Mr. G
All the three older boys are wearing Oliver + S Sketchbook shirts. I do love this pattern and have made over 20 of these total to date. It's a lovely classic shirt for boys and such a great sewing pattern. I didn't however get to the pants, they will live. ; )

Mr. J
For J's shirt I added 3" to the length for I find the pattern shirt to be a tad short on him. I love the look of dress shirts on him!

Here the whole family!
I can tell you it was beyond hard to get a good picture of all these kids. I think it would be easier to wrestle an alligator. This picture I like though. : )

I tried to get another group picture of them in circle. This was the nest, not bad but I wonder what G looks like. ; )

Princess Sweet pea wanted a few more pictures of her. This time she put on her gloves, pink purse and birthday necklace. Her necklace is a snowflake with diamonds in it for her January birthday.

I had to take another picture of the back of this dress for me. I love that bow! I will have to make a few more of the Fairy tale dresses up for her.
Now here a few photos that I will not be sending the family but find funny so I had to share.

If you come over on any day of week this is what the kids look like. Yep, baby C is always smiling! The other three are only happy when bugging each other.

J didn't want to touch the grass so he got Prince C scared. J face is priceless!

G was trying to find every stick in the yard.

and was playing with Prince C.
Happy Late Easter from Us to You!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Few Roller Skate Dresses

This is one of those patterns that at first I didn't think I would use it, that's until I seen Brittany's Roller Skate dresses and tunics. She has sure changed my mind and boy am I glad she did! This pattern sews up beautifully and quickly, perfect for a busy mom.
This one Sweet pea picked out the fabric at the quilt store a couple of months ago and we had it sitting on the shelf just waiting to be used. When the pattern came in the mail she was looking at the instructions with me when she went to her fabric stash and brought back the strawberry fabric as she calls it and the pink fabric and asked me to make her this dress. How could I say no to this. ; )

She even picked out the button for the back of her dress. This one is grandma Day up north. The last one too. The button came out of her special button box. She wore this dress all day and then to bed that night. I just pulled it off of her to put on the chevron dress. I think it means she really likes it. : )

I made this one out of a chevron remnant that I found at Hobby Lobby. I was going to make the tunic top but I had just enough to make the dress so I went for it.
Sweet pea wasn't liking this one at first at all until it was done. She told me it was for her daddy.  hehehe I sure he would look great in this dress. ; )

I seen one of these dresses on the flicker group with the two rows of elastic and loved the look so I did that with this dress. I think it will be perfect for the beach this year!

We finished it with one of Sweet pea's buttons from great-grandma that looked like a sea shell. That's when she decided she liked this dress. What ever works I guess. ; )
She has even asked for another one already. Maybe after I get some sewing done for myself. Yep that's right, I am sewing for myself!

Friday, April 5, 2013

A fairy tale fit for a Princess!

It's done! Sweet pea's Easter dress is finally done! I was so nervous making this dress and now I am so happy how it came out. : )
  fairy tale dress sewing pattern
This year Sweet pea requested this dress that was in the Sew Beautiful magazine. I was sure to place an order first thing on March 1st. Well their computer's had a glitch and it was not realized until there was not any of the kits left. After panicking and a bit a freeking out I sat down and began to think. Tamara, a good friend, has taken a few Oliver + S patterns added smocking to the patterns so I thought that maybe I could do the same with the Fairy tale dress too. I emailed her and she talked me through how to this or I would not have been able to make this dress at all! Big thanks Tamara!!!

I used the same smocking plate as in the magazine and ordered the same Swiss trim too. I used white fabric from the local store and made my own piping to match the original dress. I was going to make the bullion roses on the dress too but I had a problem, as in I can make them on flat fabric but not so good on the pleated fabric. I deiced to leave them off her dress so that way she would have a finished dress this year. ; ) I did add the bullion roses to collar though. : )

To change the bodice of the Fairy tale dress pattern to make room for the smocking as the Sew Beautiful dress I first made my bodied pattern into two pieces, adding a 1/2" seam allowance to both. I cut the bodice at the notch on the arm cycle. I then added the skirt length to the bodice, taking off the 1/2" seam allowance for both so the length would be the same as the pattern calls for. I then x3 the width to get the fabric the right size for smocking. I wouldn't be lying if I did tell you that I was a total wreck smocking this thinking it might not work. Lucky it did. : )

The back of the dress is as is in the pattern. I used the pink gingham for the sash. I love, love the sash on this dress! The trim goes around the entire dress too. It even matched where the seam is! No this was not planned. I though about it but was afraid that it would come out off even if I tried. It was a very happy surprise for me.

The dress has a Caroline under it so it makes it a lovely twirly dress. Perfect for a princess dress so I am told. I love the fullness it adds to the dress.

The most important part of this dress is that Sweet pea loves it. She really loves it! I called it her Easter dress the whole time I worked on this but when she seen it done she declared it was a princess dress for her. She even squealed when she seen it. That made this mama feel so very happy! She had to twirl in it to show that it was princess dress.

In the end I couldn't be any ,ore pleased on how this dress came out but I think it will be a little while before I dive into a dress with this many rows of smocking. I think I will have to keep practicing my bullion roses so that I can make her another one next year too.

Next up the boys and a family picture!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Baby's First Easter

 Happy 9 months and first Easter Price C!

My little sweet boy had to have a very special outfit for this Easter. (I do wish I could sew like this when my three other boys were babies!) I used a pattern from Creations by Michie' Knickers Yoke-overlay. It can either be gathered or smocked but I had, had to make the smocked one for him. I was going to make his bubble out of blue fabric but after my Aunt suggested white fabric I thought that it would look way better too. I am so glad I used the white fabric!

(our little duck hand, quack, quack!)
This pattern was very well written but I did make a few changed to the pattern like lining the pants so I finished the seams different than what the pattern called for. That and I finished the knickers cuffs a bit different too.
 The smocking was not hard at all either. I am a beginner at smocking so I am very happy how this turned out.  This was the first time I made my own piping. I used left over blue fabric from his last bubble outfit I made him. I do love this blue on him!
Well I have not taken the other kiddos pictures yet I hope to latter on this week. I am still working on Sweet pea's dress. I should of had it done by Easter but this dumb dumb bought the wrong sized zipper so it had to wait. I can tell you that it is looking wonderful. I can't wait to share pictures of it!
I couldn't wait though to take little guy's picture though and had to share these. I think he looks so cute. : )  
Now this is what the other pictures looked like. Little guy trying his best to sneak off and play. He loves getting into everything now. How much fun will he be when he starts walking!
More Easter sewing to come....
I hope your Easter was a wonderful like ours!