Thursday, August 23, 2018

North Stars by Elizabeth Hartman Sew along

With Autumn in the air I am getting back in the quilting mood! I was very blessed in to have received this awesome quilting kit to go along with the new Elizabeth Hartman quilt pattern. I adore this pattern so I thought why not host a once a month quilt along so we could all have fun and encourage each other along! Now this pattern is for an intermediate level but I am sure if we take it slow that it will be most fun.  

If you decide to sew along you do not need a kit at all and can use which ever fabric that you like. I plan on doing a second quilt along with the kit since all my children seem to love it so. There is even instructions on how to make a 20" pillow for each block from the pattern. Sweet pea has already begged for an arctic fox pillow. For fabric amounts there is a a nice visual on the inside cover of the pattern. I will tell you that this pattern takes a lot prints/colors. So to start off whether you have a kit or your own fabrics you will need to separate and label for each of the nine blocks. One key to making a nice block is keeping everything labeled and organized. 

Other things that you will need to make your quilt, if you do not have any quilting mat, quilting rulers, or rotter cutter you will need all of these for sure. I have a nice big quilting mat and several verities of rulers. I have some that are long and also one that is a square that has markings for squaring up a half triangle block. This one I use the most. 

Also here are some other products that I like and use as well. Best Press Starch I use on my fabric as I go to help make for crisper fabric, I think it helps keep cutting more on point. This one not only works well but there are many lovely scents. I purchase mine locally but you can order yours as well. 

Next is these awesome marking tool. Each block will have many pieces to be cut and each one will be labeled with a letter to help you keep them straight. I find that this helps me so much.  

LORI HOLT Its Sew Emma Alphabitties Specialty Marking Tools PINK 

We will start here in mid September with the Polar block. If you are newer to quilting and are joining along please let me know if you would like me to cover any how to's of any kind or need any help at all. I would be more than happy to help! 

Until next time, 


Friday, August 17, 2018

Fireflies and Sketchbook

This was an outfit that I made early summer for my Prince C. I made him a shirt like this for his second birthday and wanted to make him one more before he grew to old for the print, seeing how he is 6 now. 

I used my most beloved Oliver and S Sketchbook shirt pattern, both top and bottoms are a size 4. I did modify the top and made it into a two piece collar. I am a sucker for this style! It was  way to add a fun print to shirt collar as well. 

I have sewn this pattern so many times that I did not even need to pull out the instructions this round. I had made four shirts this set. I always love to do batch sewing for these shirts. I makes it so much quicker. Plus little guy gets so excited when mama sews for just him. I hope he never out grows this! 

The other three shirts that were made have been placed for back for school this year. I was smart this time around and was able to get ahead of the school clothes sewing. He went back with 6 button up style shirts. They are his favorite style of shirt to wear too. 

I know that I am going to miss these days of him being little so I will sit back and enjoy them while I can. 

Happy Sewing! 

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Welcome Back!

Wow! It has been over a year since I have blogged about anything! Well since I was last on I have been sewing (although nothing was posted, ha!) and we had home schooled our youngest, Price C. Now the later took up most of the time I had. The kids are all back to school as of today. Mr. J started High school with the two middle boys in junior High and Sweet pea in 3rd grade. 

AS you can clearly see some of the children were not excited to be starting today. 

However not much has really changed in over a year! ha!  

I have even found a new favorite O+S pattern! I never thought Liesl could out do herself but she did! This is the Button-up Button-down shirt. Even my two middle boys flipped for this one after I had Prince C sewn up and requested a few for each of them. As always with a favorite I did sew up three total with at least three more planned for my youngest and two for for little miss Sweat pea. 

The back is very roomy with a good length for tucking in for dressier days. I will be pairing this pattern with the Art Museum very soon. 
The bottoms are the Sketchbook shorts, a very trusted oldie but a goodie pattern.  

Miss Sweet pea wore her Crochet dress for her first day. I finally tried this pattern out for the first time this summer and fell in love. I made three dresses and one blouse for school. It is really habit forming and such a quick sew. 

Also this past year I made many reading pillows. They are easy to make a huge hit with the kids! 

 I finished a few quilt alongs as well. Both middle boys had to stand on-top of the couch to hold this one up. It is the first quilt I have made and kept for my husband and I. It was made with only the Art Gallery line Sweet As Honey, a favorite of mine. 

Also a smaller quilt which all the kids love. I did try out a new binding tutorial for this one. I am very happy with how easy it was to sew and looks when finished. This one did take me two months and one new sewing machine to finish the quilting on it. This was one of those "I never thought I will finish" projects. 

I also did a bunch of smocking and over came my fears of Bishop dresses. These are preemie baby size but also fit my daughter's dolls.  

I have come to love making these more than any other smocked pattern. I never thought I would say that! 

With that I might go back and make a few posts sharing some of my past sewing projects through the fall but I am for sure goign to be hosting a few fun sew longs. I will be using a few Lislette pattern and a quilt along. I will be posting about those here soon. I think I will be giving away one of the pattern for the up coming quilt along as well. I will share more about that tomorrow! 

Until then, 
happy Sewing! 


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Red, White, and Blue Sketchbook Set for Prince C

Rainy days and our Sketchbook outfit pair for the perfect end of summer days. Prince C has been living in his newest sets for the past month so this mama had to sew more up! I have four more tops cut out and waiting on me as well. If you do not own this pattern yet and have boys I highly recommend it! It's been a staple in pattern collection from the begging of my Oliver and S days. One of the very first ones I purchased. You can say I have more than got my money's worth from this one! 

