Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Garden Party With a bit of Smocking Added

Sorry for the long quite spell on here. My life as usual has been a coaster ride this past fall. My advice to you is never take good health for granted.  I am starting to feel back to my old self now and I am looking everywhere for my sewing drive now. It seems to be hiding. While I am looking for for my lost friend I will share some things I finished this past fall, including today's dress. 

This was to be Sarah's dress last Easter but alas I didn't get it smocked in time, however this year I am ahead of schedule. The boys will all wear their outfits I made last year and the the two middle boys will get mama made pants too. Caspian still needs a new shirt to go with his Art Museum set as well. 

Well back onto this dress! This dress was made with my beloved Oliver and S patterns. They are always wonderful patterns and this was my first time sewing up this one. Of course I added added the mod of the smocked insert, as you can see. It was really quite easy to do. I did separate the bodice top from the skirt and added seam allowance to the the bodice and skirt where they were separated at. From there I measured how many rows I needed to smock and worked out my patterns. The smocking plate I used was the very same one from Sarah's Fairy tale Easter dress a few years back from the Sew Beautiful Magazine but I did change it up some to accommodate the separate skirt piece. 

Here is a closer look at the smocking. I want to make a big shout out to Barb and Diane for all the tips on how to make the roses onto the smocking!! I always been able to make them on flat fabric but for some reason on smocked fabric was a challenge. I can proudly say that no more now. The smocking is edged with self made piping as well. I just adore piping. 

The back of the dress. This was a one side boarder fabric so I took advantage of the layout for the back bodice and bottom skirt. I did fussy cut the whole dress to have the pattern layout I wanted. All the grey fabrics are from the same piece of fabric. I used three yards for a size 6. I did have left over fabric as well. 

here is a closer look at the back bodice. 

While this dress is made late it will still be perfect for this Easter this year and for once I am ahead! My daughter just adores it even though there is not one speck of pink and these colors do look lovely on her. 

Happy Sewing ladies!!