Sunday, January 27, 2013

PR and P week four Valenties Day

This week's Project Run & play theme is for Valentine's Day. I was thinking about making lace dress when I started thinking that the perfect dress for Sweet pea this year is the The Sweet pea dress I made her a few years ago. It's been a while since I made her a dress from my own "pattern" since I have been sewing with the O+S pattens. My own isn't as nice as the O+S but still I love it!


The fabric is eyelet, so sweet for the holiday with a satin pink bow on the dress. The bow is a premade one that I had bought marked down when I made her first dress two years ago that I had put up. Instead of buttons this dress has a zipper, something fun to try. I am not that good at putting in zippers as buttons but I have really gotten much better!

The sleeves are the eyelet fabric too, the dress is fully lined seeing how the eyelet fabric is very see through. Since I cut the fabric out on the edge there is no hemming this dress anywhere so a bit of a time saver. 

Sweet pea loves it too! It has pink on it. ;)
And for My Aunt, yes I got her up. No it wasn't easy but I won! hehehe
I wish she would let me put her up more but she hates her hair fix. sigh


The front bodice of the dress is a solid white strip of fabric with pleats in it. It's a bit hard to see here though. I love this bit of detail!

Maybe a bit easier to see in this picture?

I saved my favorite picture for last, this one on the bottom. Today she was so happy and smiling that she didn't take one bad picture. :) Then again she also wouldn't sit still so this made for lots of fun. I love my little girl!!


Want to make dress like this? You can find my tutorial over here
Happy Sewing!!


As Close to Snow as We'll Get!

We do not get much winter weather here, at least not in the last two years, but on Friday we had some sleet. With the kids it might as well had been snow! They had so much fun playing in it. :) 
It was a bit slippery and bit of fun to throw at each other. W was the only one who was outside for just a few minutes. He said it was too cold and went back inside.

Here's Sweet pea sporting her O+S clothes. He coat from last year still fits and the After School pants are still her favorite. I do need to make her and the boys winter hats though....

Sweet pea had lots of fun sliding round the front porch, she called it ice skating. hehehe

It was a very fun while it lasted! (and yes G is wearing his pj's outside playing in them)

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend too!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Pattern Busting! School Days Coat for Prince C!

One of my New Year's resolutions is to sew through all the patterns I have bought and was gave to me. It's been real fun starting at them on the shelf and day dreaming what they will be when I sew them up but time to put them to use!
First on the list is the Oliver + S School Days coat. I was lucky to find this pattern in the paper print a while ago but it can now be bought as a PDF for the Oliver + S website. I made baby prince C one first seeing he didn't have a proper winter coat. My grandmother sent me this wonderful box full of lovely fabrics including this wonderful heavy weight plaid flannel. It works perfect for a coat. I lined this with royal blue fleece to keep little guy warm. (From my mom) and finished it with buttons my grandmother sent me a bit ago. I just love these buttons!

The pattern is rated a three scissors out of four but to my surprise it was really easy to sew, it was just a lot of pieces to sew together. It was so much fun watching this coat come together!
My first thought before I made this was to make the bigger size of 18months but with the help of the wonderful O+S ladies I decided to make the 6months size because this pattern tends run on the bigger size. I am sure glad I did make the smaller size too! This is big on him but not bad. I do hope it fits this next winter too. I really think it will too if he keeps growing like our other kiddos did.   

I think the colors really suit he well too. He loves the soft outer fabric. He kept felling it after I tried it on him. He has good taste in fabrics too. ;)

Say aaaaahhhh!!
I had to add this one photo of him, see his two bottom teeth. :) He has a new top tooth too!

I will be making a few more of these too. Sweet pea has ordered one with some Pink corduroy with light pink fleece lining. (Thanks grandma again!!) and W and G want one too. I will make Sweet pea's up first to get just the right size for the two middle boys. The are skinny minis so I am sure the 3T will fit them I just need to add length to the sleeve and body of the coat. So I'll have too see. 

I am not sure if I mentioned that this coat has an awesome lining in it!! I really love this part of the coat. It was so neat sewing this part. It's my favorite part of the coat I think. :) 

Happy sewing!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Sewing that last for longer than a Second

Remember this jacket?
It was from her Christmas outfit this year. When I first made I didn't think that it would go with much of her clothes seeing how most of them are pink. Much to my surprise it goes so well with a skirt/shirt outfit that I had made her last year! 

The skirt is the same pattern as the jacket, the Sunday Brunch from Oliver + S. I added 2"s onto it so it would fit her longer. I am so glad I did this!

