Friday, October 24, 2014

A Very Merry Christmas! Done Early too!

I have not been "around" this past month very much but I have been hard at work! I am very happy to say that all my Christmas sewing is completely done for this year, and October is not even over yet!! So second up to share (there is a ton to share so I will break in down into several posts) is the three older boys. 

If you know you me you know I love, love to sew for my boys more than my girl. Sewing for girls is easier than boys due to finding great boy patterns is very hard to come by. That is one of the great reasons I feel in love with Ellie Inspired patterns! She has the most wonderful boy pattern out there and they are in a great size range to boot.  I was so happy and excited when I found out I was going to be able to test her new line of Holiday clothes for all my boys! (Plus I was able to get all my Christmas sewing done early for once! haha!!)So here are all the patterns that I used for these well dressed dapper lads of mine; the Charlie's Camp shirt, Dapper Lad vest and the Celebration Chinos pants. 

Garrett and Wyatt's outfits are both a size 8, I never thought I would see the day that they both would wear such a big size. Both boys' vest are lined with satin and have real welt pockets in them. The welt pockets are a huge hit with both boys! I can very proudly say it only takes me about 15 minutes now to make four real welt pockets since sewing with Ellie Inspired patterns! I had never sewn one up till this point in time. The dress shirts have a "proper" collar with the collar stand, I know I have said it before but oh how I love this shirt pattern!! Both boys do as well.

Jacob's shirt is the red chambray shirt that I had sewn him a few months back. The perfect color for the holidays I think. I used the same vintage fabric for his pants and vest as Prince C's Christmas outfit. The pants have the welt pockets as well on the back side as does the vest too. All are a size 14 on my growing young man.

The pants also have the option for a real zipper fly in these as well for every size and have real welt pockets in the back. I really want to make each boy of mine a few more pairs for school and church this winter. All the patterns (shirt, vest, pants and coat) are in a size 1-16 so I know I will get a ton of use out them all for years to come.

I also made Jacob a Pea coat as well, Garrett really loves it and snagged it from Jacob though, lol. I really need to sew a few more of these up for my other boys.  The size range is from 1-16 as well.

I really want to say a very special thank you for Laura Johnson for letting me test all these awesome patterns! I know they will be a staple in my sewing for my boys through the years. I already have sewn five vests and three pants and 4 dress shirts from her patterns within one month and I have several requests for all the boys for more outfits like these. I will warn you though that they are habit forming!  

You can find each of these patterns here on sale this week on Ellie Inspired Etsy shop. Just click the link below to find!

Next up Sweet pea's Christmas dresses! Yes, dresses!


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Miss M Elsa dress

While I have been very busy sewing this month you ladies have not seen much of what I have been working on. I had sewn another Elsa dress but this time for Miss M! She is my cousin's daughter who also happens to be the same age as my daughter. Sweet pea really loved to be able to meet her and have a new friend that is her own age and  girl too. Even better they both have so much in common. They both love Elsa (but really how doesn't?) and wanted to be her for Halloween this year. So after I had finished Sweet pea's dress I went right into making Miss M her Elsa dress.

I used the very same patterns and mods as the first but this one went together much quicker this round. (the Oliver + S Fairy tale dress and Ellie Inspired sleepy bear pj's sleeve) I even added a extra hooks on the cape so it can be made shorter walking, all my cousin's idea and it is genus! Now both girls can walk with ease trick-or-treat and still have a full cape for playing in.   

I do that these two little girls are very happy with the dresses and will have a great Halloween this year! I am almost all done with the three older boys costumes as well. The sewing part is done and now I am working on the all the fun little things that make a costume.

Happy Sewing!!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dasher & Dancer Dungarees, Pumpkin Patch outfits

This year I made my two little ones matching pumpkin patch outfits inspired from a dress that Sweet pea wanted me to make her. Well Caspian did want a dress too but I decided he needed overall's instead, lol. Very lucky for me Ellie Inspired was letting me test her wonderful Dungarees pattern which happened to be perfect for his outfit!  

The pattern size range is form newborn to 36 months. These are a size 24 months on my little man. The are super quick to sew and fairly easy too. The other great part of this pattern? It's revisable too!! Yep, the turkey and pumpkin overalls are the very same pair. Pretty clever I think.

