Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bandana Dress Tutorial

I have been so busy with Sweet pea this past week that I really haven't been able to get much done, sewing, house cleaning, laundry.... but yesterday Sweet pea and I laid down in hubby and I's bed and got some much needed sleep. I feel so much better now!
So a week late to post but finally here it is!
The bandana Dress Tutorial!

I used the same pattern as The Carolina Dress but just changed it up a bit. To get the print out pattern go here.

Supply list
*6-8 bandanas, depending on how much abric you'll need for the skirt
*matching thread
*1/2" elastic

**sew in a 3/8" seam allowace**

Step 1; print out the Carolina Dress bodice pieces. Next shorten the bodice, I took off 1 1/2" off mine. Repeat with the back bodice piece as well.

When you cut you back bodcie piece be sure to take it off from the bottom and not the top. I did mine from the top and cut my top stitching lines off. Opps. If you do though don't worry and mark new lines on the back bodice 3/4" from the top of the pattern piece. (there will not be any bottom stitching on this dress.)

Step 2; cut out your bodice pieces. I like the soild strip on bandana so I cut the back out with the strip as the top of the back bodice. When cutting out the front bodce be sure that you cut with the grain and not the bais.

Step 3; Next cut out you ruffle. I cut out the border of the bandana the full length of one side. THis way I don't have to finish the edges of the ruffle. If you need a longer ruffle just piece together two sides of the border edge of the ruffle.

Step 4; Now we are going to cut out our straps. On this step you will cut them out on the bias of the bandana. The bias will give the straps stretch to them. Cut them right from the center of the bandana from one corner to the other corner 2" wide. cut 2

Step 6; Take the two pieces you just cut and iron them in half by brining the edges to the center. Next fold them in half by brining the two outer edges togehter and press. Stitch down the open end side useing a 1/8" seam allowance.

Step 7; Now grab your lovely assintant...

and place one of the straps from one front shoulder over the back to the oppisant shoulder (criss cross). Measure how long you want the strap to be and ass a 3/8" to both sides and cut. Use first strap to measure and cut second strap. This way they will both be the same lenght.

Step 8; Piece together the loining bodice pieces and the main bodice pieces together same as the Carolind dress. BUt before you sew the frot bodice pieces to the lining piece we need to add our ruffle. Run a gathering stitch down the raw edge of the ruffle cut piece. Gather and pin to the front bodice on the right side. Baste in place.

Step 9; take both of the straps the pin them in place just inside of the curve of the front main bodice. Criss cross the ties after pinning.

Take the crossed ties and bring them up to the top of the back bodice from the under side of the bodice. Pin in place.

Now place the lining bodice over the main bodice with right sides together and pin.

Stitch the whole way around the top of the entire bodice. clip the curved areas and turn then press.

This is what you'll have! A nice criss cross straps for the top bodice. :)

Step 10; top stitch around the front of the bodice only useing a 1/8" seam allowace.
Step 11; Flip the bodice over to the back and mark your stitching lines useing only the top stitching lines on the Carolina dress. Stitch across the back to form your casting for the elastic.

Step 12; Now we are going to make the skirt. Take your bandanas and cut them in half from one corner point to the other. ( a big triagle) Now take on piece and fild in half again. Measure out 6" from the center point and cut. The center piece will be the skirt panel. Repeat with the rest of the bandana pieces. ( I used 5 pieces on a size 1 but for a bigger size you will need more.)
Now take two of the bandana pieces and pin them together on the cut side (as shown in picture) and stitch together. Finish raw seam with a serger or zig zag stitch. repeat with all the bandana pieces. When on the last two pin them together from the ends of the skirt to form a circle, pin and stitch in place and finish seam.

Run a gathering stitch around the top of the skirt a 1/4" from top edge. Gather and pin to the outside bodice only, stitch in place.

Step 13; To finish the dress go here and follow the Carolina dress tutorial.

And now your done!!
Happing Sewing!!




  1. How cute is this?!? The hemline looks like a fairy dress. So adorable!

  2. this is adorable...wish my daughter was younger so she could wear one!!

  3. visiting from T&J - very cute dress! I'll have to check out the carolina dress now!

  4. This is so cute. I don't have a little girl anymore but I'd love for you to share this with Fun For Kids Friday.

    Jo @ SmileMonsters

  5. Hello

    I just wanted to let you know that I have featured you on my blog. Please let me know if you wish for me to remove any content.

    Thanks and love your blog


  6. i would like to make a skirt for my grandaughter who is 5yrs .I would like to use bandanas. But dont know how can u help ?


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