Friday, October 29, 2010

Sadie Shirt and dress

I was over at craftiness is not an optional and seen the cutest shirt pattern she had made her daughter. She had a sew along about a week ago but I missed it so I didn't make mine until yesterday. She explains every step very well. I had a blast making them. I made the dress and the shirt in all in one day. I just love the pattern!

Sweet pea was having a blast playing outside today. She loves to grab the dry leaves.
She loves all bright colors so I made the shirt in pink and green, the same colors as here nursery. I also made the sleeves long too.

Here is the dress out of the same pattern. I made a gathered skirt that goes around the front and the back. On the pattern I just cut the back the same as the front then made the skirt 1.5x the width of the bottom measurement of the top half.

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