Saturday, June 27, 2015

Sandcastle Dresses for Dolly and Me!

The last of the new releases over at Ellie Inspired today is the Sandcastle dress and Mini Sandcastle dress for dolls. This one is Sarah's Fourth of July dress this year. I love that this dress also has an option for a full smocked bodice. I have some big plans for a Christmas dress with this pattern! I am hoping to start on it next month but I will see how times goes. The dress sizes go from newborn to 5. 

I love the traditional collar and elastic cuffed sleeves on this dress. The fabric we use dis nice and light weight for the hot summer summer days. To give the skirt on the dress a full look I added a pettie skirt underneath.  This girl loves her twirly dresses! 

I even made smocked pockets! Sarah loves them most of all. 

Now for the dolly size ones! I really love to make matching dresses and Sarah right now is loving her Bitty Baby so that was the first request! (This is another pattern of mine through Ellie Inspired!) 

Miss Elsa is coming with us to the fire works this year so a matching dress was a must I was told. I am thinking we need a new Doll Carrier from the LTTS book. I am sure Prince C would love one too.  

I was told Isabelle would be jealous if she didn't match the other two girl's so her dress was a must too! I made her's sleeveless and left the collar off as well.   

If you would like the new patterns you can find the here and here. They are 20% off today! 

Happy Sewing!! 


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Two New Doll Patterns, Mini Ships Ahoy and Mini Holiday Beret

I am so glad I get to share with you today two more new patterns of mine! The first one is the Mini Ships Ahoy (Of course it matches our girls' pattern) that comes in a dress length or tunic length with carpis. The dress has a cute sailor collar it but this dress/top looks great in both nautical and non-nautical fabrics. 

These are the dollies Fourth of July outfits! Both outfits are a quick sew, it took me about an hour to sew up the set with the pants. I love the clean lines of this pattern and I have it fully lined. You know I love a lovely finished inside.  ;-)

I even made baby Elsa a top too. The bottoms are my Mini Skinny Jeans patterns. I think they look so cute paired together. 

The second pattern of mine to release yesterday is the Mini Holiday Beret. Every doll needs her accessories right?! It looks great for the winter time or even the sailor look. It is fully lined too with an option for a crown band as well. This one is even quicker to sew, it took me about 30 minutes. (which is really good because Sarah thinks her dolls need one for almost every outfit, hahaha)

The top pattern is one that is soon to be released and the bottoms are the Mini Skinny Jeans as well. Every doll needs a few nice outfits in her wardrobe. 

You can find the new Mini Ships Ahoy pattern here
and the new Mini Holiday Beret pattern here

Happy sewing!!! 


Monday, June 22, 2015

New Patterns: All Hands On Deck for Girls and Doll and My Very First Children's Pattern!

 I am so excited to share this blog post today! While I have been quite on my blog I have been busy sewing away on the Nautical Collection for Ellie Inspired! This time not only did I get to test patterns but I also have a few of my own too. 
First up is the All Hands On Deck girl's pattern. This cute tunic/pants set is all made in knit fabrics. It sews up so quick and is so comfy for wear. One of my favorite part of this pattern is the collar. I love the construction of the collar so much on this tunic.    

The pattern has a capri pants length option and a dress option as well. 

Of course Sweet pea's doll had to have a matching outfit too so there is a Mini All Hands On Deck pattern as well. (This is another one of my doll patterns. that I made after Theresa's designs.) She is so thrilled that they can wear the same outfit. 

The doll outfit is just like the big girl's.  

They both have a cute bow at the collar point and double ruffle skirt. This will be one of Sweet pea's new school outfits.  (Yipes I still can't believe she is starting school!)

The third pattern out today is the Starboard pattern, this one is my very first children's pattern!! Yes I am super excited! This pattern also has a girl option as well. A sailor collar bodysuit shirt with either suspender shorts or a suspender skirt option for girl's. The girl's shirt also has a gathered cuffed sleeve. This pattern is for infants and toddlers. 

This will be Prince C's Fourth of July outfit this year. I really love dressing up my baby boy still and he still loves it just as much. I am holding onto these days as much as I can because I know he is growing up way to fast. He will 3 this next week.  Where did the time go? 

Another favorite feature of this pattern is the optional back welt pockets. I love how my little prince loves his welt Pockets! he has great taste in style I think. (Yes really does check for and request for these things at this young age)

You can find the All Hands On deck here
Mini All Hands On Deck here
Starboard here

or you buy all there patterns here 

Happy Sewing!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Our Summer Favorites; Ellie Inspired Summer Blog Tour

Summer is almost here and we can't wait! The hot summer days with the cool summer nights are most wonderful but our favorite part of summer of is the evenings. We love to sit outside watching the sun go down over the horizon playing until the last sun beam has stop shinning and the stars are twinkling over head. It is such a magical time of day!  

This dress reminds me of just that, the perfect summer evenings that never seem to last long enough. I used the Ellie Inspired pattern Spring Lily dress pattern. I adore the back bodice lines of this dress. Nice and cool for the hot days but has these lovely capped sleeves that are nice for when the sun goes down. The sash is perfect length too for playing, dancing and chasing fireflies. 

This dress pattern has lovely box pleats that goes the entire way around the skirt for a nice full skirt but not too frilly. It really didn't take much time to make them either to my surprise and look so awesome when done. 

I also added a bias strip of fabric to the bottom of the dress over the hem line and used the very same fabric as the sash and lined the dress with. Yes this dress is fully lined! You know I love a fully lined garment!! Even the sleeves are fully lined and there are no exposed seams. (French seams on the skirt)*sigh* Yes a perfect summer dress.

The fabric is from Riley Blake, The fine and Dandy Line. It really reminds me of a 1950s print, I LOVE it!! I love anything 1950s myself. I might just have to make myself a  dress. If you are wondering this dress does come in women's sizes too. 

Did I mention it is perfect for twirling in?! Perfect for her to dance in the summer evening sunlight's rays until night has fallen. 

So what is your favorite thing of summer time? 

Happy Sewing!!