Friday, October 31, 2014

The Tinsel Party dress

This is another new dress pattern from Ellie Inspired, the Tinsel party dress. It has a love two piece from bodice with organza at the top and a 4 tulle underskirt to make for some wonderful twirling for any little girl. The pattern also includes a lattice smocked sash but I went with a silver sparkling waist band by request of Sweet pea.

Sweet pea did pick out all her fabrics for this dress so that is why is does have a "Queen Elsa" feel to it. (She really love that movie!) I really love the winter feels this dress has to it myself. I did use an organza skirt overlay but the pattern does call for fabric (aka satin, cotton) so it does make her dress a bit puffy. It is a bit hard to see but that back has a button closer. She chose some "diamond" looking buttons for her dress.

Now as for the pattern, the dress sewn up very quickly. It only took my about three hours and that is with all the tulle layers. Very easy to sew too. The pattern instructions were great. There really are not a lot of pattern pieces to print out so that is  huge plus for me. I can see this dress sewn in  a lawn for summer time but I will leave the tulle under skirt off and make the bodice front a one piece. I have some very special lawn pink fabric I have been saving for just the right pattern to come along.

So over all this dress was a huge hit with my daughter and I am very happy with it too. Now she will have a princess party dress for New Years ready to go!

You can find the pattern Tinsel party dress pattern here.

Happy Sewing!!


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Leprechaun costume For Mr W

Last year Wyatt's request for a Halloween costume was a Leprechaun costume but I was pretty sick an unable to get much of anything done. He agreed to be Hiccup again if I promised to make it for him this year so a promise is a promise; here it is!    

Wyatt's is mostly the same as Garrett's in the top and vest are both costume and Christmas outfit. I used Ellie Inspired Charlie's Camp shirt and Dapper lad vest for both. Both are such lovely patterns and have been sewn many, many times already.  I just cannot sew one. ;-) (I do love the collar!!) Wyatt's vest also has the real welt pockets for his golden treasures and golden buttons finish his vest and pants. I bought the hat and added the green ribbon and four leaf clover him. A hip modern leprechaun he is!

The back of vest is finished with a belted button tie. He is such a skinny fellow that I want to be able to adjust it as needed.

The pants are Oliver + S Sail boat pants in a size 7. I love the look of these pants on him but he will not wear them other than costume pants, oh well. Maybe Sarah will get these after Halloween.  I used a green twill with golden buttons. Over all he was very happy with his costume as well. I can't wait to see what the kiddos come up with next year!

Happy Sewing!!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I have some very Exciting News!!

I am very sure that all of you have noticed that one of my favorite pattern companies is Ellie Inspired. My very first smocked dress I have ever sewn was an Ellie Inspired pattern. I fell in love in love with the first sew of Laura Johnson's patterns!

Wasn't Sweet pea just the cutest wee thing! I cannot believe how much she has grown three years. I still have this dress put up, I will keep it forever.

Well now to the exciting part! I am now so very blessed to be working for Ellie Inspired!! I can hardly believe it myself!

I will be sewing samples, pattern cover pics, and pre-testing, how exciting right?!

You can check out the staff page and see me! EEPP!


Monday, October 27, 2014

The Lone Ranger

This year Garrett wanted to be the Lone Ranger. It sounded like a straight forward costume to me! Easy peasy but a bit of sewing work. So I had this wonderfully clever thought, it could be both his Christmas outfit and his Halloween outfit! I think it worked out pretty good too. All I had to do was change the tie for a badge. You can see his Christmas outfit here.

I used Ellie Inspired Charlie's Camp shirt with a white cotton for the dress shirt-my all time favorite pattern now!! I cannot tell you how much I adore the collar on this pattern. {I sure I have mentioned it a few dozen times now. ;-)} The pants are the Celebration Chinos in a brown twill and the vest is the Dapper Lad in a black twill lined with black satin complete with real welt pockets. I cannot believe I really sewn welt pockets still!  

I even sewn a mask to go with his outfit. Garrett really does play the part of the Lone Ranger too.

It is very nice to be done with both his Christmas outfit and his costume way before hand for once instead of waiting till last minute on both. I think I will do the same next year as well. 

Happy Sewing!!


