Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Things To Sew Travel Quilt

Well I did it! I am officially done with all 21 projects in the Little Things to Sew book Challenge! I was able to finish up the Travel quilt and add in an extra pillow case this morning! I want to say a really big thanks to Shelley for hosting this fun challenge for if not for her I would have never finished up with all the patterns from the LTTS book. : ) 

For the quilt I wanted something with spring like fabrics in it, so I went with baby ducks and chicks with a peachy yellow main fabric. If you are looking more closely now you are not wrong, there are not chicks in this quilt at all. I decided after cutting into the fabric that I really loved the ducklings on the quilt by themselves and I am now saving the baby chicks for yet another Travel quilt later on. The cool thing is after I finished the quilt I had enough fabric left over to make a matching pillow case too!
(I uses 1/3 yard of each color of the duckling fabric total if you are wondering)

I quilted the top with a double diamond shape on my sewing machine. It really wasn't too bad except for the center rows where it was a tight squeeze on my machine for the fit. I did hand stitch the back of the binding on though, not too bad. ; )

To make enough fabric for the pillow case I cut 6" of the blue and brown ducks and sewn them together as one fabric for the border of the pillow case. I do like seeing all three fabrics on the pillow case for a bit fun. (The brown fabric is on the inside of the pillow case.)

Little Prince C loves it too! The whole time I was sewing this up he kept trying to snatch it from me. He sure was glad this morning when I really let him have his new quilt!

Thank you so much Shelly again! I couldn't have done it with out you!

I hope the rest of you ladies have as much fun sewing along with the Little Things to sew book challenge as I did!


Sunday, March 2, 2014

LTTS: Some fun things for Prince C

This past week I really, truly got around to sewing. I just wanted to keep it simple, fun and easy so I made an art smock, a bias apron and a bento carrier for Prince C. Yes, all things are also on my list of things needed to be sewn for the Little Things to Sew book challenge too. ; ) Two birds with one stone you could say!

The Art Smock really was a pleasure to sew. The instructions have you make French seams on the inside and make for a lovely finish to the smock. I just love French seams!

I used contrasting thread on this. I love the way the white thread looks against the red fabric. I really am happy the way the pockets look on this too.

This is Prince C's new cooking apron. He wanted one like big brothers and sister but all the ones I have in the house made up are way to big for him. This one is just his size!  It was pretty easy to sew too and I think with the off white bias on the coke fabric that it reminds me of Vanilla Coke. Yummy! If I can't drink it at least I can sew with it. (Oh how I miss drinking Coke Cola!)

Next up his new lunch box! The pattern is the Bento Carrier. It was just as fun to sew as the other two. I started one of these well over two tears ago for Sweet pea but have yet to finish it. now I have no clue why? (I would be happy to finish it now but it is pack up somewhere out in the barn. I'll have have to find it later this spring.) I am thinking that I really just enjoy sewing with bias is why I love this pattern so. On this one I used teal top stitching on the off white bias for different look. Some of the stitching is off a bit (don't look!) but Prince C love it anyway. I added a circle coke applique' to the center of this ala Quilt in Day style. I'll have to share that with you ladies one day.   

Here is the outside of his Bento Carrier. I need to go and buy a little container from the store to fit inside this for him. He does enjoy carrying around a lunch like his grandpa and daddy. I think it's so cute.

Well three more projects done and one final one to go! I am finishing up with the quilt. I already have it cut as I type and it's waiting on me to sew it up. I decided to make mine in different fabrics than the other ones I have seen. It's a bit more "spring" like you can say. (hint, hint) I will have plenty of sewing time today too, we are completely iced in. The ground is all white but it's all ice and no snow. Oh well.

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What I have not been doing

Ok, so obviously I have not been sewing...nothing, nada. I have been feeling so good, I have had the flu then a virus then my medicine for heart started not working so well any more.  Oh yah, I also have surgery now scheduled for next month to have my thyroid removed. (Hopefully, and praying, this will fix all my health problems!) So I decided sewing was not happening. Now don't get me wrong, I have been planning sewing. : ) Lots and lots of sewing!

