Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink!

This year for Halloween Sweet pea decided to be Pinkalicious from the book Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink. At first she decided to be last years Elsa again but she was running int eh school's Mostermash race so she needed one costume that she could move in better so she picked this one for the one night...then decided she would rather wear this dress for all of trick-or-treating fun. She loves it! Well of course she would, it's all pink!! 

This is my only I am standing still photo, she was so thrilled with this one that she wouldn't sit still and kept twirling and singing. This happens to be her very favorite book so she thinks it's the best costume now as well. That sure makes me smile! 

I used Oliver and S Fairy Tale dress with no darts sewn on the bodice and I used a self-drafted circle skirt. It was easier than I thought it would be. The skirt does have the seam in the back for the added zipper to be sewn in as well. Her waist line and neck line are trimmed in cotton lace details to match the book's dress. 

Her dress in sleeveless but we layered it with our CC Mattie knit shirt to keep her warm on cool nights.  I put her Icing skirt I made last year under her dress so give the skirt the full look like the book as well. (As in why she wouldn't stop dancing for me to take photos, hehehehe) 

To make hemming this dress a breeze I made my own bias tape out of the dress fabric to finish off the seams neatly and quickly. 

She  even had to have a pink pumpkin bucket to match, oh and a pink flash light as well. That's my Pink loving girl! 

Happy Sewing!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

My Bistro Dress and a Sew -Along!

Back in August I sewn my very first Bistro dress from Liesl + Co, of course you know it was love at first sew! Liesl has a way doing this with each and every pattern of hers. The fit is always spot on and the instructions are wonderfully written. This dress has darts on the front and back so it is a fitted dress. I did have to sew a FBA on this one as well. 

I used Fabric Finders Chambray for the outer the fabric and a Art Gallery Voile for the lining, the very same fabric as the scarf I made. The scarf is made with the left over lining fabric in fact.  I did modify this dress a tad to fully line this view, it was easy peasy to do and I will be going over it in the sew along that starts up Monday to show you how to sew one up as well. 

The darts on this pattern gives it such a wonderful shape for a great fit. The front has four darts, two on the waist and two on the bust. (Two on the back waist as well). This is what gives this dress such a professional look to it. 

Now for the fun part, I am leading the Bistro dress in a Sew-Along for Whimsical Fabrics!! Not only are we sewing this beautiful dress together but I will also be showing how to to make  a FBA and SBA as well. (Full bust adjustment and small bust adjustment) It really is not hard to do and the results are a wonderfully fitting dress that you cannot buy anywhere. 

You can find the sew-along over at the Whimsical Fabrics Sew-Along Blog and Danielle has put together these wonderful kits with everything you need other than thread.  You can find the kits over at the Whimsical Fabric Shop
The dates are:
Lesson 1 - Monday - November 9
Lesson 2 - Tuesday - November 10
Lesson 3 - Wednesday - November 11
Lesson 4 - Thursday - November 12

Please come join us!! 


Monday, October 26, 2015

Little Miss Fairy Doll Plus Brother and Sister Fairies

I had a request for a lovely little fairy doll this past week so this last Friday night and Saturday morning I had some fun sewing up this little one. I will tell you that I never tire of sewing this dolls up! 

This little one has lace trim on the front of her dress and a full under tulle skirt. She has a head band of tiny flowers in her hair and I hand embroidered her face. Her hair, flowers, shoes and wings all all 100% wool felt as all the dolls I have made. They are so great for cuddling.  Sweet pea loves to sleep with her dolls. 

She has the same "sparkly" wings as my other ones i have made as well. I used metallic thread to stitch the details on her wings. All fairies must has some sparkle right?! 

Here are the two fairies I made for Sweet pea and Prince C last month. I had been so busy that I forgot to post them. Oops.  

They are brother and sister fairies. Jubilee and Julienne as Sweet pea named them. I altered the Fairy doll pattern to make the boy one and made a pattern for his shorts and acorn hat. It was really easy to do.  

Sister fairy has freckles with lace trimmed dress.  She has several colors layered on her tulle skirt that matches the the orange on her dress fabric. The dress fabric was left over from Sweet pea's AG horse dress. She was so happy that I had enough for her doll.   

Brother fairy has his cute hat, that never seems to stay on him, it comes off during flight. hehehe Prince C loves it though. 

I gave he two little ones in our house these on the first day of fall. I need to get ready to make some Elves now for the winter season that is coming up, that's me always planning ahead. ;-) 

Happy Sewing!! 


Saturday, October 24, 2015

A Little Bit Of Christmas

This year I have stared on some fun sewing for Christmas already. I don't want to fall behind on my list. This year I want to make my two youngest some fun Holiday clothes that will work for the whole season. Sweet pea's is up first. (Mostly because I have not decided on boy fabric yet) 

Well right now if you follow me on the Whimsical Fabrics Facebook group you know that I am smitten with Children's Corner Frannie dress pattern. I love the the instructions and constriction of this dress, the way it fits and the drape the dress has. All around it is a lovely pattern! This is my second one to date and I can promise that there will be at least one more this year. (I already ordered the supplies for the third one.)  

The fabric is from Riley Blake and is no longer in print. I had been eyeing the fabric for some time and bought it when it went on sale here a few weeks ago, it worked out so nicely for dressy version of the Frannie. I sued the blue and pink color way for her Crochet night gown this past summer. I love this fabric line. 

