Friday, August 30, 2013

Gardening at Grandpa and Grandma's House

Since we have been here sewing has been very darn little because we have been outside most of the time. The kids love playing outside and love, love to help grandma and grandpa in the garden. The have helped pick and help plant many things. Prince C was helping until we realized that he was trying to eat everything he was picking so now he has to sit in the stroller as the bigger ones help.

Mom puts up a ton of veggies from the garden so as the wee ones have been picking we have been canning. It reminds me of when I was little. : ) In one day we put up 36 jars of salsa plus about 20 of grape jelly. I wish I took a picture of Sweet pea picking these with grandpa, she had such a blast with these! You should have seen her chasing grandpa across the yard so that he wouldn't start without her.  She even helped smush the grapes to make the jelly. (She did give up fairly quickly on this part thought)

These are the green beans, the boys favorite vegetable to pick. If only we could get them to eat them now.

I love how gardening helps the kids work together as a team. This is about the only time all five of them are doing something together as a big group. It's so cute.  

To make things even better, grandpa has a great riding lawn mower with this way cool wagon. Yes, the kids are enjoying this! After grandpa took them for a hour ride daddy took over until sunset. (If you look closely you can even see little Prince C in there.) 
I think moving out here has done the kids a world of good, the older boys love their new school and already have started making new friends. Prince C is becoming more of a toddler than a baby. This makes me so sad. Sweet pea has been a grandpa's shadow. Yep, we have been loving the last part of our summer.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage style Tea Party Sun Suit for His First Steps

As I have said it before I love to make vintage style clothing for my baby boy. I love those old style romper and overall for baby boys. I thought that Oliver + S Tea Party Sun suit would fit the bill for what I was looking for. For this one I did a special little hand stitching to mark his first steps. I made piping the same color as his sun suit but no changes were made to the pattern itself, well except for the leg closer. I think it looks so very cute over his birthday Sketchbook shirt too. : )
These photos were taken over 4 weeks ago as he was just starting to walk. (Yes, it has taken me that long to post this.) Now Prince C has this mastered down.
Up we go!

Almost there...

now standing....

Yep, he is walking here!
This was right after his 1st birthday.

Here is how I added the hand stitching to the bodice, first I traced the bodice pattern onto the fabric and then traced my hand stitching pattern onto the bodice. Mine is based off a pattern article from the Sew Beautiful magazine (the John and Suzanne pattern) I then interfaced the whole bodice pattern piece then stitched my pattern.

Here it is all done! I think this is every mommy's prayer as their little one starts to walk.

This is how I finish every one of the Tea Party sun suit pattern. I have never had a problem with his seat coming undone or unsnapped. I will have to share with you ladies on how I do this one day.

Another favorite part of the little suit is the fully lined inside. *sign* I love, love fully lined clothes. This was easier to do than I thought.

This is my favorite Tea Party sun suit to date. I think I will keep it forever. : )

Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are back!

We are back after the move to Illinois. The move went great and everything made it here in one piece. The kids had fun riding the moving van with their grandpa.

We are living out in the country, the kids are loving' every minute of it too. They have been running around all day enjoying the sun shine and fresh air. It's wonderful that they can run around the yard bare foot.

I love it out here, it's so very peaceful.

Perfect for a summers day of reading...

or a lovely walk in the woods.
 Sweet pea calls it the forest and my how her imagination has already made it the perfect place for her play.  

It is very quite out here except for the kids running around, having fun.

We are very worn out from the move still but I think we just about have it all finished. My dad and mom help us out a ton. We are so very thankful for them.

 I almost forgot about grandma and grandpa's garden! It is full of wonderful goodies. It has been wonderful to see the kids helping out in it. J really has seem to take it the most. Future farmer???

Sweet pea has not stopped moving. She loves, loves to play outside here.

I have missed everyone and can't wait to see what you ladies have been up too!