Sweet pea Christmas Dress

There is really nothing better than getting one's sewing list done! Since this spring's past surgery I had I am finally getting everything done I want to do. (I never would have though I would be saying this ever again!) This is Sweet pea's Christmas dress for this year, it is another Ellie Inspired wonderful dress pattern, the Miss Merry Mack. It is also another great pattern I was able to test for her Holiday patterns. I really love the traditional feel of this dress and the pattern is very lovely too.

The fabric was gifted to me from a wonderful lady. Do you see the shoulder seam?! Most people would never notice but I am very thrilled with this. I feel like the awesome Justine! It's the small things in life. ;-) I even made baby piping to go an her dress to help tie in all the children's outfits.

For the back I used MOP heart buttons by Sweet pea's request. I think they look very lovely on this dress.

The pattern was very easy to sew and follow and went together very nicely. The pattern also has the option for a pin tucked bodice which I cannot wait to try out. I did leave off the bottom hem band on this dress so it is a bit shorter than the pattern calls for. The other wonderful part of this pattern is that it comes in sizes 1-16. This is one big plus in all the Ellie Inspired patterns! I do love too that there is not a lot of pages to print out on this PDF pattern. I really want to sew another dress up very soon!

I do love the sleeves on this dress too!

Just in case you were wondering, this dress is a huge hit with her. As soon as she tried it on she began to dance and wouldn't sit still for pictures. (I had the hardest time trying to take any pictures of her in this dress!) She has declared this dress to be her party dress for the Holidays. happy Sweet pea and happy mommy!

You can find the Miss Merry Mack dress pattern here and here for sale. (If you go to Craftsy you will see Sweet pea there!)

Happy Sewing!!


Friday, October 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas! Done Early too!

I have not been "around" this past month very much but I have been hard at work! I am very happy to say that all my Christmas sewing is completely done for this year, and October is not even over yet!! So second up to share (there is a ton to share so I will break in down into several posts) is the three older boys. 

If you know you me you know I love, love to sew for my boys more than my girl. Sewing for girls is easier than boys due to finding great boy patterns is very hard to come by. That is one of the great reasons I feel in love with Ellie Inspired patterns! She has the most wonderful boy pattern out there and they are in a great size range to boot.  I was so happy and excited when I found out I was going to be able to test her new line of Holiday clothes for all my boys! (Plus I was able to get all my Christmas sewing done early for once! haha!!)So here are all the patterns that I used for these well dressed dapper lads of mine; the Charlie's Camp shirt, Dapper Lad vest and the Celebration Chinos pants. 

Garrett and Wyatt's outfits are both a size 8, I never thought I would see the day that they both would wear such a big size. Both boys' vest are lined with satin and have real welt pockets in them. The welt pockets are a huge hit with both boys! I can very proudly say it only takes me about 15 minutes now to make four real welt pockets since sewing with Ellie Inspired patterns! I had never sewn one up till this point in time. The dress shirts have a "proper" collar with the collar stand, I know I have said it before but oh how I love this shirt pattern!! Both boys do as well.

Jacob's shirt is the red chambray shirt that I had sewn him a few months back. The perfect color for the holidays I think. I used the same vintage fabric for his pants and vest as Prince C's Christmas outfit. The pants have the welt pockets as well on the back side as does the vest too. All are a size 14 on my growing young man.

The pants also have the option for a real zipper fly in these as well for every size and have real welt pockets in the back. I really want to make each boy of mine a few more pairs for school and church this winter. All the patterns (shirt, vest, pants and coat) are in a size 1-16 so I know I will get a ton of use out them all for years to come.

I also made Jacob a Pea coat as well, Garrett really loves it and snagged it from Jacob though, lol. I really need to sew a few more of these up for my other boys.  The size range is from 1-16 as well.

I really want to say a very special thank you for Laura Johnson for letting me test all these awesome patterns! I know they will be a staple in my sewing for my boys through the years. I already have sewn five vests and three pants and 4 dress shirts from her patterns within one month and I have several requests for all the boys for more outfits like these. I will warn you though that they are habit forming!  

You can find each of these patterns here on sale this week on Ellie Inspired Etsy shop. Just click the link below to find!

