Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dressy Finch Shorts!

Have you herd of the Clever Charlotte patterns yet? If not you should go check them out over here! I first found them through Flicker. After seeing the black pair here and this cute pair here I just had to order this pattern for Sweet pea, well grandma and grandpa did for her birthday. :)
 I did make these using the tutorial for Nicole's blog, what a very clever woman she is!  
I love the pleats, the cuffs and the button details! By adding the velvet ribbon to the shorts it makes them very dressy to wear out on the town. (and yes we are still in diapers....)
 They is such great details in such a little pair of shorts but they are very easy to sew! If button holes scare these are the shorts for you, there are none to make at all. The instructions are easy and simple to follow and have stunning results.

Sweet pea just loves them too!! She was begging me to finish them last night but it till this morning to finish them up. They are a stretch twill and are super soft so very comfortable for her to wear. (they started out as maternity pants but with the heat and the baby due any time I thought she could use these shorts more than I needed the pants!)
 After making this pair for little one I think I'll have to start a black pair next. You know Sweet pea just doesn't have enough closes. ;)
In case your wondering, yes I made the top too. :) It was a dress last year on her but makes a wonderful top this year. It is an easy McCall's pattern that I just added the ruffles too. She has a matching dress too with ruffled bottom bloomers. The fabric is Nicey Jane, some of my favorite spring time summer fabrics. :)

Happy Sewing!!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Last Minute Sewing for Baby

I finished the baby's last two bubbles! (I will be making more but not till after little one gets here) I do love this pattern too. It everything baby and still looks dressy for going out. That is so hard to find for baby boys.
I used the Children's at Play line for both of these. This one I left the trim off of it and decided to edge stitch it instead. I love the little buttons on it!

This one I used some trim I had been saving for some time and used ribbon for tie instead of buttons. The ribbon was from friend, it looks perfect with this fabric, thanks Deb!!
I love the wrap design, wonderful for hot weather.
I placed the snaps so they are hidden under the fabric. The top wrap is sewn to the under so this was very easy to do. Putting the snaps in was another story though. On the first one no problem but the second one made me want to say a few choice words. Then after taking an hour brake or so I realized that the one side of the snaps was upside down. Duh!! Hopefully I won't make that mistake again. ;)  

I also made a little paci clip for the baby too. The ribbon was from Aunt Fran and the fabric was scraps that I juts had laying around the house. The top of it is a big fabric covered button with a clip glued onto the back. It was fairly easy to make.
Then I made a paci bag to put inside the diaper bag to make finding the pacis easier. I used twill tape on the side to put onto the diaper bag.

Now all we need is the little baby! Hopefully sooner than later anytime from now until about 2 weeks from now. I hoping now. ;)

happy Sewing!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

A Summer Day's Fun!

 We took the day and went to Table Rock Park in the Upstate SC. If you are ever in the area it is a great place for the whole family!
 We enjoyed the day with lots of hiking. There was so much for the kids to find along the trails.
 And there are lots of trails to hike on. (Pinnacle Mountain is all they way to the tippy top, we have never made it that far yet!)
 Some trails were nice for the little ones, but only for so long up the way.
 There was lots of wild life to discover for the kids!
 But the kids favorite part was the waterfall at the bottom!
 The water was ice cold, which was so nice since the weather was in the 90's. It's spring water so crystal clear too.
It was a wonderful day for all us!

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Familiy Reunion done Raggedy Ann Style

 I made this outfit for Sweet pea this past Halloween but was never able to get any good pictures of her in it, until the day. She still loves it! It's her dolly dress and matches all her raggedy Ann and Andy dolls. :)
 I used the Oliver + S Family Reunion dress pattern with a few changes to it. I made the sleeves Long and added a ruffle to the neck line and also to the end of the sleeves. It hard to see but the end of the sleeves also has a bit of bias strip to match the collar too.
 I made the apron very similar to that of the one for the dolls. I have a tutorial here if you would like to make one too.  The bloomers were very eay, all I did was take a simple pattern and make them long like pants. Easy peasy! All the fabric came from my mom. She has made these Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls since she was in high school. When the farbic company came out with the fabric she bought a bunch up and I was lucky enough to get a lot of it. I will tell you that it is very hard to cut into it. ;)
 My little doll! :)

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Perfect Summer Dress!

 Yes, I think this is the perfect summer dress! I love the length of it, just right for a toddler to run, climb and jump in. The fit, just right not to small and not to big. It's very girly, oh how I love that part! The dress is perfect for mommy and daughter :)
 I used the Oliver + S Puppet Show pattern. It has buttons on the sleeve cuffs and buttons that go the whole way down the back. Sweet pea just loves her buttons! We never go to the fabric store that she doesn't get at least one pack of buttons. {I love that about her. :)} The Oliver + S now sells this pattern in a PDF on the web sight too.
 The fabric was from a lady a church. It is an older print with grape vines all over. I love the look of it. It reminds me of a vintage dress. I do love the vintage dresses for little girls.
Here she has  a bit of supper on her dress so please over look the spots. ;)

We are just now waiting on baby, about two weeks more left, maybe less, hopefully less! ;)  I need to finish two of his little outfits. I started them about two weeks ago but can't seem to get myself into my sewing room to finish them up. I am almost done with them though, maybe tonight. :)

happy Sewing!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Cathedral Window Pincushion

 This weekend I had some adult sewing! I made three of these Cathedral Window Pincushions with some of my favorite horded saved fabric scraps. You can find the pattern here if you would like to make some too.
 They are so much fun to make and go together quite quickly too. It was a great way to use several of my favorite fabrics together. I did have some charms but for the rest I just cut out 5" squares of the fabric.
The backs are just as cute as the fronts too. It was fun sewing something other than things for the kids. I am hoping to be doing more sewing for me this fall to come. Some tops and skirts would be great!

Happy Sewing!


Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer Time Sewing

 I know, I know I said that I was almost done with my sewing for a bit but how could I not make Sweet pea these cute little shorts? They go wonderfully with her Swing Set top and it is one of her favorite colors too. The shorts are the Oliver + S Puppet Show patten. It's now a PDF pattern on their web site.
 She is so happy lately when ever I make something new for her to wear too. (See that face?!?) I guess all the baby and boy sewing made her think twice about what I sew for her. ;)
"It's this big mama!" She seen a little orange kitten and boy does she love kittens.
 I love this sweet little face. :) Yep, I will probably still make a few more things for her for this summer. How could I say no to this face?

I have to share my 6 year's old photo you too, Mr G. He is just about ready to graduate from K5 this week. I can' believe that he has grown so much. I was just looking at some of his baby sleepers today and my how small was he. Where did the time go??

Have a Great Weekend!!


Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Dress

I made this dress a few days ago and I am just now posting on it. I am getting to the point where sewing is very difficult due to my big belly. (36 weeks!) This is the Oliver + S Bubble Dress done in a sheer fabric and linen lining the inside. It drapes nicely and is light weight for the hot summer heat.
I used some daisy trim around the waist and matching Daisy buttons. Sweet pea tells me it's her "faborite dress". She had to wear it to bed the night I finished it. :) I love the fact that she now is wearing everything I make her and liking it. It doesn't get better than that!

This will be the last of Sweet pea sewing for a bit for me. I do have two more tops cut out and two pairs of shorts I wanting to get to but decided to put it off for right now. I am trying to finish up two vintage bubbles for the baby and one Sailboat top for him this weekend then a little brake for a couple of weeks for me. The boys finish their last week in school this Thursday so it will be pretty busy around here soon!

Happy Sewing!