Monday, July 27, 2015

The Bitty Beatrix Blouse: A Tutorial on how to add a center panel

A new favorite pattern of ours if the Bitty Beatrix Pattern form Grammies Dolls. This is our second one to date and we have a third planned as soon as our fabric arrives in the mail. This top is made after another my daughter seen and loved so we made our version of it. I though I would share today on how we added the center panel to the bodice. (It is so easy to do too!)

First, of course, print your pattern. Then you need to two front pattern pieces. I angled mine but not as much as the neck line. Draw a line on where you want your angle at. 

Then cut the two pattern pieces apart. Also be sure to mark on the "side" panel where the "center" panel came up to. 

Then add your seam allowance back in when you cut out your fabric pieces. (This pattern is 1/4") (Please ignore the missed spelled Hear for here, lol. To my defense I was helping children with spelling words at the same time so I used the wrong word.) 

Then sew the center panel to the side panels with a 1/4" seam and press the seam towards the side panels. Sew the rest of the pattern as directed. **A side note, when sewing the lining to the front bodice be sure to pivot the needle on the seam line of the center/side panels.** I also added a full skirt to mine as well so I would only have to cut one boarder piece. To do this just shorten the back bodice piece to the length as the lining bodice piece. (Really just use the same pattern piece for both is what I did, easy peasy) 

I also added a bias bow to the bottom bodice. I cut my bias 1 1/4" then pressed it in double bias fold and stitched the outer side. (I forgot it at first until Sweet pea asked me where it was, oopps!)

She loves this top more than the original one, mostly because of a pink elephant on the center front. It pairs so nicely with her O+S Badminton skort as well. Well both of them really. I have a new pair of bottoms that matches this top perfectly but I can't show you just yet. ;-)  

I love the bodice of this top and how it gives it a high/low look to the skirt portion. 

One more mix and match outfit for school done! I have a few more things on our list before I am all done but I am almost there. 

Happy Sewing!! 


Monday, July 20, 2015

The Tale of Two Pj's For Prince C and Miss Sweet Pea

With summer half way over I really needed to get some night gowns and pj's done for both little ones. I seen some awesome Oliver and S Badminton dresses made into night gowns so I made two for Sweet pea, I have no idea why I waited so long to sew this pattern up!! It was so quick and easy. I had both of these cut out and sewn in one day flat. While I was sewing these up Prince C decided to go shopping on his own though mommy's sewing room. He pulled out three nautical prints and the Oliver and S Sleepover pj's pattern and requested "two please". How could I say no after all his hard work?! (I really need to make this kiddo shopping bag! He has a awesome metal shopping cart already for his "trips".  

Now when I sewn the two night gowns for Sweet pea I had the idea that both would be night gowns. Both would work as lovely dress as well. (The pattern is for dresses so you know) My daughter loves the fit of these both for sleeping and was so exited for bed time that night. She was even dancing around in her new night gown singing.

She loves the ribbon detail on this one as much as do and we have plans for two more night gowns and one top. She helped me pick them out before bed time. 

I did make the next size up so these would fit for a while too. She loves the fit and it is not overly big on her. Perfect for sleeping. Until morning came......

Then she decided that the pink and blue one was the perfect dress for a hot summer day! LOL can't blame me for trying. Oh well she does have two more "ordered" so she said this one can be her dress. I can't blame her either, it is very pretty.

I had to make make Prince C a 2T, yep I couldn't believe it either. I measured him but though these will be huge on him but went with this size any ways. MY thought is that the last sets lasted so long before he outgrew them. While these are a bit big they do fit him well. I shorted the sleeves and legs on this one for summer pj's. I then added a hem band to the bottom of both short legs. I love the look of the long pants and wanted it on these as well.

Both sets were a HUGE hit with him!! He tried on each pair as I was sewing on buttons then decided he needed a bath early so he could get ready for bed time. It took him over five minutes to pick which set to wear first. He then wanted his picture taken outside on the swing set. I do really love this little guy. 

I can't tell you how great it makes me feel to sew something that both my children love so much. Prince C has been helping with his fabric choices for his fall clothes so I can't wait to get them sewn to see his excitement.  I am sure both of these will be great for early fall as well. I love sewing for the seasons. 

Happy Sewing!! 


Wednesday, July 15, 2015

First Day of School outfit, Bitter Sweet

We are still in the middle of summer but I have been busy, busy sewing up miss Sweet pea's school clothes. (As to why this blog is so quite, I am sewing so much that I really have not taken a break to blog.) While I have dreamed of sewing Sweet pea's schools clothes for quite some time I still am sad to think that the time has already come. Where has the years gone?? 

Now while I have this huge list of things to sew (Many being Oliver and S that Sweet pea has requested herself) choosing the first day outfit is very important to both of us. My good friend Theresa, of Grammies Dolls, just released her first two patterns on her own and I was so lucky to be able to test both of them. Sarah and I both have been a huge fan of Theresa's patterns from Ellie Inspired for a while. The top is the Sweet Sophyes shirt and the shorts are the Lil Elizabeth Shorts.  

I love the classic style of each of these patterns and they are super quick to sew. Sarah and I chose fabrics form Moda's Mistletoe Lanes line. I used cotton lace to trim the blouse on each side of the button placket and the bottom hem of the sleeves. I trimmed the shorts with the same lace tied into a sweet little bow. The shorts have these lovely pleats on both sides of the fronts. I love that this set looks great with the shirt tucked in or not. 

With school getting ready to start we are trying new hair styles as well. Of course any things with braids is a win her Sweet pea's book so we have tried lots of these out. This one is my favorite so far. I really am enjoying that she is letting me fix her hair now. I have waited so long for this! 

A close up of the sweet shorts, I have another pair on my list for this year to sew.   

Lots of lace trims for my princess and I. 

Well Miss Sweet pea says she is ready and so excited to start school, I am sure I am not. *sigh* I guess I better get ready! 

Happy Sewing!!!