Sunday, September 30, 2012

3 months old today!

 Baby C and I took some pictures this mornings to remember this day.  A bit happy a bit sad. My, my how he has grown.
 This hat was a baby gift when he was born, I couldn't wait to try these pictures out with him. He did pretty good this time too.
 Yes, he is a very happy fellow!
It amazes me how quickly they grow. We love you baby C!

Sewing for Mr W

 One thing I really love about sewing is making outfits for my hard to dress little guy. He has certain prints he just loves, (well he is a fun loven' boy!) and he is an odd size. His waist is so tiny and he is taller than his waist is. His waist is around a 3T and the length is around that of a 5. When I sew I am able to make is clothes fit wonderfully.  The top here is Oliver + S Sketchbook and the bottoms are Oliver + S Sandbox.
 The pockets have a fun surprise inside. He loves this.
 Of course there is back pockets. Where else would he put his wallet? ;) The waist has a draw sting tie so it makes for an even better fit.
 I found this print over at Hobby Lobby. He is a sock monkey loven' kid, it is like this fabric was made for him.
 This was the first long sleeve shirt I have with this pattern. It was surprising easy. I just had to take my time and use my seam ripper a few times.
 I cut the cord for the pockets out side ways to add bit more to the look of the pants. I also cut the cord out with the smooth feeling side going up. I read this tip on the Oliver + S blog. It really makes for wonderful pants.
 I top stitch every seam on both pants to make them durable for my rowdy boy. We haven't had any problems with any seams so far but I just wanted to make them a bit sturdier.  
Mr W little brother can also wear the size. Mr W was so kind as to share is outfit with his little brother. I love that they can share their clothes with each other. It makes it look as if they have too many clothes!
happy Sewing!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lola Dress

This is Sweet pea's Lola's dress. Charlie and Lola that is! This has to be my most very favorite children's books. I love little Lola in them. Oh how reading these books to Mr G and watching the show would make me want  a cute little girl just like her. Then God blessed us with with Sweet pea. :) 
I then bought the Jump Rope dress pattern from Oliver + S. After looking at the Oliver + S flicker group I seen where the view B was just like Lola's Dress! Yippy! I had to make one! I have made her one last year and one this year too. This year is in corduroy from grandma up north. Very soft and warm for cold weather and very Lolaish. What can I say, she's my little Lola. :) 
Have a great weekend!!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Antoinette Out to Sea

 When I first seen the Antoinette Dress pattern the Sarah Jane Out to Sea fabric collection came into mind. It seems like a perfect match. When I received this pattern I had to buy some of the blossom Out to Sea fabric for it. Sweet pea's favorite color, pink!
 I started this dress late last night with Sweet pea asking the WHOLE time "Are you finished?". So with no choice I had to finish it last night night too. ;) (Not that I wasn't totally excited to finish it!) I am pretty happy with it too.
 I made the size 4 so it will great for layering as the air becomes cold this fall and should still fit great for next summer as well.
 This is such a lovely too. I am in love. :) I can see me getting so much use out of this pattern over the years. It's simple but gorgeous pattern. So many possibilities!
So do think she is loves it too?
Happy Sewing!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Yellow Antoinette Dress


 I love this dress! I love the color, the pattern and most of all this cute bow. It is perfect for little girls. I fell in love with this dress pattern when I first seen it over at Spiegelstiksels. I though I had missed the boat on this one but many thanks to Friend I was able to have this pattern.

 It was such a great dress to make too. It wasn't hard to make and was very fun. I have not sewn a zipper in over a year so it took a bit of thinking before I sewn it in. The only problem that I had with it was the pattern is in Dutch and wouldn't you know it I don't speak a lick of it. My very sweet hubby sat at the computer one night and had to hand type the whole thing to translate it to English for me. We both tried to copy and paste with no luck. Some things translated very funny sounding too. :) Hubby and I both enjoyed reading the pattern.
 This fabric is from grandma and grandpa up north. I love yellow, it is my favorite color. A happy color. When Sweet pea looked at this dress in progress she very nicely told me "I don't like it, it's not pink". gggrrrr. She did come around when I finished it though. (I had to pull her out from under her bed where she was hiding, lol) She all changed her mind when I pulled out the camera. That Changed everything.
 She'll do anything to get her picture taking lately. My little model. :) You should see what she did when I ask her to show me her pockets. She tried to show me the making of the pockets, on the inside, as in she pulled her dress up to show the inside of the dress! I about died laughing. :)  
 Now I did change the dress a bit. I did and length to the skirt as recommend by  a friend (Thanks Deb!). It does look really long here but the dress is a whole size bigger than she is so she has growing room in it. I also fully lined the dress. I loved lined clothing for the kids. I also have the zipper going down into the back skirt. The back skirt is in two pattern pieces too. I think it will make for easier dressing as she grows into it.

