Friday, May 31, 2013

11 Months Old

Looks who 11 months old! Yes that's right, he is almost a year old.
Where did this first year go?!?

My little baby boy.
I love his sweet little smile. It just melts this mama heart. : )
 He is our last little baby so I am trying to hold on to him before he grows up too quick. It does not seem to be working so far. ; )

My sewing has been very slow going lately too. This is why. Prince C sits there all cute like and then grabs the sewing pedal cord, giggles and pulls. Yes he looks cute and small but he sure can get his point across when he wants mama attention. How could I tell him no??
Have a great Weekend!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

My Baby Bumble Bee

Do you remember this costume from October? Prince C first Halloween. Oh how I love this costume!  The homemade strips, the wings, the stinger, the little antennas... and that cute nose! With spring here I wanted to get some pictures of my baby bee in the flowers. I did have to squeeze this little guy into his outfit. He isn't very big in the belly but boy howdy he is sure long! I am sure this will be the last time it will go on him.
Our yard was full of pretty yellow dandelions last week before we mowed so it was the perfect backdrop. After hubby mowed it looked very nice but I do miss the flowers still. At least the honeysuckles are beginning to bloom. They smell so lovely this time of year.

This time around I am lucky that little guy can sit up on his own and he loves to smile so this we had a ton of fun!  

I love this one, I think it's my favorite. It makes me smile.

I can't believe how quick this little has grown. My how I love him!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Spring is here and we are loving every minute of it! Sweet pea loves the flowers most of all. Yes, these are just dandelions but to her they are the best so I have not mowed a section part of the yard. I have promised hubby that it would happen this week after the kids has had their fun, maybe tonight, maybe... ; )

One of my favorite parts of spring weather is new dresses for Sweet pea. I have had this fabric hanging in my sewing room  all winter long begging to be sewn up into this dress so I was very excited to finally see it made. With Prince C getting bigger and into everything it makes it so hard to find the time to sew much these days. I cherish a minute I have now.
The dress pattern is the Oliver + S (you know it had to be!) Play date. I love, love this pattern! It reminds me of the classic dresses that little girls wore years ago. One of the great things of this pattern is this has pockets for Sweet pea 's treasures. She loves pockets on her dresses. : ) I love the bodice details.

I finished opening of the dress just like the ones before using the Queen of the Flies tutorial. It gives the inside such a lovely finish to it. This time I did some machine embroidery on it. My machine has a few stitches on it and I wanted to give it a go for this dress. I do like the look of it.

I even made a teeny Play date dress with the rest of the fabric I had. I love the teeny tiny small sizes.

Next up on the sewing list is the boys. The older one and the baby really need a few things for the coming summer and I can't wait to get started. :  )
Happy Sewing

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy 10 Months Old!

We can't hardly believe that Prince C is already 10 months old! How the time has flow by.

He is saying Mama and  dada, bub bub but still no sissy even though Sweet pea tries her hardest for him to say it. He says hop, hop when he bounces. He laughs and giggles most of the day until it's time for bed. He doesn't love bed time anymore though. He does love to hug and kiss. His kisses are more like a puppy kiss so watch out!

Yep this little man is getting close to the 1 year so I am already planning his birthday party. Right now the cake part is the hardest. He can not have and dairy at all, not even in baked things so I am trying to figure out what I can do.  An ideas would be lovely. : )
Now his little 10 Month's old outfit! It's the John & Suzanne's Bubble from the Sew Beautiful Magazine. I have fallen in love with the patterns from this magazine since making this bubble for the first time. This is fourth one I have sewn and I plan on two more for the summer. It's fully lined for a great finish with no exposed seams and cool to wear in the South's hot summer sun.  It's so easy to dress him in and change his nappy. It has great details on it too. I made the piping for this out of left over fabric form my skirt. I love piping on his clothes! The sad part is it is an 18 month size. It's hard to believe that the 0-3m was swimming on 10 months ago. He is a tall one!

Here is the inside wrap. With all the ones I made I never posted a picture of it. I used a button on it instead of the snap, it works out great too.