I even hand made both the pumpkin and turkey applique' too. They are included in on the pattern as well along with many other designs.

The Buttons and Bows shirt pattern is the same as the one for his Christmas outfit too. (This pattern is also has a girl version as well.) I have already started on my next overall's but this time with a smocked insert in it. I'll let you see the insert as a sneak peak!

You can find the Dasher and Dance Dungarees pattern here, and while you are looking at the pattern you need to notice the girl pair with the peppermint candy on the bodice, I really love this one the most!!

Happy Sewing!!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Super Exciting News and Ellie Inspired Holiday Collection 2014!!

If you have look very closely at this photo you have most certainly figured out the super exciting part!  (If not I will tell you) This is the cover for Ellie Inspired Holiday catalogue and yes that is Sweet pea and Prince C on it!!! EEPPP!! I cannot tell you ladies how excited and "can't believe it still" I am! It was such a honor to able to pattern test for Laura Johnson again. She has such wonderful patterns.

This collection is so big that I am going to show you a different part of it everyday this week. I am starting with my little dapper baby. This is more than one pattern I am showing you can purchase the entire collection is one package here. It has even more patterns than what I am showing and is a awesome value too! You will be more than happy with every piece!

First up is the onesie dress shirt for both girls and boys. It has those lovely snaps in the crotch area so the shirt stays all tucked in. If you know me I have waited a long time to find  a shirt pattern just like this! Other than the wonderful onesie style of this shirt it also has a proper two piece collar with collar stand. The size range is newborn (yes newborn!!) to 36 months. Like I said too there is a girl version of the shirt as well. You know I will be making him at least five more this winter.

The pants pattern is the Jack Frost Knickers. These adorable vintage style of pants have a gather ankle with a cuff at the bottoms, pockets on the front and welt pockets on the back. It has a elastic waist so easy of dressing.  The sew together in no time too. The range is newborn to 36 months as well.

See the adorable small welt pockets?! I love this part of the pattern. It was also my very first time sewing welt pockets too. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

The Dapper Lad vest pattern is not a new one of Ellie Inspired but it is a new size range today, newborn to size 16 all in one pattern. It's a life time of a pattern for a little boy that grows with him. The vest also has welt pockets as well.

Prince C vest and welt pockets are all lined with the red Chambray fabric my husband bought me this past June. It have used ever last it of scraps up on very special things. The fabric for his vest and pants are vintage hound tooth with vintage buttons to finish the pants and vest. The have been waiting for just the right pattern to come along.

On the back of the vest I added a buttonhole to one side of the ties and two buttons to the other so it adjusts sizes.

To make it even better if you buy the entire infant collection you get a huge savings plus the hat pattern, a bow tie pattern and bonnet pattern free. Click on the link below to find the collection for sale and come back tomorrow for another pattern combination in this pattern pack!

Happy Sewing!!


Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Costume Number two, Go, Go Diego Go! for Prince C!

Well it is a very sure thing to say that Price C is growing up waaayyy too fast! This year for Halloween he requested to be Diego from the cartoon. I don't mind him asking to dress up as what he wants be it is the "being able to ask" part that gets me! I knew he would start to grow up I just didn't think it would be this quick. *sigh*

Here are the details of his costume for this year. The hat and vest are both form the Little Things To Sew book. I did change the vest a wee bit and added a metal zipper to look more like Diego's vest. I am very glad I did too; it is way easier for his to use a zipper than buttons. He still doesn't know how to use the buttons. {The only thing saving me when he is trying to take his clothes off! I put his dress shirts on him. ;-) haha} The hat is sideways here but there is a "Diego" logo on both hat and vest.

The pants and shirt are both from Oliver + S Field Trip pattern. He has worn both shirt and pants a ton already. He really loves these pants! The are the size 18-24 months. They are a bit big but they should fit for a while. 

The perfect outfit for my explorer little boy. He is off to have an adventure of his very own.
A good friend of mine said that she blinked and her daughter grew up, I think I must have blinked here too.

Happy Sewing!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Queen Elsa, Let it Go!