Next up Sweet pea's Christmas dresses! Yes, dresses!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miss M Elsa dress

While I have been very busy sewing this month you ladies have not seen much of what I have been working on. I had sewn another Elsa dress but this time for Miss M! She is my cousin's daughter who also happens to be the same age as my daughter. Sweet pea really loved to be able to meet her and have a new friend that is her own age and  girl too. Even better they both have so much in common. They both love Elsa (but really how doesn't?) and wanted to be her for Halloween this year. So after I had finished Sweet pea's dress I went right into making Miss M her Elsa dress.

I used the very same patterns and mods as the first but this one went together much quicker this round. (the Oliver + S Fairy tale dress and Ellie Inspired sleepy bear pj's sleeve) I even added a extra hooks on the cape so it can be made shorter walking, all my cousin's idea and it is genus! Now both girls can walk with ease trick-or-treat and still have a full cape for playing in.   

I do that these two little girls are very happy with the dresses and will have a great Halloween this year! I am almost all done with the three older boys costumes as well. The sewing part is done and now I am working on the all the fun little things that make a costume.

Happy Sewing!!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dasher & Dancer Dungarees, Pumpkin Patch outfits

This year I made my two little ones matching pumpkin patch outfits inspired from a dress that Sweet pea wanted me to make her. Well Caspian did want a dress too but I decided he needed overall's instead, lol. Very lucky for me Ellie Inspired was letting me test her wonderful Dungarees pattern which happened to be perfect for his outfit!  

The pattern size range is form newborn to 36 months. These are a size 24 months on my little man. The are super quick to sew and fairly easy too. The other great part of this pattern? It's revisable too!! Yep, the turkey and pumpkin overalls are the very same pair. Pretty clever I think.

I even hand made both the pumpkin and turkey applique' too. They are included in on the pattern as well along with many other designs.

The Buttons and Bows shirt pattern is the same as the one for his Christmas outfit too. (This pattern is also has a girl version as well.) I have already started on my next overall's but this time with a smocked insert in it. I'll let you see the insert as a sneak peak!

You can find the Dasher and Dance Dungarees pattern here, and while you are looking at the pattern you need to notice the girl pair with the peppermint candy on the bodice, I really love this one the most!!

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Super Exciting News and Ellie Inspired Holiday Collection 2014!!

If you have look very closely at this photo you have most certainly figured out the super exciting part!  (If not I will tell you) This is the cover for Ellie Inspired Holiday catalogue and yes that is Sweet pea and Prince C on it!!! EEPPP!! I cannot tell you ladies how excited and "can't believe it still" I am! It was such a honor to able to pattern test for Laura Johnson again. She has such wonderful patterns.

This collection is so big that I am going to show you a different part of it everyday this week. I am starting with my little dapper baby. This is more than one pattern I am showing you can purchase the entire collection is one package here. It has even more patterns than what I am showing and is a awesome value too! You will be more than happy with every piece!

First up is the onesie dress shirt for both girls and boys. It has those lovely snaps in the crotch area so the shirt stays all tucked in. If you know me I have waited a long time to find  a shirt pattern just like this! Other than the wonderful onesie style of this shirt it also has a proper two piece collar with collar stand. The size range is newborn (yes newborn!!) to 36 months. Like I said too there is a girl version of the shirt as well. You know I will be making him at least five more this winter.

The pants pattern is the Jack Frost Knickers. These adorable vintage style of pants have a gather ankle with a cuff at the bottoms, pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back. It has a elastic waist so easy of dressing.  The sew together in no time too. The range is newborn to 36 months as well.

See the adorable small welt pockets?! I love this part of the pattern. It was also my very first time sewing welt pockets too. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

The Dapper Lad vest pattern is not a new one of Ellie Inspired but it is a new size range today, newborn to size 16 all in one pattern. It's a life time of a pattern for a little boy that grows with him. The vest also has welt pockets as well.

Prince C vest and welt pockets are all lined with the red Chambray fabric my husband bought me this past June. It have used ever last it of scraps up on very special things. The fabric for his vest and pants are vintage hound tooth with vintage buttons to finish the pants and vest. The have been waiting for just the right pattern to come along.

On the back of the vest I added a buttonhole to one side of the ties and two buttons to the other so it adjusts sizes.

To make it even better if you buy the entire infant collection you get a huge savings plus the hat pattern, a bow tie pattern and bonnet pattern free. Click on the link below to find the collection for sale and come back tomorrow for another pattern combination in this pattern pack!

Happy Sewing!!