Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Chantilly or Two

Ok, It's been a while since I have really blogged. I have sew some since surgery but have not shred any of it here....until now. ; )

This is my new favorite summer dress! It's the Chantilly dress from Collette patterns . I truly enjoyed sewing both of these dresses very much. The pattern was very well written. The only part of the pattern I wasn't pleased with was how to install the invisible zipper. Now I do know how to sew one in very well thanks to Liesl amazing patterns! (Oliver +S) but if I hadn't it would have been a bit troubling to sew in.  OK, OK, I did twist the Zipper when sewing it on the right side, on both would think I would have learned my lesson the first time around! (I was just so excited to finish the dresses at this point so I might have been rushing a tad).

This dress has incredible details to it. It's fully lined and the lining of this is just as fabulous as the outside of it! A real pleasure to sew.

The fabric for this one was Cloud 9 organic Lunada buy in coral and the lining is an ivory voile, both of these fabrics feel so soft and has such great drape to them.

Here is the first Chantilly I sewn up, a wearable muslin in peach gauze. I made this dress back in the begging of March. I have already worn this dress so many times, love! It's so comfortable and looks fab!
(You can see my surgery site in these last two photos pretty well. This was about 5 days after)

Yep, love at first sew!

I can't tell you ladies how much better I feel since surgery and how great it is to be sewing along on this Selfish Sewing week!



  1. Both dresses look wonderful on you, Sharon!

  2. The dresses are gorgeous! I love the fabrics. You look lovely. Glad I just got caught up on your blog :)


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