Sunday, December 23, 2012

First Christmas Keepsake bib

I am a bit sad to say that I just now have got around today to make Prince C Christmas bib.  Although I am happy that I made it before Christmas. I made it just like his sister's from her first Christmas too. Prince C is just about 6 months old here... 
 Sweet pea is 11 months old here. :) Don't they look a lot a like?
If you would like to know how to make one of these bibs up you can find my tutorial here. They are quick and easy to do. The hardest part was trying to trace a wiggle baby's hands and foot. It was a funny too! :D
 On baby boy's I used flat piping instead of a ruffle and I left off the rick rack. I was going to add red rick rack but never remember to buy it at the store when I was there. Oh well. The plaid is the same as his bow tie for his Christmas outfit. The reindeer is is corduroy, the face is cord turned backwards to give it a different look from the antlers.
I have one more thing that I need to sew before Christmas morning and one more thing that Mr G wants me to sew up. I hope to finish them both. Then onto  (very) late Christmas gifts for family afar. I wish I had them done but I know they will be soon enough. It's the thought that counts. :)
I hope you Christmas is a wonderful one!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

My Favorite Quilting Places!

Moda Bake Shop

 I though that I would share some of my favorite places for quilting tutorials and such. The place I tend to look the most is Moda Bake Shop. (I think it is also because there is some gorgeous fabric that they have too!) The car seat quilt I made Prince C is from there...
 And these cuties too! These were a blast to sew!! I Hope to make some more for friends...
 This floor cushion as well. I never thought I would finish this. It took me some time I don't know why. I maybe spent 2-3 days of real sewing to make it, not hard just hard to get in the mood to finish it. ;)
It was well worth it though. W really loves it still. Now just to make the other four kiddos their own....
Riley Blake Designs
The other blog is Riley Blake. They have lovely fabrics and great tutorials too. There is tons of things I would love to make but just have not got around to try yet.
Here is Sweet pea's favorite pattern from this sewing blog. There is tons of things for quilters too.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sleepover PJ's for All!

 There is nothing like homemade pj's for the Christmas holiday season! So I had to make my kiddos some and have them done before their Polar Express day at school. I have had these pajamas cut out for some time now and just now did I finish some of them up. Well I still have four cut out waiting to sewn up....
 All five pairs are the Oliver + S Sleepover pajama pattern. I love this pattern and they seem to sew up quicker with every pair that I make. They are a big hit with the kids too. This can be hard to do some times. ;) They all wore them to Polar Express day at school. Hubby and I always take the younger ones to this at school. It wouldn't be Christmas without it. :)
 The boys' are made with the Sarah Jane Children at Play flannel fabric. I LOVE this fabric line! It's so soft and warm. I would love a pair for myself too. Sweet pea is made out of bits of fabric that I had around the house. My grandma sent the pink lambs flannel a few years back when she was born but I never could bring myself to use it. You see it is the very same fabric that is used on the back of the quilt that my grandma made her when she was born, very special fabric. Then someone gave me this plaid flannel in the same colors as the lambs so it was a perfect fit for these pj's. There was nothing left over at all! Not bad if I say so myself. :) I also used a shiny metallic rick rack on them her to give it a bit fun.
 I was lucky though that G wanted to wear his Ninjogo costume to school. I made them in flannel so they could be pj's after halloween. He loves this idea. He was happy to "show" these off to his  friends too.
 I think that there is nothing better than making pj's for this bunch. I think they are all happy with them too.
Happy Sewing and Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookies, Stockings and Tree Trimming!

 Sweet pea got her cast off last week and her first request was to make cookies with mama. I wpouldn't let her help bake while her cast was on so it wouldn't get anyhting on/in the cast so she was ready to go when it came off!
 She wanted to wear her apron. She told me that "the apron is mine not grandma's" I not sure why she said this, I guess she thinks grandma wants her apron, hehehe. I not sure how much it help though seeing she had flour everywhere. She though that if you sprinkled the flour it looked like snow. :) WE had such a blast cutting the cookies out!
I did the frosting she did the sprinckes. She put the sprinkels on one at time. I think she did a great job.  
 She did a few too. ;)
 These took a while to sprinkle. It was sure fun to watch her make them though!
 Sweet pea also wanted to "finish" decorating the tree with daddy. She loved to add stuff but only on one branch. I love toddlers!
 She worked really hard to decorate the whole house. This is her first Christmas that she has really got excited.
 And yes, those deer are in the house. Right where Sweet pea wanted them. She has been playing with them everyday. She is only little once. :)
 We are proud of our little helper. (Don't you love the peanutbutter face?)
 We are hiding the Advent stockings this year for the older boys. Kind of like Elf on the shelf but with stockings of treats.