Next is a pink sailor dress miss Sweet pea in the Sarah Jane Out to Sea line. I know she'll love this one!
Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sail Boats for fall

 This past summer I finally bought the Sail Boat pattern from Oliver + S, which I have been wanting for  some time now. I thought that these pants and skirts would look cute in corduroy for the colder months. I Love the look of this skirt with the 2+2 top from Oliver + S. That's one thing I love about their patterns is that you can mix and match all the patterns tops and buttons for different looks. (Don't you just love the look on Sweet pea's face?!?) 
 Her skirt is in a ivory corduroy made in a 3T so it fits for longer than a second. (My how quick does this girl grow!) The next skirt I am thinking about adding 2" in the length seeing how Sweet pea is on the tall side of patterns. I am wanting to make this in a red cord as well. I seen one over on the O+S flicker in red and it is gorgeous!!
 I also made the ivory in the pants for Sweet pea too. I added 2" for the length in these. I wanted them to not be too big in the waist and fall off but they are just a tad on the big side. This is perfect though so I know it will fit her a while. She loves the feels of these pants too! I made her two Hopscotch tops from the Modern Workshop knit fabric, which is so wonderfully soft. She adores this outfit!  As soon as I put it on her she started to dance. She even wore this to bed. :) The best complement a mama can have. :)
 Both skirt and pants sewn up very quickly and easy too. I have made little man a few pairs already but he has yet to be big enough to wear though.The Hopscotch top in a great pattern too. My first Knit pattern. These tops are quick to make as well.
 The knit fabric was so wonderfully soft that I had to make the baby a outfit too! This top is the Sail Boat top. I will not lie to you, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. It did stretch a bit and I had trouble trying to figure out how to make button holes on the knit. I decided to use hook and loop tape instead which is no bigggy. I still am happy with the way the top came out.
 I made his bottoms with brown corduroy too. I did use the button hole elastic on his pants though. I thought it would be a great idea so he can wear his pants now and them also later on too. He is very tall and skinny (all my babies were) and I want clothes that will fit him for a while.
 Sweet pea also has the blue top too but she hasn't worn it yet. It is still in the 90's on most days. The leaves are changing colors but not much of a cool down yet. I am so ready for the colder days ahead too. The summer heat has just been too long this year. 

While I am dreaming of fall I will be sewing up more of the corduroy and enjoying the though frost on our windows. :)
Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Will You Have a Playdate With Me?

 This Playdate dress makes for happy faces and good times! A lovely loose fitting dress with hidden side pockets is perfect for my toddler. Of course it's from my favorite pattern company Oliver + S.
 The dress does go together easily but does take some time to sew seeing it has some lovely details to it. It is an out of print pattern but now available in PDF on Oliver + S website. This pattern sure doesn't disappoint!
 I used Seaside fabric to make two of these dresses, one for Sweet pea and one for a gift. Sweet pea's is a 3T for winter/spring wear and the teeny weeny one is 6-12 month.
 I used a pretty red button on the back of both dresses. My last two like this in my stash. (I am hoping for some more from mom, hint hint!!) I love these little buttons. :)
 I added three of Sweet pea's buttons to front of hers. It's the only way she would wear this dress. She wasn't happy at first with the fabric seeing there is not one tiny bit of pink on here anywhere. This is the trick I use on any outfit that doesn't have pink on it, just add some great buttons to it! That or strawberries.
 I made a yo yo with a little button in the center for the baby's dress. I love wee sewing!
I am seeing this pattern for her Christmas dress. I am wanting to make it in deep red velvet with off white yoke, pin tucks on the yoke, and finish it off with lovely lace. I can't wait to start this! I better finish my fall sewing first though. ;)
Happy Sewing!!