I did switch it up a tiny nit and added a second picket and both pockets with points on the bottom for a different look. I did cut the button placket and the pockets out and the bias as well. I am a sucker for this look. I did also make the collar in two pieces again as I love how nicely they lay and also made the hem with the bias strip as well. I think hemming goes more smoothly this method. 

Here is a closer look at the collar. This is such an easy mod to make so the pattern pieces are already there. 

With all the sets of these that I have made over the years I longer need to pull out the instructions and find it such a relaxing sew. maybe I can start sewing these in my sleep and get a head in my sewing. ;) That would be nice! 

Happy Sewing! 


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pinwheel Tunic Trimmed in Lace

I am back again today with a Pinwheel Tunic from Oliver and S patterns. My daughter requested a few only tops for school this year and the Pinwheel tunic is always a hit with her. I did make this one a wee bit different by using only one fabric for the whole tunic instead of the two and trimmed the flounce in a red lace. I think this would be very lovely with red leggings this autumn as well.   

Just as most the sewing I have done I did make this a size 8 so that it will have plenty of growing room well into next school year. I love ti when all her clothes fit for a long time. She is still wearing a few of her size 5 and 6 this school as well. That is what I love about Oliver and S is the amount of time that she gets for ware out of each garment. 

As always with Oliver and S patterns this was a joy to sew, very relaxing even. I have plans to sew a least two more sets of these on her size along with two more just tunics. I am not sure if you ladies are this way but when I sew a pattern that I thoroughly enjoy I just want to keep sewing them. So much a minimalist wardrobe for Sweet pea! So a warning to you if you have not sewn this pattern it that it is very habit forming as well as the the other O+S ones. ha! 

There is nothing more satisfying of this pattern than that of sewing the flounce onto the bodice portion. I love the no gathering but the point makes it look so professional. Without needing gathering this tunic went together very quickly too. It's a great pattern to sew when you need something in hurry! 

I did also modify the back and added a button loop. I used the button loop pattern piece from the Ice Cream dress as Sweet pea prefers this to the ties. She still just adores her buttons! This one is from Great grandma. 

I also love how this style looks great on the wee ones but also looks great on an older girl. It transitions form age very nicely, I see us using this pattern clear up till she out grows the size range. 

I am back to cutting out Prince C Sketchbook tops!

Happy Sewing, 


Monday, August 21, 2017

Class Picnic for the First Day of School

I am late posting this as school started this past Thursday but better late than never right?? I have been busy sewing away that I have not taken time to post the past few things I have sewn. (I am in the middle of Price C sewing love and enjoying every minute!) Sweet pea chose the Ruffled Class Picnic outfit for this special first day. She said she loves the top and shorts the same but I am very sure that the ruffles shorts is her favorite garment I made her this school year. 

Top and shorts are both a size 8, Sarah measures in between ad size 6 and 7 but I wanted for her to be able to wear this outfit for a while so I went with the 8. I had for gotten how much I love this pattern that I did make 3 tops. I still feel the need to make a few more, a girl cannot have too many of the Class Picnic tops right??!!

The short s are ala Beachmom from the Oliver and S group. Her shorts are what sold me on this pattern years ago. I used a chambray and a rolled hem on the ruffle. These really were pretty fast to sew to my surprise. I thought that with all the ruffles it would take a while. I also the added length the ruffle make as well. The top sewn up like a dream, I love how fast this whole pattern is to make, maybe as why I want to sew more tops up! 

More back to school sewing to come!


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Air-mail Sketchbook Set

With school starting today for all the children I am sharing Prince C's first day of school outfit. Today marked the first day of homeschooling for him and he will start PreK on Monday, well Tuesday with the solar eclipse so we can all watch it as a family together.  The three youngest have been reading up on it and are excited to see the "show" on Monday. With this we start the new school year for Prince C! 

I am finally sewing him a size 4, the last size in this envelope! I started to sew this pattern for him long before her was born. It was one of the first patterns I purchased to sew for him. While the size 4 is roomy it was emotional to to cut and sew this size. 

Well after 50 some Sketchbook tops I can say I have learned a few tricks and no longer need to pull out the pattern's instructions any more. My favorite one is to use a bias to hem the bottom of the shirt. The bias makes it easier finish the hem and is also a great way to add fun fabric to the inside of any of shirts. I like the clean look it gives as well. The shorts are even quicker to sew with a 1/2 hour sewing time now. The Sketchbook shorts are his favorite ones to wear at the moment. He has four but I think we need to make just a few more. 

I really do use much fun fabric for his tops so I deiced this year to make him as many as I can. This was the first one in the Kinder-line for him. I have a Sarah Jane Firefly one cut and waiting as type, plus an Illinois College one in both long sleeve and short sleeve as well. I love the many looks for this pattern as it can be dressed up or down. 

Get  a good look at this face, he is not a baby anymore!! Very Princely though as he has always been. 

He is the most full of life child I have. he is rarely in a bad mood and everyone is a friend for life once he meets you. I know this school year will hold many new things for him. 

He is also my biggest ham too! (He just learned to make duck lips.)
"mmmwwwwaaaaa" Love Prince C!" 

Happy Sewing,