If you would like to make them you can find the tutorial here for them. They are quite fun to make.
I also have been making stockings for the boys school friends. 70 in all. I have all them stiched together I just need to add the hanger and finish the tops. These have put me in the Christmas spirit. :) They should be finshed later this morning. Yippy!

Happy sewing!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Baby

 Do you remember this outfit here for Mr W? Well this whole outfit was made out of left over fabric from that! (yep fussy cutting with no left over fabric at all!)
I used the Oliver + S Sail boat for the top. I used the charcoal corduroy for facings to make it warm and cozy for cold days, which I hope we will have! The winter sock monkey fabric is from Hobby Lobby.
 For the pants I used charcoal corduroy with the O+S After School pattern. I did make some mods on these, like I left off the front pockets. I seen this pair here on the flicker group that I just love! I had to copy!  You should see all her little boy clothing that she sews, I am so inspired by everything that she sews! (a bit jealous too!) I also made these a 12-18 month size with the 6-12 month length. With his nappies the old pair was getting snug in the waist.
These is nothing that says I love you like a label on your tush! Merry first Christmas baby boy!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pretty in Plaid!

 This is Sweet pea's new favorite outfit! She wore it all day yesterday and even to bed last night. I tried to talk her into to pj's but she said no with a smile. The fit is great and she loves the colors, even though it is not pink. The flannel is very cozy for the chilly days we are having.
 I used the Apple Picking Dress pattern from Oliver + S for the over dress. The blouse is a fast favorite of mine. It looks great with her skirts and great under her dresses! It's the Music Class blouse from Oliver + S. The shirt takes some time to make seeing it has pin tucks on it but it is so worth the time put into it!
 I am thinking about making her a hot pink plaid one next, I sure she wold love it!
If you own the Apple picking dress you can find a how-to here to make the pinafore dress for your little girl!
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Holiday Bow Dress Tutorail

Sweet pea loves her Christmas outfit this year. She even helped pick out all the fabrics an buttons for this one. Both fabric and buttons are from Sweet pea's great-grandmother. I think just about everyone is my family sews. :) I though I would share with you on how I made Sweet pea's Christmas dress this year.
I used the Oliver + S Apple Picking Dress pattern for the pinafore dress. I have used this pattern a few times before, It's a favorite of mine! But what O+S pattern isn't?
 The pink pattern piece is the original pattern and the white is the changed pattern piece. (I made the 3T size here.) From the bottom edge of the pink pattern to the bottom edge of the white is an 1 1/2". I just then drew a line from top edge to the mark at eh bottom of the white pattern piece. This includes a 1/2" seam allowance. Cut two of the main fabric and two of the lining fabric out.
 I then took the Center button placket (the bigger one that goes on the top of the dress) and added a 1 1/8" to the bottom then drew a straight line down to make the angle. I also rounded the top corner of the bottom placket too. The longer straight edge needs to be cut out along the fold of the fabric. Cute one of the main fabric and one of the lining fabric.
 I then took the center button plackets and added fusible interfacing to the main (plaid) piece then stitched the two together with right sides facing. (1/2" seam allowance) Trim, turn and press.
 I then edge stitched the outside and added my button holes. I used the pattern's guide for the button holes for this one but for the Christmas one I only used six buttons so I just evenly spaced them out.  
 Then stitch the lining bodice and main bodice at shoulder's only. I trimmed and pressed the seam allowance.
 Then pin main and lining together with right sides faces. Stitch only the arm holes and front center and neck line. (where the black lines are) Trim seams, turn and press.
 Now stitch together the sides of the bodice (where lines are). Open up the lining and main of wears left side. Pin the main and lining side bodice with right sides together. (see below)
 Stitch and then trim seam and press open. Turn bodice right side out and press bodice again.
 This is what you'll have! Repeat with other side. I then edge stitched around the arm holes and bodice outside edges.
 The pin the center placket on and stitch the whole bodice lining to the main fabric using a 3/8" seam allowance. I then finished the pattern as in the instructions for the skirt. (I did add a 2" to the length of the skirt though)
 To make the bow I cut out two 5"x7" and stitched them together leaving a 2" opening. I trimmed the seam allowance then hand stitched the opening closed.
 I then pleated the bow and stay stitched it in place in the center.
 For the center of the bow I  cut out a 2" wide strip of fabric and stitched it together using a 1/4" seam allowance. I turned and press it with the seam in the center. I just wrapped the tub of fabric around to fit it to the bow and added 1/4" for seam allowances. I did a narrow zig zag stitch on the raw edges to finish them, them stitched it together to make a circle. (see below) Then turn right sides out and place the seam in the back and thread the bow through.
 I then stitched the bow onto the very bottom of the bodice, centered, to the button placket. I moved back the center ring of the bow and stitched under this on both sides to hold it in place. Then add buttons and you are done!
 One new dress for Sweet pea! (thanks Grandma for the buttons and the fabric!!)
Happy Sewing!!