Tuesday, July 9, 2013

~Princess Sweet pea~

Introducing Princess Sweet pea!!

Yes that's right, I finally, finally got this dress done! Yippy Yay!!
This was one of those projects that I never thought I would finish. It has taken some time in to it and I am so happy with the end results but I will never make another one again. Or at least for a while. ; )

Here is the story behind this dress. Sweet pea wanted a princess dress for her birthday but with four out of five kiddos birthdays all within a months time it just did not happen. So I put it to the back burner of my mind.
Then one day while Sweet pea was on the Disney jr website playing her Princess Sofia's games she drugged me to the computer screen to see  "Me online and wanted the same dress for me, for real". Yes, that is what she really said. I printed out the photo and she helped me pick out the fabrics for her very own real princess dress. I chose to use the Oliver + S Fairy tale dress pattern. This is the third time I have used this pattern, I love it! My very favorite pattern from Oliver + S so far!  (I still have yet to make this dress without any modifications to it yet though.)
Here is the first one
Here is the second one
The mods on this one is the capped sleeves, copied off the O+S bubble dress, added length and width to the skirt, I color blocked the bodice and added two layers of the tulle. The sash is simple done by cutting the width of the fabric 5" then folding in half to stitch. The dress was finished off with glass beads "purls" around the color block and the capped sleeves.

She. loves. this. dress.

I have no clue as to where on earth she will wear this dress but it does make her very happy. I am pretty sure that she now thinks she is a real princess. What to do??

She requested photos to be taken a certain way too. This is one of them. She loves to play in the tulle and wanted these taken. What a silly girl!

My little prince C wanted in the photos too. He gets very jealous of her sister now and could not figure out why mama would want to take pictures of sissy. As you can see he was trying very hard to get in the picture.

He was trying to throw her out of the chair here, hehehe.
 Nope not jealous at all......

Not at all.

Happy Sewing and I will "see" you ladies in a couple of weeks!!


  1. Sharon, this is truly a princess dress - what a wonderful mum you are

  2. what an amazing dress!!! She is adorable too. What a lucky girl!

  3. Fabulous! The dress is absolutely fabulous! Sharon you are amazing.
    Oh and Sarah in the black and white dress you looked like a Movie Star but in this dress, you look like a genuine Princess!!!

    Good luck with the move.

  4. Oh wow. This is stunning! (I still cannot get over your other two versions, either. Wow wow wow.)

  5. Sharon, you must be in heaven with these two bundles of fun.

  6. So much work Sharon, just lovely!


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