Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Well, as of today right now only one pumpkin has been carved, Sweet pea's. It has not stopped raining yet.....and looks as thought it will not stop all afternoon until late tonight. (in case you are wondering, Sweet pea did help with this pumpkins. She picked out what she wanted me to carve out of it. ; ) She didn't even help clean it because the "insides are slimy") I think I did a great job for me!

I thought I would share the boys' costumes again this year. The same ones a s they still loves as much as last year.

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Litlle Things To Sew Book: Mittens for All!

With Chilly weather here and a sewing challenge at hand I made all five kiddos mittens. I only needed to make one pair for the Sewing Challenge but with five children I had to make each a pair.

All the kids' mittens are made out of fleece. Sweet pea's bias part of her mittens are form ribbon we had on hand that she picked out all the boys' is plain old black fabric I had on hand. 
As you can tell she was very excited to receive hers. She ask me twice if these were hers to keep and wear any time she wanted. Makes this mama smile! 

Little man is another story, he needs to wear and does if I am looking at him but as soon as I turn my head they are off in a flash.

They are cute on him though.

The boys' mitten I bought a remnant piece of fleece from the fabric department at Wal-Mart for all three pairs. Nice and warm, and cool fabric too for the older ones. Now lets see how quick they lose them. ; )

Over all this is quick pattern to sew, easy peasy too.  Eleven more things in the book to go!
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Little Bo Peep and Her Little Sheep

Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep...

and does not know where to find him.

Leave him alone and he'll come home...

with his tail wagging behind him.

Hold his hand and he may stay right beside you. : )

Yes, I sure finally finished all the costume sewing for this Halloween! Yippy!
/The two little ones are as excited as I am. OK, well Sweet pea is. I was able to get Prince C to wear his hat with no fuss too. I think that is because of the cold, windy days we have been having here.

Now on to the details of Miss Bo Peep costume! This is the under dress I shared with you the other week. The pink corset was made using a modified Fairy tail dress pattern, same as her dress. It has to be laced up to be put on to wear, Sweet pea's request. The trim used on the corset and bonnet was also a request of Sweet pea's too. My grandmother sent it to her back this summer and she called it her candy trim so it had, had to be used for her costume.
The petticoat was a Sunrise Designs pattern. It was my first time sewing with one of these patterns. I did change a wee bit of the pattern. I do love the bow and rose on the side.

The bonnet is a favorite of mine. It's from Mommy Apron strings blog, a free pattern.  I did have to enlarge it by an 1/2" to fit Sweet pea, it fits perfect too. I didn't have to change a thing on this part, I love it as is!

Well, I am done with the costumes! Are you still sewing any thing for your kids?
Happy Sewing!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Under Dress For Costume: Plus Easter Dress Done!

This dress was a wee bit more of work that I thought originally. You see this is the under dress for Sweet pea's Halloween costume this year. Yep, all that work for a one night dress. All those fluffy, twirly ruffles are made by my serger and me. They are not hard to make just time consuming, sooo I can call it her Easter dress for this next Spring and now it was totally worth the time it took make! (very clever of me huh?)

I used some light weight eyelet fabric from my grandmother which I have been saving for just the right project for the outer and pretty pale pink for lining. It gives it a slight pink look but not pink over load. My Sweet pea has to have her pink!

I used the Fairy tale dress pattern to make this. I love this dress pattern! (I will also use the same pattern to make her corset too.) It still takes me some time to sew it but I it does have lovely results when finished so totally worth it. I did add two layers of pink tulle underneath, I think it gives it a bit more twirl to the skirt. I did leave the darts out as I though it would look right with the light weight fabrics I was using but now I do wish I had of.  Oh well, can't fix it now.

I am not very surprised that this is her favorite dress now. It has all those ruffles and pink to boot. Once this dress is on she can't stand still, she has to twirl and jump all around in it just watching her skirt. I had to pry it off her last night for bed time. Yep, a fast favorite. I am thinking she will need one like this not in white for playing in.

Here is our Easter look. Very sweet and her skit is not covered by her sweater. I love it as much as she does.
Stayed tuned for the rest of the costume at the beginning of next week!
Happy Sewing!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Things To Sew: The journey so far and a cover to cover challenge.