I trimmed this dress in lace and stain ribbon. The hem line has a lace that reminds me of gingerbread houses, I not sure why but I love it. 

The dress is topped with a lace collar and the satin ribbons for the ties to finish the dress. I think this will make a lovely dress for a Christmas party or even a New Years Eve party. This dress also layers very well too so she can wear a lovely long sleeve Mattie under it this winter or even a lovely cardi over top.  It's a great all season pattern. 

Happy Sewing!! 


Thursday, October 22, 2015

My First Children's Corner Frannie

I have more recently began to sew with Children's Corner patterns and the Frannie has been top on my list for over month now so why not start with a fun themed one? 

I sued some no-name fabric I found locally for this dress and used scrap fabrics to make the piping and ties. (Those came from WF) The fabric is special for a few reasons. One Sweet pea said she wanted witch fabric but it has to have cats and bats, witches always have both she informed me. Second she has loves the word Boo. She has wrote it on many of her drawings here lately. I love eh vintage feel this fabrics has too. It looks great when paired with this pattern I think. 

I made my own baby piping for the collar and the side ties match as well. I love these little details and I adore the fit of this pattern do much! The dress has this beautiful drape to it with the way the soft gathers are at the top side seams. Yes this is another pattern that I wish I had sewn years ago. 

Now as far as the sewing goes I think this is sewn so cleverly that there are so raw edges when it is done sewn, including a very clever little hem. It was my first time sewing a hem like this one and I am still thinking a day later how fast, easy and clever it is! I highly recommend this pattern to everyone, its that great! 

As you can tell Sweet pea is happy with this dress too and it has made its way to the top of her request to wear to school later today and yes she sure can. I told her with it being a holiday theme print that she can wear this one as much as she wants. That's also because I am already started on the next one, for the winter holiday season. This one has a lace collar for more f a dress up feel. I will worn you ladies this is one of those pattern that you will want to sew again and again. I have to say a very special thank you to Danielle for starting my on this pattern, it's a new favorite! 

You can the Frannie Pattern over at Whimsical Patterns, it's on sale right now too. 

Happy Sewing !!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A Fairy Tale about the Fairy Tale Dress pattern

This years costume is made with the Fairy tale dress pattern .....again. How could I not?! ;-) Its had me thinking about all the dresses I have made with the wonderful pattern so I thought why not share them all to date in one post? 

 Plus even better over at Whimsical fabrics we will be having a sew along for this dress pattern too later this fall!! 

So Here it goes! 

My very first Fairy tale I made with added smocking. I made this with the help of my over sea's wonderful friend Tamara. 

It even has piping and bouillon roses on the collar. 

#2, this one was made for Once Upon A Thread sew along. It is from her favorite American Girl book at the time. 

She even acted out the book as we were taking pictures. 

#3, the dress was made into a longer version for a princess dress for playing in. I did go all out and hand sewn glass beads onto the bodice as well. This one is still hanging up in her closet. 

I am a bit sad that it is too small now. 

#4, a Skater's dress as she calls it. (from Dora the Explorer cartoon)  I made the snowflake embroidery by hand on the bodice. I even hand painted some of the dots with white glitter paint along the hem line. She wore this dress so much! It was a favorite for a long time. 

#5 and 6. Sweet pea's Boo Peep costume. I made a full under dress and a lace up corset dress to go over it. This was a work of love and so much fun to sew! I have this one hanging up still. One day I will put it up in my sewing room I think. 

Here is a much better look at the under dress from above. It has rows of ruffles, she used this as her Easter dress the following year as well. It was made in a white fabric that lined in pink. 

Dress #7 the voile fairy tale dress with a belt.  It was made with left over fabric form a dress of mine. I had to really fussy cut to make it but it is so worth the time in making the fabric stretch!  

I even made miss Ella one to match. 

Dress #8, the one with added princess seams and lots of ruffles! I made the skirt more full as well for both the main skirt and under skirt. This one still fits her and is super special! The fabric is from my wonderful from overseas. We both cherish this one so much, we think of our sweet friend every time she wears it. 

Dress #9, the Elsa Frozen Queen one! She still wears this one a lot as well. It is full of glittery snowflakes! It is beautiful but you should have seen the house when I was sewing it. hehehe 

This one is the one above but now it works as a cute top with the puppet show shorts. This one will be making it's way to Australia this winter to the lovely Nicole for her daughter. 

Dress #10 This is the one from the Make It Mine Challenge! from Whimsical Fabrics. This one was super fun to sew! I added long sleeves from the Apple Picking dress, the neck band from the Roller skate Dress and made a hem band so I could add the piping detail. 

The bow on this pattern has to be my favorite!! 

Last but not least dress # 11! Our Pinkalicous and the Pink drink dress. (from a book) I left the darts off on this one and added a circle skirt. It was really easy to change. She will be wearing a pettie skirt under it as well. 

I am sure you can tell I really love to sew with this pattern. If you would love to sew one of these  at Whimsical Fabrics there will be a sew along at the end of November for the Fairy Tale dress so please do join us!! I will teaching this sew along and it would be fun to have you along. Plus there are always fun prizes as well. 

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