Like a new strawberry dress for Sarah that we seen on The Cottage Mama blog. We are making ours pink color tones. I have two sailor dresses planned for missy too. I want to make little man a new sailor suit too complete with a hat.
My nephew and his wife just had a new baby boy I am wanting to make an outfit for.

Now for the exciting part!

After drooling over some of Nicole's and Justine's dresses I have broke sown and bought myself some patterns, yes for me!

Three deer and Doe and two Collette patterns. I even bought five yards of some fabric that I would normally not buy. I am super excited to try al these patterns out. Well see how long it take for me to get into gear. But first I want to finish those last four projects for the Little Things To Sew Book Challenge.

Wish me lots of luck and sewing time!


Sunday, January 26, 2014

LTTS Play Town

Here's another one for adventure In the Little Things To Sew book! I used only the fabric I have on hand...and that is not in the frozen shed. ;) All are fabulous scraps that I have saved for this project. Sadly the "main" house fabrics is buried some where out in the frozen shed I was telling you about.  OS any way, here is what I have made so far!

I had the most fun adding things to the houses back side. Most are fabric that I appliqued on but the flower trellis was done on the sewing machine then I added some hand stitched flowers. This one is Sweet pea's favorite house.  

I also added some details to the sides. The white house that looks, well rather wonky is rather wonky. The white in linen and was not fun to sew for this project at all. I have used the linen for lining clothes with no problem but this project it is just way to thin. I will not use it again for this.ever.

Here is Sweet pea's pet store. She helped with this one by "designing" it. It was hard trying to sew it together as she was trying to play with it at the same time. : )

I was going to make as least two more houses but time has caught up with me and our wee little Prince C has learned a new trick that he rather enjoys....taking all his clothes off. Yep the little bugger is at that stage, soooo I really need to get to some more Tea Party paly suits for him. They are the only thing he can not take off. I plan on one more fox one and maybe a monkey one for fun.

#17 done!

Happy Sewing!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Crochet Cables Hat

Once in a while I really do make myself some things. This has been such a cold winter that three snow storms ago I decided to crochet myself a new hat. This is the second hat, the first one was a big flop. The pattern was a "free" one off some blog and well, it wasn't a good one. So reused the yarn and made this one! Success!

I found the pattern off the show Knit and Crochet Now, the pattern is Crochet Cables Hat. It's free pattern too but it was a great free pattern, as in it turned out! It honestly did take long to make, I just didn't work on it that much. Sweet pea has requested one just like mama's so I have to pull out some more yarn later today...I really had forgotten how much I enjoyed crocheting. It was my first crafting love. : )  

Have a great, warm weekend!


Thursday, January 23, 2014

LTTS book, Big Kid Book Bag


How are you doing on the Cover to Cover challenge? I have really been enjoying seeing all the projects popping up in Lighting McStitch Flicker pool!
Here is project #16 of The Little Things To Sew Book challenge.
I am on the home stretch folks, maybe I'll be done at the end of next month?!?

To see all the details, head on over to Bartacks and Singletacks Blog !

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Nursing Cover

Any day now my nephew and his lovely wife are going to have their second baby boy. EEPPP! We are all so excited here. : )
The mother-to-be ask me if I would make her a nursing cover, I sure would!! 
I found this pattern over at Pretty Prudent. It was quick to make and sew, I so wish I had made a few of these when mine were all babies. : ( Where did the time go?!?

Any how, I wanted to find a fabric with kittens in it, this has kitten and puppies. I almost bought 3 yards of this fabric. I love it dearly but I was not sure what else I would make with it so it I held back I didn't. Now I wish I had of although still no idea what I do with it. ; )

I really would like to make her one more if she likes it. I do love sewing for babies!

Happy Sewing!