It's that time of year again; costume time! This year I am doing things a bit different though and I am making everything early! I have three done and two to go. The first one I am showing you done is Sweet pea's. She has changed her mind a million times (which is kind of my fault). Her first costume in the works was going to be Pinkalious. I had the whole costume planned out too, a smocked bodice, dyeing lace to make just the right shade of the pink ruffles on the skirt, hand painted wings with hand sewn pink "fluff" around then, well you get the picture. Any way she kept asking for the Elsa dress costume. I know there will be a army of them out on Halloween night so I really wanted her to be something different until I thought about it. (ok, ok she was singing "Let it go" endlessly too)  It's her costume and she doesn't care if every other little girl is dressed the  same. That who she really wants to be. She is only four so really why not? It is a day of fun for the kids and not mommy. So as my friends would "let it go, le it go" so I did. ;-)

I wanted to make her a "real" dress costume. I know it will be worn a lot. Second It had to be little girl like and not, well, improper looking to be polite. Which means a bit fitted but not tight and no slit and the front of the dress had to come up higher. Third, the cape has to come off for washing and play wear. I think we are both happy with the end result of this dress.

Ok now the how and how-to! I used two different favorite patterns I mine to make this look. The Oliver + S Fairy tale dress pattern, Ellie Inspired Sleepy Bear pj pattern and a self drafted skirt ad cape. I traced the bodice of the of the Fairy tale and drew a line for where I wanted the dark blue to be and the see though to start. I then redrew the top and bottom pieces separate and added a seam allowance to them. I cut out the main bodice with the satin and the dark blue see through fabric over lay on top of the satin.  (the blue is a pretty sparkly design to it) I also cut out a satin lining with the see though snowflake fabric as well. I did the very same for the back bodice.

Here is the back of the dress, I have the zipper going up to the top of the satin and then a loop and button for the top. (Do you see the nicely matched bodice at the zipper line?!?)

I have to show you the lovely lining! It slips on Sweet pea so nice and she loves the feel of it.

To give the see through fabric a nice finish I sewn it all with French seams. To keep the seam allowances tighter on the main bodice and the lining bodice I hand stitched them together carefully through all the layers after I sewn the bodice pieces together. The non gathered sleeves are from the Sleepy Bear pj pattern. I really, really love the fit of the sleeves from this pattern! I self drafted the skirt pieces, the cape and the crown.  

I cut the cape out the full width of the fabric and juts rounded the corners out and serged roll hem the edges. I then made a bias (I measured this to the length I wanted the finish top cape to be) with the see through snowflake fabric and gathered the cape onto the bias and stitched it closed. I then added hooks and loops to the dress and cape so that the cape can come on and off.

The cape is nice and full too. I so glittery! It looked like I killed a fairy in the kitchen while I was this costume!

The cape is also nice and flowing too. Perfect for playing Frozen.

She really loves the finished dress and didn't want to take it off. She thinks she looks just like Elsa. I am very glad now that I made this dress for her, we are both very happy with it. Now the only problem is Sweet pea is trying to convince me that Prince C wants to be Anna, hahaha, I don't think so my love. ;-)

Happy Sewing!!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Autumn Grace smocked dress

I am done with my Autumn Grace dress for the Smock-a-long!! If your in the Facebook group you have already seen it but for those of you who are not here it is!! I cannot tell you ladies how much I enjoyed sewing this dress. It has been over a whole year since I have last tried my hand at smocking and I once again have been bitten by the smocking bug, thanks to Laura Johnson!!  

I love the simple style of the peasant top with the smocked insert and ruffles. I really love this dress!  

This is a close up of the smocked insert I made, yes I really smocked this!! (I can hardly believe it myself) I love the detail of the satin ribbon too. I did have to go back and tack in the ribbon on the smocking. I am not sure if it's because it's satin and slips easily or not but it was rolling a bit when she wore this dress and the tacking fixed that problem right up.

Sweet pea is as smitten as I am with this dress. It's her new "princess" dress she tells me. We have it hanging were we can see it at all times too. ;-)

I love the clever design of the back as well. This dress slips on over the head with elastic gathers in the back bodice to keep that nice well fitted look in the front as well as the back.

This dress looks like the pattern was made just for her! If you are looking for the pattern you can find it here on Craftsy for $4 right now. It includes the smocking instructions as well and the smock-a-long  is still going on till the October 1st if you want to join in.