Sunday, November 9, 2014

Olaf Big Sister and Brother Outfits for Winter and a sale!

My two little ones lately love have matching outfits and have requested a few of them....ok Prince C first requested a matching dress like his sister but I found him some patterns that were better for him, lol.  

Both children had seen this amazing smocked insert over on a Face Book smocking stitches group that a wonderful woman shared with the group, the Olaf smocking plate. I have not smocked very much for Prince C so I wanted to it for him. Along with the smocking plate both children really loved the fabric that this gal used as well, Olaf the snowman. It took me a while but luckily my mom found it for me a Wal-Mart. (Jo Ann's now carries in store as well) For Sweet pea's dress I used the Miss Merry Mack dress, the very same dress pattern as her plaid Christmas dress. This one I added pin tucking to the bodice and I fuss cut the blue Olaf fabric to make the baby piping to tie the bodice into the skirt.

I added a sash onto this dress too. (The sash is included in the pattern as well.) That was one of her requests that it have a bog bow in the back. Also not really seen but is the Icing Skirt that is under her dress. It gives the look of one of those gathered pettie skirts but this skirt sews up so much easier and quicker. It has several circle skirts sewn onto a waist band, no gathering what-so-ever in this pattern! It took me about 2 hours to sew. It was pretty much all sewn on my serger, the neatest part of the skirt is that the edges are sewn with fishing line in them! It gives the skirt this lovely curvy edges to it.

You can see the Icing skirt better in this picture of Ellie Inspired. I love how the how the edges of this skirt curl! It can even be worn without and over dress too.

The bodice of her dress has these light blue pin tucks on it. I thought the light blue would look lovely on the white bodice and help tie in the skirt fabric. I fussy cut the Olaf fabric so I had just the blue snowy part od the fabric to use to make the piping for the bodice.

For Prince C outfit I used the Dancer and Dasher Dungarees with the Buttons and Bow body dress shirt. I added in the smocking insert to the overall's. It was my very second time picture smocking, were there is room for improvement I am very happy with it! One of my new sewing/smocking friends helped me with the picture smocking. I plan on making more of them! I really love it. (Now to get my own pleater, hint, hint hubby!!)

Here is a close up of the Olaf. I was so happy that he really looked like Olaf when I was done! Yes, it is the little things that make me happy. :-)

For his shirt I used fold over elastic for e leg openings. It made sewing this a bit quicker and I love the way it fits on him and the way it stays tucked in his pants as well!

I cannot wait to see what these two little ones request next time!

For this week the Miss Merry Mack dress and Icing skirt are paired together for a great sale on Crasty at 25% off! You can find them here.

Happy sewing!!


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