I have had this book for well, a good bit. I said that I would finish every project in this book but still have yet to sew everything. That is until now!
Over at Bartacks and Singletrack she is having a sewing challenge to finish every project in the book, perfect to help me do the same!
Ok so here are the projects that I have sewn.
1. baby doll carrier

2. tutu
3. Explore vest ( also Hiccup's vest too)
4.bucket hats
5. cozy bear hat (well bumble bee and lamb)
6. juggling balls (no bag yet though)
7. Little Red Riding hood cape
8. Messenger Bag
9. Doll Size Tea Party dress
So I guess I am about half way through the book. Almost there! I know mittens will be made this week and the Puppet theater will be done before Christmas. (Prince C Santa gift). 
If you have the book join in!
Don't have it yet? You can find it here at Oliver + S.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Prince C's Halloween Costume!

Mommy had a little lamb who's fleece was white as snow...

everywhere that mommy went, her lamb was sure to go. : )
This little nursery rhyme was playing through my head as I was sewing along. He is going as a little just not mommy's little lamb. Sweet pea is going as Little Bo Peep and he is her little lamb. I picked his costume out and she requested to dress along with him. How cute is she?!? : ) 

The fabric is from a lovely, oh so soft blanket from Better Homes and Gardens. My mom and I seen it in the store, it has little swirls of softness and the blanket was fully lined, score!
I used all Oliver + S patterns for this costume this year. The shirt is sail boat, I used hook and loop tape instead of buttons, easier for dressing & easier from sewing! The pants are the sleep over pattern, fully lined with an added tail. The tail wags when he waddles. It is too cute, I wish I could take a video and show you it in action. The hat is from The Little Things To Sew book. All of it came together very quickly, well it would have been quickly if I would not have tried it on him after each step in sewing it. ; )

The great news is he loves the pants and fabric. As he is still wearing this and he is still sleeping. I think it's a magic sleeping costume.
The bad news, he does not care for the shirt and totally hates, hates the hat! We are all trying to get are little prince to wear it so maybe he'll cave in before Halloween, just maybe...I hope.

Next up some black LTTS mittens for him then onto to Sweet pea's Little Bo Peep!
Happy Sewing!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Hunting We Will Go

Since moving back to home state the two middle boys have gotten very interested in hunting. My dad and brother go deer hunting and G and W really want to go with them. They are still young but everyone starts somewhere. Now I could go buy an outfit for them but what fun is that??

The shirt fabric was bought at a little country shop right up the road, as in less than a mile up the road. Oh I could spend hours in there! I bought the last yard of this so I am hoping she gets some more in soon. The pants are "upcycle". My mom bought a pair of the very nice overalls marked down to $3 after last hunting season but they were in a huge size so no one in the family could wear them. The fabric they were made out of is waterproof too, perfect for pants for the boys! I could not buy the fabric this cheep anywhere. It was just enough for a pair of Field trip pants.

Since making these G and W has been wearing them everyday. (I only made one pair for G so W needs his own very soon.) They have been called "the best thing you have ever sewed mom!". Yep, it makes me feel good when they love something I have made them. : D Now W told me that the sketchbook shirt long sleeve was not his style this past Easter but this shirt was a big hit with him. So it was not the pattern but the fabric. Go figure!

Can you see how happy he is?!
All he can talk about is going hunting now. He was telling me how grandpa and him are going to get a big buck this fall.

Both the shirt and pant patterns are from Oliver + S. The shirt is a favorite of mine and the most used pattern I own, the Sketchbook. I love it and hink that I could almost sew this in my sleep now. I love how it sews up and has such a lovely finish. I did do double top stitching just like the Field Trip pants pattern. Grandpa's shirts are like that and he wanted his to match grandpa's. It should make this a great work shirt too. I did change the pocket a bit on this one and added another one for two pockets on the front. I did make it 3" longer as well so it tucks in with ease.

G noticed the top stitching right away and loves it.

I did make a "box" on the back pleat too. One thing on the adults' shirt too.

The pants are made using the Field Trip pattern. It is the first time using this pattern for me. I was pleasantly surprised how easy these were to make. I should have know with the O+S patterns it was going to be. The top stitching really does make this pattern and love how it is going to make for no ironing. The two middle boys love, love these pants. I think I will have to make a few more pairs up for them, maybe denim? 

Next up, Halloween for the two little ones! I am very excited about starting sewing these!!