Monday, June 24, 2013

Once Upon A Thread; Brave Emily

Right now over at No Big Dill she is having her Once Upon a Thread series again! Sweet pea and I both enjoy these post very much so this year I made her a dress from one of her favorite books, Brave Emily from the American Girl dolls.
Last summer Sweet pea was given several books from the Molly book series, she has had me read every book to her many times.  She loves them! She only thought that they were books until a lovely catalog came in the mail a few months ago so now she is wanting the doll too. I shouldn't have been surprised my sister loved the Molly books/doll too when she was younger.
Sweet pea asked me last summer to make her this dress from the book, such a request at 2 years old huh? At the time I didn't have a pattern in mind nor could I find fabric that would work for this either. Lucky for me that Oliver + S came out with the Fairy tale dress pattern. I knew I could make this dress with a few mods. Then while at the quilt store down town I found Riley Blake's Bake Sale fabric, score! Perfect for her dress. I had to buy 2 yards.!
My Brave Emily.
It has been a while since my Sweet pea has had a new dress, so she was very thrilled to have a new one,  one she has wanted for so long.
I even took my time and made sure that the back scallops matched up. :-D Although the piping on them was a bit of a pain.
This is one of our most read books in our house. I had so much fun sewing this and she sure is having fun playing in her dress.
What books  do you enjoy reading with your children?
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Happy Hopper Sunsuit

This past winter I started to get hooked on the Sew Beautiful magazine. I love the smocking, tips and patterns in them. I have made a few things from the magazines and this is yet another inspired outfit for my baby boy.
(Warning! Lots of photos of a really cute baby!!)

This sunsuit is right out of the May/June magazine, the only change is the main fabric to a green plaid.  The pattern is by Michie' #120. The very same one as the watermelon dress. I love that this pattern is for both a dress and sunsuit. I stitched the little grasshopper by hand, I am very surprised and happy that it came out so well. I also made the piping. I prewashed the brown fabric and had no problems with it bleeding through onto any other fabrics but when I washed this it did leak some ink onto the white yoke. It looks a bit of variegated fabric so I guess it's not too bad.

I did size up again on this one to a 18 months as well. It is very long on him, like pants long. I know it will fit longer on him but next time I will go back to the 12 months size I think. But it is so cute on him!

Over all I love this pattern. I it very simple to make but there is a bit of hand stitching involved so it did a some time to make. I love the fit of this and plan on making more of these little cute sunsuits.

And little Prince C? He loves the grass he got to play in while I took his picture. He had a blast.

Happy Father's Day!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

A little Watermelon Please....

With all the trimmings!
I made this for my brother's sister-in-law's brand new baby girl. She asked for a watermelon dress and I can't lie I though "Oh how fun!" Sweet pea has pasted this stage in life (sniff, sniff) with all those ruffles on the bloomers and bonnets. Well, I am still working on the hair bow thing with her she is at the moment winning....
The dress is a Creation by Michie" #120 with no real mods made it but I did resize it down to a newborn size. The little baby is a teeny tiny size so it has to fit the new little miss. I used Kona cotton fabric for the entire outfit, I love the feel of the fabric for summer time. I made the seed appliques with black fabric with a  simple straight stitch around the border.

For the bloomers I used my serger to make the ruffles. I cut three strips of fabric 1 1/4" the entire width of the fabric then I did a rolled narrow hem on both sides of the strips. I love these little ruffles most of all! 
The bonnet was a free pattern from Mommy's Apron Strings.   
I resized this pattern as well to fit a newborn. I made the ruffle on the bonnet as the same as the bloomers and added smaller "seeds" the red brim. I also made the matching hair bow so the baby's mama too.
I thought about having a "modeled" shot of this outfit on Sweet pea's baby doll but I knew she would then think it was for her dolly and not the new baby. She already is a bit jealous of me sewing for anyone other than her. Poor little girl.
I hope her mommy and grandma love this outfit!  
Happy sewing!




Monday, June 3, 2013

A Snail for Spring

Creations by Michie has got to be my favorite patterns for babes! Her patterns are so classic looking, perfect for my baby boy.  This is another pattern #103, the very same as Prince C Easter outfit. However on this one I used the square yoke instead of the smocking with the peter pan collar. I love this one as much as the first! I think it may be habit forming. ; )  
knicker yoke overlay

I made this outfit of his after this one. Michie' was so kind as to include the snail pattern on her blog. It was so much fun to make!

It's even more fun to watch little man play in it!
It is a bit big seeing I made the 18 month . It is really knicker length but he will have to grow into it. I sure this will not be a problem for him.

Here is a close up of Mr. Snail. I think I will have to make a few more embroidery outfits for him.
Happy sewing!