Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summer Dreaming

 I finished Sweet pea's Swing Set outfit! I loved the way the it came out! The fabric worked very well with this pattern too, just like it was made for it. 
The top and skirt are both fully lined, love that. I can slip the top over Sweet pea head with out even unbuttoning the back. She loves to wear it which is the biggest Yah! for me. She is so picky any more about what she will wear.
A simple button closer on the back.This will be great for summer.
This is what happens when a toddler gets to close to the camra! lol She is my little ham. :)

I cut the top for the "Summer" banner to be in the middle. This has to be my favorite fabric right now. The skirt has two rows of elastic with a draw string tie on the side. It fits very well and by useing the 1/4" elastic makes for a more cozy fit. I do have another outfit cut out with this pattern waiting to be sewn too.

Happy Sewing!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Work in Progress

 I started this outfit yesterday afternoon. I am so excited to finish it too! It is my first time using the Swing Set pattern for Oliver + S. I had a bit of trouble with part of it where the arm holes are finished but I was lucky to find Nicole's wonderful detailed post on the making of this top. You can find it here. After that it was smooth sailing.
I bought this pattern at a local quilt shop last summer, a little hidden treasure seeing how the pattern is discontuined. I had to wait a whole year for Sweet pea to grow into this pattern! Well worth the wait too! I think the Sarah Jane's Children at Play fabric line is perfect fabric for the Oliver + S patterns. I seen this print and knew it had to be made into this top. All I need is to find the right buttons and start and finish the skirt!
More to come...

Happy Sewing!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Baby is a....

 Boy! I made him a O+S Tea Party playsuit in Ruby from Moda with red accents. I can't believe how small 0-3 months size is after making 2T sizes!
 I trimmed the bottoms legs with a thin red bias tape and snaps between the legs for easy diaper changes.  I used MOP red buttons and finished it with a custom label. Now onto a few more outfits for Baby K. I have a few more ideas in mind and a stack of some beautiful fabrics washed and waiting.

Happy Sewing!


Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's in the Mail!

 Oh my favorite mail! Yards of beautiful fabric just waiting to be cut and sewn! A patttern I have been wainting for several months for Sweet pea. It is a Clever Charlotte pattern for the warmer weather that's coming our way. The fabric is the Sarah Jane line, It is a good start but there is still many more prints I am wanting for the boys and Sweet pea. ;)
 I just love the boy fabrics, it is some of the best there is out there! I am not sure quite yet what I will make with them but I do have some ideas.
Sweet pea was having fun watching me sort through the new fabric while enjoying her cake and milk. She kept saying "me like it!" (gotta love  the photo!)I should have know she would take after her mommy. :)

Happy Sewing!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Sunday Brunch!

 Sunday morning at church or lunch out with mommy and daddy Oliver + S Sunday Brunch pattern is perfect for both! Sweet pea picked out the cord, some of her favorite fabric to wear and wooden buttons to finish the jacket.  Oh how she loves wooden buttons! It is so amazing how a 2 year old can be so picky about what she wears!?!
 The inside is has lovely finished seams and I added a size tag to remember what size it is this next fall. I love how quickly this jacket comes together too!
 Paired with her first favorite dress skirt, the outfit is complete!(daddy showed her that this skirt has some great pockets,lol) The top is the hopscotch for O+S  I made this past fall for her.
My favorite part of this outfit has to be the hem line, I am now trying to get the hang of the invisable hemming with my sewing machine. So far not bad. :)

Next some Easter sewing and summer sewing for all the kiddos!
(maybe somew more for mommy too)

Happy Sewing!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Summer/Spring Top for Mama

 With spring not far away I wanted to make myself some warmer weather tops. I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby, it's hard to tell but it has pin tucks and lace added to it following the grain of the fabric. I thought it would be great for hot weather this summer!

It's another Portfolio top made into a maternity top. I added 3 inches of fabric to the center on the fold for a total of 6" for belly growing room and added 4" to length for coverage.
We are 20 weeks today, half way there!

Happy Sewing!

A Baby Bed set

Yesterday we receivedthe baby's bedding set! I was going to make the baby's bedding but this was only a few dollars more to buy already ready to go and so beautiful that I couldn't resit!!
The funny part is I wans't even looking for any bedding but came across this set on the Babies R US web site.(although I had to buy it form Amazon) It is even more beautiful in person! It is so lovely and soft. I love the little bird  on here too. We will be getting the crib soon so as soon as I have it up I will share it with you!

We found out what the baby is too, hubby cracked at the unltra sound! (I am surprised it wasn't me, lol) I thought it would fun if you want to guess what you think the baby is! So you think the baby is a boy or girl??
You can vote on the top of side bar this weekend!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentines to Me!

 I have sewn myself my second article of clothing, and just in time for Valentines Day too! (the colors are just right for today!) I made the Lisette Portfolio top altered into a maternity top. Easy peasy too!! All I had to do was add length to the center panel for belly room to grow, 3". A couple of ladies of thought of this, and what a great idea it was too! I did have to add a band at the bottom because I only had a tiny bit of the print fabric, love it!
We are 19 weeks and the ultasound this Friday!

Happy Sewing!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Home Made Valentines

 The boys and I this year made home made Valentines for their friends at school and their teachers. We had a blast making all 90 these!! (yes we counted all of them when we were done :) )
 I found these great book marker Valentines over at Thirty Hand Made Days. She has the print out of the cards that she has put together. The kids and I both just loves these!! Perfect for those new readers.
 The teachers were my favorite ones though. I found this PDF down load over at Sarah Jane blog for only $5. It has two different cards, the envelope, and the tags that we are using for book marks. I love the whimsy of these so much! I will be buying some of her prints for the  baby's room!!
They are all packed up and ready to go! I have to say this is the first year we finished ahead of time. :) Maybe even a new tradition of ours. ;)


Monday, February 6, 2012

A Crafty Kid

 I had to share with you my middle son's school project on the day sky, I am so proud of him! His first grade class had to make a model of the day or night sky, what a fun project this was. :)
 We made all the different cloud types and he label each one of them. I will tell you that with all the glue, fluffy stuffing and cotton balls that this was a very sticky craft! We were picking glue and fuzz off our fingers for a while,lol.
The sun even lights up! We used a battery tea candle light to put in a hole in the back of the box and sun. All the kiddos think this is the neatest part of this display.  Great job my son!!


Thursday, February 2, 2012

I have been day dreaming about.....

                                              Image of Watered With Love Layette Set
This, what a sweet pattern. Looks so cozy. I'll have to make this soon!
Pea Pod Photo Prop Knitting Pattern for Newborn Photography, PDF Number 112 -- Delivered via Email -- Over 10,000 patterns sold

And what about this! I'll have to make this as well...

And this fabric! Picture it with some lovely satin and silver sash bows!

Why would I be day dreaming of these things??
We are expecting baby #5!! I am 17 weeks along and we are getting excited about the new bundle of joy! I think the boys are the most excited. (although our oldest said when we first told him we didn't need any more because "I am already a handful" lol. what kids will say! ) This baby is a surprise baby in we we find out girl or boy when the little one arrives. Oh very exciting to us!

Happy sewing to all!!