Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bikes for Baby C

Fabric bikes that is!
I made little guy a Oliver + S Sketchbook top and Ben & Mia pants inspired form The Cottage Home. I have seemed to make this top pattern so much that it goes together quit quickly now. It is a favorite boy pattern of mine, top and shorts! I made him a 6-12 month top in the Children at Play fabric line. This fabric was made for Oliver + S patterns!
 For the pants I made some changes. I changed the waist band pattern into one pattern piece instead of two. I slimmed down the pants leg and added a cuff with a button tab and button. This is such a quick and easy pattern to make too. I made him the smallest size which has some room for growth. I left the pants a bit long so he has some growing room in length. I do love the piping detail on these pants pockets! It a big reason why I bought the pattern. :)
 and Prince C loves the cuffs and buttons! I am sure he was thinking of how to put them into him mouth. Everything goes in his mouth!
 Then he tried to get off bean bag onto the floor...
 When he noticed the Christmas tree...
 He must have had a great idea because he got really giggly!
 Then tried to eat the tree, so picture time was over for today.
 This is one of my favorite outifts for him so far. I can see me getting lots of use out of this outfit a while. It even has wee little pockets on the back! :)
Until next time...
happy sewing!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Prince C is growing!

 Yep he is growing into all his clothes I have made him! He loves the soft Sleepover pj's the most I think. He always smiles when he wears them. These are 6-12 months size made with the Sarah Jane Children at Play fabric line. I love these prints! I have some cut out and still waiting on me for the older boys....
 They are still a bit big but in a good comfortable way.
 They are really wonderful to sit in and watch the family work on Christmas tree. Yep we can almost sit up by ourselves now! My how he has grown!
 These are the Cargo Sketchbook pants I made him in summer time. Both the ivory pair and brown pair are made in corduroy and are super soft. They are really wonderful for the chilly days here. (The tops are from Gymboree, I do love their clothes if I buy them!)
 The pants are a great fit for a wiggle giggle baby to play in. He did stay in one spot long enough for me to take a picture, sort of. ;)
 The pockets really work complete with working buttons holes. I know he will never use them this little but I love the look of them. I will have to make the Field Trip pants from Oliver+S soon for little guy too.
All his Sailboat pants too. They all have the button hole elastic in them so they should fit all they way to spring and hopefully next summer as well. I love these on him! My little sailor boy. :)
Happy sewing!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Little Red Riding hood Cape

 With Sweet pea's casted arm we have faced a few challenges. One of the bigger ones being warm clothes to fit over her cast. Sure she can borrow her big brothers' shirts and sweaters but there are not what she is used to wearing. (so not pretty enough!!) She can wear all her summer dresses and tops but they are all sleeveless and it's far to cold wear them outside alone. She has been wearing one of G's zippered sweaters but this is much better so I am told. :)
 It works great over her cast and keeps her warm. I used a pattern from Oliver + S Little Things To sew book.  There are tons of great patterns in this book! The outside is red corduroy and the inside is super soft flannel from my  grandmother. I was surprised on how warm this is to wear. It will be great for her in cooler weather even after the cast comes off. It's hard to see here but the is little openings for her hands on the front of the cape. I hand stitched the these together for  neater finish.
 The blue rick rack was an after thought. I messed up royally on this one and wanted a neat finish on the cape. Lesson, never trace a pattern when your kids are in a bad mood!
Sweet pea picked out all the fabric for this one, even the button. The button is from my grandmother as well. She sent so many treasures it made it very hard for Sweet pea to pick just the right one. This cape sure did make Sweet pea's day. :) Thanks Grandma!!
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Music Class and Two plus Two