The finishing touches are some vintage buttons for my grandmother. It's hard to see but these are MOP buttons. I have never seen ones that have a design in them and not just flat. I love these buttons! I have saved these little things for just the right outfit. They make this outfit even more special.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Sewing for Me! Diplomat Top and More

At last at last, some sewing for me!
I spend all my sewing time on the kids so I thought it would be nice to sew for me for a change. I have gained a ton of a weight after having Prince C so I have not been to happy sewing anything for myself.  However I have been trying to lose weight by exercising and eating healthy these past couple of months so I thought it was about time I made me some new clothes. (The weight is coming of slowly but I am sure it will stay off this way too)
I made myself a Diplomat top which I have bee dying to make forever. My mom bought this fabric for me for another dress but I thought it would look great with this pattern instead. The pattern is lovely to follow and easy to sew. I am sure I will be using this pattern much more.

This picture is a work in progress. I tried to pattern match the front bodice pieces and to my surprise it came out nice looking. While I was working on this I though "How would Justine do this".  Her pattern matching is amazing!! It must have worked too. :)
I did change the zipper a bit. I kinda read the instructions but deiced to sew the zipper in like the Fairy Tale dress. Since there is no lining on the top I serged the raw edges first and hand tacked the zipper down after I sewn it in. It worked out just fine.

I had bought a Clothkits skirts too but I just traced off the pattern and made this skirt. The kit's skirt is a lovely cord that I am saving to the end of summer to sew in hopes of getting sown to a smaller size.  

I also made this chevron skirt from a McCall's pattern. I have been wanting to try this pattern out for a couple of years. I am sorry I didn't make one sooner. I just love the pockets on this skirt! I hope to make one or two more.

I have a few more things cut out for myself I just need to buy some thread and find some time. ; )
Happy Sewing!

Yummy Buttermilk Beignets

My kids have always wanted to try Beignets ever since They have seen the Disney movie The frog Princess. One late night when Prince C wouldn't go back to sleep I came across this recipe over at Chocolate, Chocolate and More for the Buttermilk Beignets and had to try it out.

As you can see they were a big hit with the kids! I have made these a few times already by their request.

Lucky for me they are easy peasy to make. The hardest part is waiting for them to cool off to eat and for the kids this is torture. ; )

The dough is a bit sticky, well very sticky. As long as I used flour and cut them as I went it wasn't a problem. Plus I had a great helper.

Can you tell she worked hard?

Poor little guy couldn't have one but I though I would share this picture.
I think I will make these for Saturday breakfast for kids....and for me too. : )

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sleepover Pajams for a Princess

Last week for Kids Clothing week I did sew but I did not blog about it. With school for J and Prince C into EVERYTHING every second he is awake I can't seem to get anything done.  Sooo, here are the pj's I made my little princess!

I used the Oliver + S Sleepover pattern for these. First off I started these this past fall. I had both tops sewn but no buttons/holes at all so I though this would be the prefect week to finish them.
This pair is flannel that I have saved since Sweet pea was a baby. My grandmother had sent it and thought it would be great for pj's for her when she got a bit older. She loves them, Lucky for me. ;) I used satin for the facings, cuffs and ruffles. It gives it a nice girly feel to them, like a princess a friend said. : ) The buttons are from her "special" stash from Aunt Fran. I love these against the satin.
While the satin looks so lovely for the ruffles it is a bit of a pain to sew with. It does not press well and ravels bad so I had to take my time on it. After all is said and done I love it and now I am thinking about  another pair similar to this.

The insides are French seams do to when my serger was broke this past fall. I love the look of the French seams. : ) The kids all got a kick out of them too. I guess we  are all sewing dorks. ;)

Please excuse the chair in these pictures. I was going to make this over but have not found the time to do so. It's my sewing chair so it's seems to never be top on the list of things to do. I also couldn't get Sweet pea to get out of the chair for pictures either so I thought this would be better than nothing at all.
This pair is flannel too with rick rack trim. The rick rack is shiny so it meets Sweet pea approval. The buttons are from grandma too. I tell you this girl has more buttons than the fabric store does! They are way better than candy to her.

And this is the reason why she wasn't about to get up.

All french seams as well. I love a good finish on garments!
Happy Sewing!