Friday, February 5, 2016

American Girl Inspired Knee-high socks and Tight Tutorial

I been sewing up some cute doll socks today and I thought I would share with you how to make some yourself. They are crazy easy to make and so much fun! These are all made with adult socks and knee-high women's socks. They are so much fun that I have plans on making some dress socks and a few more knee-high pairs. Well lets get started! 

1. Take the sock you are using and turn it inside out. It only takes one sock to make a pair of doll socks or leggings. This is a men's dress sock here that I am using for the doll knee-high socks. 

2. Measure down from the top of the sock 5 3/4". Cut a straight line across. If you are making a pair of dress doll socks cut this shorter, more at 3".

4. Cut up the middle of the sock to create two equal pieces. One for each doll sock. The top edge of the adult sock will become the top of the doll sock.

4. Now either sew with a zig zag stitch or your serger the bottom edge and the sides where the raw edges of the sock are at. Sew in one continuous line, curving at the corner.

5. If you are making a pair of the leggings skip step 2 but cut the sock (this needs to be a knee high adult sock to be long enough for doll stocking) right above the heel. Cut the middle of the sock just as in step 4 but stop 3 1/2" from the top edge. The top edge of the adult sock will be come the waist band of the leggings. Sew or serge all the way around in one continuous lines as before.

 Tun the socks or tights right side out and you are ready to style your dolls!

These are some fun holiday ones for St. Patti's Day. I think she will need a fun green outfit to go with them now. 

This is what the knee-highs look like with boots, they are the wrong color of boots and the wrong style but you get the picture. ;-) Now we are looking for some killer boots to go with all these great socks.

Happy Sewing!! 


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  1. Oh my God. You did a great job and dolls are looking too cute. Tutorial is so easy to follow. Hope to read more about new ideas.


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