Don't you just love this face!

The top is a black Hopscotch top that I made from an old dress sitting in my closet that I never wore. It did make a cute little top better than it did a dress.
Here is a picture of Sweet pea when I first made the skirt for her. Wasn't she just a cutie? :)

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet pea!!

Happy Birthday to our little girl! We can't believe your 3 years already. Where did the time go?
She is already growing into a beautiful little girl and is no longer our baby. Such a sweet little girl too. God has blessed us so much!
For one and only girl I had to make her a very special birthday dress. I had bought a while ago some floral print in Sarah Jane Children at Play line and saved it just for this. One of my go to patterns and one of Sweet pea's favorites the Oliver + S Bubble pattern. I added 2" to the front and back skirt to give it more fullness to the skirt, other than it is perfect as is! I finished it off with pink velvet trim ribbon. Sweet pea loves it! She even wore the dress to bed last nigh. :)
We just had a family party, but with our family it's still a big party! She had so much fun with her brothers.
I made her favorite "Pink Princess treats" complete with Cinderella shoe cookies and silver princess crowns. These were way easier than trying to pipe out a Lego ninjas head. ;)
She wanted a pink princess cake so I decided to make a pink 3 tired cake with roses piped over the whole thing finished with her princess crown. When she seen her cake she did this gasp. (I pretty sure this means she loves it.) It was followed by her having to show everyone in the house her cake. I sure if I just made this it would have been more than enough for her.  
I made her cupcakes too with silver sprinkles and some "princess cookies" as she calls them. These cookies were gone quick!
It was a wonderful birthday!
Happy Birthday Sweet pea!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

A Christmas Tree Skirt

I have done a bit of Christmas sewing again. I do love to sew Christmas things!
This is a tree skirt that made for someone else. Sweet pea though for sure that this had to be for her big brother. :) He thinks that I need to make him one too. I would be but everyone in the house has different favorite teams. What will a mama do? ;) 
 I made it a lot like our tree skirt but in solid piece of fabric in the front and back but this has a two sided ruffle. I love this ruffle! It a simple skirt cut out of the fabric, as big as it can be. I basted the ruffle on the main fabric first then stitched the sides and bottom. The top edge is finished of with a bias.
Here is the back side of the skirt, the back could really be used a the top too. It is completely reversible, ruffle and all.  I just might have to us a new tree skirt. :) I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Happy Sewing!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

PR& P 2nd Week, Polka dots and Strips

This time I though how fun would it be to sew along with PP&R. With this week theme of polka dot and strips went right along with a dress and sweeter I have wanted to make Sweet pea for some time now that I seen on pintrest. So it is perfect timing to try it!
 Pinned Image
Here is the original dress. I love the white dress with a little color here and there on it. It looks so light and breezy for late spring. I had to make one too!
I used Oliver + S Bubble dress pattern and for the sweeter I used Oliver + S Apple picking dress pattern. I do believe that I can make anything using these patterns!
After I picked my patterns I had to find the right polka dot fabric and I sure wasn't going to find just what I wanted. So off to Hobby Lobby to find some light weight cotton fabric in white and some fabric markers! They had the perfect colors to make the dots I was looking for too. I had a sweater at home that I was not going to be wearing so I used this to make Sweet pea's.
Making the dots was super easy and fun. I washed the fabric first and cut out all my main pattern pieces before I started on the dots. All I used was the end of a new eraser, I colored it with the fabric marker and stamped the dots on randomly one color at a time. That's it polka dots done!
Now for the "strips" I used my sweater to make her a sweater. (I wasn't going to wear it anyway) To hold the sweater on it has a snap sewn on the inside so that it goes with all her sleeveless dress and tops. I think this would look great with all her Bubble dress!
For her dress I cute two (the length of the fabric) 4" strips and did a narrow hem on all sides. I then tied the bow to see how much of the actual bow strips I would need then I basted them on before I sewn the bodice together. I made the Bubble dress sleeveless instead of it having the little caped sleeves too.
For the skirt of the dress I added 2"s the the front and back skirts and added a 1" to the length for a narrow hem instead of making it a bubble dress. The dress is fully lined too just like the bubble dress.
I am very happy how it came out and so is Sweet pea too. (She thinks that there is nothing that her mama can't make) I see it being used a lot, maybe her Easter dress?
I finished the back of the dress with these perfectly matching buttons from my Aunt Fran. Thank you Aunt Fran!!
Here is a little look at the lining underneath. I use French seams on the skirt to make for a nice finish look. First dress of the new year checked of my list!
Happy Sewing!!