Friday, March 30, 2012

A Gift for Baby Boy

 I made this little sun suit for a a gal expecting my hubby works with for her baby boy. I used the Oliver + S tea party sun suit pattern but added a few fun changes to it. I got the idea from The Cottage Home, what a talented woman she is!
 I used the dot fabric from Children at Play line, one of my favorite lines of fabric! I found the applique' template over at Skirt as Top. There a few very cute ones I want to use on some other things as well.  I used heat and bond light and then straight stitched around hte little whale. I even embroidery the little whale's eye on him .
 I changes the sun suit by making it four pattern pieces instead of six. I combined the top of the sun suit pattern pieces into the bottom pattern pieces. I then added little cuffs to the end of the shorts and added a button placket for the closer instead of the snap tape that the pattern calls for.  
I took the curves out of the lining and surged the edges for a nice finish. I added a custom tag made out of the name on the salvage of the fabric complete with the size for the inside. :)

I will make a tutorial this weekend of next week for this cute little outfit. I will be off to make one for this little guy too. I just love it's cuteness!

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Home Made Easter!

 I will warn you there is lots and lots of pictures here! I made all the kids outfits for Easter this year and it was so hard to get a good picture of them so I'll show most of them. ;) This one is my "real" kids here, no posing from them. Yes the middle boy is always like this!
 Ok, here they are posing. :) Can't get them to look though.
 My favorite "picture" photo. This one probly end up in a frame in the living room.
 Mr. J
 Mr. W
 My sweet little boy
 Sweet pea
 I can't believe htat I made all thier outfits this year! The two little boys have ordered many more tops and shorts too.
 Now the bee never landed on flower but in this picture it sure does look like it. He laugh when he seen it on the computer. He doesn't like bees at all.
 Picture taking is very hard and the trip home is much wanted. Not to bad for picutes from 4 kids I guess.
Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easter For the Boys!

 I am so excited about finishing the boys' Easter outfits! They turned out way better than I hoped. At first I wasn't so sure about shorts but now I am so glad that I did make them shorts instead of pants this year, thanks you O+S forum girls!

sketchbook shirt + shorts sewing pattern
I used this pattern from Oliver + S, it has to be my very favorite boy pattern out there! I will be buying this very soon for the baby to be too. I can't wait to see this in minis. :)
 I love the stitching detail on this dress top, it really makes the shirt. The boys just love the pockets and already have plans on what needs to go in them, lol.  I used a butter cream yellow kona cotton fabric for the tops. I just love the feel of the fabric!
 I had to sew a label in theses I placed them on the inside of the button placket. I didn't want them on the outside so I thought this would be a perfect spot to place them. 
I made this shirt x3! The boys can't wait to wear their new outfits. The last few days as I was sewing them the would ask if they were done yet. I think this means the most to me. :) Nothing is better than them loving their new clothes!

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

An Easter Sneak Peak!

 I finished up Sweet pea's Easter dress and couldn't wait to show it off! This year dress was made from the Oliver + S pattern the Bubble Dress but with a few changes to dress it up some.
 The bodice was made by the pattern with some added ribbon for the waist line to dress it up some. I did the skirt different though. I made the skirt full by cutting two pieces of fabric full width and sewing them together-a pain to gather ;)- and put a full slip lining under it with tulle to puff the skirt up a bit more. The tulle was alot fun to gather as well, lol. I had to work that part on my dinning room table. I finished it with two rows of ribbon a the bottom of the skirt.
 I did finish the two younger boys' shorts for their outfit too. I used a light weight cord the sketchbook pattern for O+S. I did a pin tuck down the entire pleat to dress it up some more. I was very hesitant on making shorts but glad I am now. Thank you O+S forums gals!!  
 I just love the stitching detail on these! Now only to finish the oldest boy's shorts then onto dress shirts. :)
 Happy Sewing!!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wrap Dress Cutie!

Remember this Wrap dress?!?
A sweet dress to please any little gitrl who loves to twirl around and spin!

 It still fits little Sweet pea! This has to be a favorite of both of ours. It sews up so quick and easy. The sleeves are wonderful for warmer weather and I love the classic look it has to it.

What to make your own?? You can find the full tutorial here!

Happy sewing!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pin Wheel Fun

 Another outfit made with my little fabric stash I received in the mail last week! I love the pin wheel print, it's so much fun. I added a cute big pin wheel applique to the top to match the pin whiles in the print.
 The top is Clever Charlotte's finch top and the bottoms are altered Puppet show shorts from O+S. I do love that short pattern!

I made the shorts wiht a flat front and added tabs the bottom bias strip, and the bias strip I added about a 1/2" when I had cut it to make it wider when finished. It was agereat way to add some length for my growing girl.

I couldn't resit adding this photo, Sweet pea was really poseing for me!! That hardly ever happens anymore. What a sweetie she can be. :)  I see this makeing it to a frame on the wall.
I made my own pattern for the appique if anyone would like a tutorial on just let me know, I could get one up next week.

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Something new, a pattern I have been wanting for while now! It is out of print and very hard to find.  I was able to find it through the Oliver + S forums. What a great bunch of ladies over there!

Something borrowed for the new nursery, Sweet pea's curtains. I moved our oldest son into Sweet pea's old room seeing it is the smallest in the house and her into his old room seeing it is big enough for both our babies in there. I repainted both rooms and I am still working on the decorating them. This is a sneak peak of the nursery now. Sorry that the picture is so dark. The walls really are a light color.

Something blue for our oldest son, a new room for him! I am very stumped on how to decorate his room. He is getting older so I want something that he will still like in a few months,lol. (one month cowboys now it's Pokemon) I do know that I want a desk under his cork board. I do like putting up the boys'  art work in all their rooms so I know that is one thing I will be doing.

I hope to be done with the all three bed rooms very soon but we'll see. The crib came in last week but one part was broke in the box so I am waiting on a new one to come in. I am going through all the kids toys and clothes and giving away everything that they have out grown and don't play with any more. That way they can find the ones they do like, like the missing Captain America shield barried in the botttom of a closet that my son had been searching for weeks, lol. It was as good as Chirstmas moring to him. :)  I sure am tired this week! 


Friday, March 2, 2012

Clever, Clever Charlotte

 I tried yet another new pattern this week! It was a birthday girft from grandma and grandpa. Sweet pea loves it as much as I do. (see her smile!) It is the Finch top from Clever Charlotte. It has shorts as well that is on my to do list. They are just as cute as the top!
 The top has a velcro fastener, no button holes to make on this one. The bow goes right over it so it is hidden view. I do love the big bow on this one, it make it so girly! 
 I have a long sleeve shirt under it today due to the chilly air out but it looks wonderful as is for hot weather. I finished this top with label to make it our own.
 Here is the back, I just love the look of the back. The best part of this pattern is that is sews up very easy and quickly. It is fully lined too. The pattern runs from sizes 2T through 8 so we will more than get our use out this one! 
I have another top already done and it is just waiting on it's shorts to be completed. I can't wait o show it you!

Happy Sweing!