 Yes, another Oliver + S pattern or two!
I have wanted to make this skirt for Sweet pea for a while now. She seen on the O+S flicker a while ago and wanted one like it too.  In fact it's why I bought the 2+2 pattern in the first place! (I don't know why it's taken me this long to get around to make this skirt up, I have had the skirt cut out for months now) I tell you Nicole can you want more pattens than you ever though! She is so talented!
 The top is the Oliver +S Music Class blouse with a slight mod made to it. I had to add 2" to the center sleeve to add more room for her arm in the pink cast. I left the cuff the same by making the 1" pleat on the end of the sleeve to a 3" pleat. It work out pretty good too. It's a tad snug only when the cuff slides up a bit while she plays.
 I love the look of this outfit, it reminds me of a classic little girl look. The blouse has these very pretty pin tucks in the front and back and the pleated skirt is so girly! It beautiful enough for church but still comfy enough for play.  The fabric on the skirt is a black twill with the velvet ribbon around the waist band. The blouse top in made out of the Children at play line and finished with buttons from grandma. I wished that I did wait a a few more hours to make the button hole though. My aunt sent Sweet pea the perfect buttons to finish this outfit with. It's just as well though, Sweet pea thinks they are her new button bracelet and it matches her new outfit. :)
I am not to sure what I will sew next. Sweet pea has "order" a few things and there are some tops and a cape to sew her that she now needs and some tops and pants for the baby that I am dieing to get the idea. ;)
Happy Sewing!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

She can have a party if she wants too....

 My beautiful Sweet pea fell off her brothers' bed last weekend and broke her poor little arm. To cheer her up I was reading to her the American Girls Kit's Birthday book to her, she loves these books, and decided it was her birthday too. We figured why not just have a fun party for her to make her happy.
 She wanted a princess birthday party, not too hard just decorate things with her favorite color pretty pink. We decided to have this party the morning of her "birthday" so I just bought a store bought cake. The cake when cut was pink and purple in the inside. She called it her princess cake. :) Perfect!
 I took out some of her favorite fabric from off the shelf and use for a table cloth. Sadly none of mine look like princess ones so I was told. I placed tulle on the dining room light and added pretty heart streamers in the center. We used the good Christmas dishes too.
 Here is her cake. She loved it. She loves anything with frosting though. ;)
 We made princess cookies too. These cookie cutters also work great for fun shaped sandwiches. We bought these pretty table mints too. They were just the right colors.
 Yep, I think it cheered her up a bunch! (please don't look at the unpressed fabric!)
She told me that she felt just like a real princess and thank her brothers for helping. Even if it wasn't her real birthday she loved it any way.
Thank you my boys!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Cold Nights Means Homemade pj's and Other Things

 I made these a bit ago, well I made four pairs of these sleepover pj's for Prince C, and they finally fit! Sort of. ;) They are a still big but not bad fitting. Just right for these cold nights we have been having.
 He loves the feel of the flannel on his skin, oh so cosy! I used the Sarah Jane Children at play line for three out of four for him. They make wonderful pj's.

I have seven more cut out and waiting for sewing for the older kids. My plan is to make three pairs for each child but I have yet to get back to these. Other sewing always seems to bump these to the bottom of the list. The kids really could use theirs now too. Sadly I have to make a few tops for Sweet pea right now. She has a broke arm so none of her long sleeve shirts will fit over her splint and it's way too cold to be wearing sleeveless tops out.  (and I was hoping that this month would go better than last! I hurt my foot in September and I am still having to wear a boot thing not to say that hubby has been having heart test done too. If it's not one thing it's two more.) I made one shirt last night but the sleeve is tight fitting and the main part of the shirt is too big. So back to the drawing board.

I am going to make the 3T size next but add width to the middle of the sleeve but leave the bottom placket as is. This should do the trick. Thank you Liesl for advice on how to make this pattern work for us!
Until Next Time,

Saturday, November 3, 2012

They Had Fun!

 They all enjoyed their costumes on Halloween night. My husband and I enjoyed watching them have fun collecting candy and showing off their costumes.  
 It was funny to see the kids go into character when they put on the costumes.  
 Prince C slept the whole night. He didn't even know that left the house.
 It was nice and chilly so W's fur vest kept him nice and warm. Maybe I'll have to make Sweet pea a smaller white one with satin pink ribbon for a tie closer.
I hope everyone had a wonderful night too!!