Sunday, September 22, 2013

A Tea Party For Every Season

The Tea Party Pattern that is! I  have made dress and shorts only for summer time but this pattern is so great transition from summer to Fall. I did make both of these before the move so this post is coming a bit late, but better late than never! 
  I made this Tea Party short set with bottoms like the Oliver + S Puppet Show shorts with the added pockets, I love the way it makes them seem girlier to me. (Is that a word??) It is fully lined, I figured a new way to line the dress and the shorts for a nicer finish. I love, love a nicely finished garment!
A lovely part of these is that they are a 4T so I can layer this for fall so easily. I have put tights under them and her Music Call blouse under it for warmth. It looks great also with a sweater as well. They should fit her this next spring and summer.  

I made this dress after the one Nicole made Liddy. I fell in love with it! I did add lace to bodice seam instead of the black bias though. Sweet pea is still very little and I love the look of lace. I made this a 4T as well but added Length with the help of Nicole. Sweet pea always out grows her Tea Party dresses in the length before she does the width. The dresses always makes for lovely tops but it would be nice to have her dresses fit a tad longer.

I love, love this one with her Music Class blouse! I made her shirt last winter and it still fits beautifully, all her blouses from last year still fit. (I can't tell you how excited I was over this!)

There is not much satisfying as her outfits carry over from one season to next.
I would have to tell you that this is still my all time favorite Oliver + S and second most used to the Sketchbook pattern.
Happy Fall!!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Butterfly Dress

This weekend I was able to get to some much needed sewing and I finally finished Sweet pea's butterfly catching dress. I started it a while ago but it wasn't until G needed a Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar for school did I pull it back out to finish it. She did ask so sweetly for me to finish it too.
(This is her "Butterfly cove" as she calls it. So many butterflies to catch and chase here.)

The main fabric is a gift form my grandma Day, it is very hard to see here but the all the butterflies have the gold metallic outline to them, oh so pretty in the sunshine! The bias is left over from the massager bag Sweet pea and I made my Aunt this year. I bought a yard of fabric but did not realize at the time how far that it would go for bias, which is a very, very long way! The fabric has this very lovely drape to it and works so well this dress pattern.

I finally used my Oliver + S Pinwheel dress and tunic pattern for this so it counts as pattern busting too! I love, love this pattern! Very easy to sew with very lovely results. I just adore the flounces!

For the slip dress I used a solid blue Kona fabric, the very same as her Periwinkle costume from last year. I got this idea from a flicker friend, Tamara. I loved the one she made her daughter.

I also made Sweet pea matching hair bows this time. The pattern is a free printout from Oliver + S. It's super easy and quick to make. I will have to make her more of these!

No we didn't go alone, we took daddy and three brothers with us. We all enjoy walking down to the pond. It's so lovely and peaceful.

I am not always able to get good photos of the older boys but today I did, at least I love these photos.

I love this one, it is not always that these kids get along so I do enjoy it when they do. : D

I also love, love the way this dress looks from the back...

Even if I only see it for a moment!
Next up, finishing up G's hunting shirt and pants. I found the camo brushed twill that looks just like his grandpa's shirt. I love the way it feels, so soft and warm. Until then,
happy Sewing!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fall Weather Means Planning Fall Sewing

It is that time of year again! I have been planning the kids fall wardrobe but before anything is traced and cut out they must be measured. My little guy has grown taller and has put on my weight but with the walking/running came a slim down in his waist and hips. (This is not a surprise to me seeing all my other kiddos did the very same thing.) A very happy surprise is that a bunch of his cloths from last year still fit him! Yep, even his favorite shirt! I think he still loves it as much as before and how could he not, it has great colors on it and the fabric is oh so soft. It's a favorite of mine too. 
The top is his Sailboat from Oliver + S. The sleeves are still a bit long so now I wondering if maybe I cut them too long. Before any new tops will be cut out I will have to double check this. I added the Velcro to the shirt because of button hole issues I was having but after this I am so glad I did, easy on and off! It is one of those happy mistakes. : ) I plan to keep this shirt this way for the next two as well.

The pants are the After School pants pattern from Oliver + S from last winter. I left the pockets off after seeing a Flicker friend little boy's made this way and just loved them. (I love everything that she sews!!) The pants being in the smaller range they look better without the front pockets I think. These are 12-18 month size but shortened. I find this pattern that the pants are slimmer fitting. This pair does sag a bit in the back so I am wondering if his brown 6-12month pair would fit him again, hhmm I will have to check. I used wales cord and love it still. They held up very well and look as though they should fit all fall and winter long.

The best part of these pants are the wee little pockets! They just kill me! (see the sagging in these very small pants ; ) )

I love when clothes from last year fit from one season to the next. I am hoping some of Sweet pea's will too.
Happy Sewing and have a Blessed Weekend!