Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sewing For Prince C

So it has been very quite here for while. I been taking a break from sewing altogether with some leg problems that has slowed me down and then had surgery at the beginning if July.  While healing is coming slowly I have been finishing up those UFOs. First up is two Sketchbook shirts for Prince C. One is for family photos so no pictures just yet but here is one of them. I love the fall colors in this print and he loves it because it looks like southwestern to him. 

Prince C was very lacking in some tops so I made him the size 3. (I have one more finished and three more in the works) It's so hard to believe this little guy is on a size 3 already! It seams just yesterday I was sewing him a size 18 months. I did decide to get more wear out of all his clothes that I would make him several new sailboat tops to layer over his sketchbook shirts the fall and winter. He loved doing this last year so much. 

For all his Sketchbook shirts now I make them as a two pieces collar. It is a very easy mod to do as all the pieces you need are already in the pattern. I love the way the collar like this sits very nicely. 

I paired this top with his Sailboat denim pants. Another Oliver and S combo that I love. 

Hopefully within the next two weeks I will get up a tutorial on how to make this shirt with the two pieces collar. 

Until next time, 
Happy Sewing!!



  1. He's gotten so big! It's a great shirt on him. Nice to see you blogging again.

    1. He sure has! All the babies are growing up fast.

  2. So lovely to see you pop up in my feed, Sharon! I am sorry to hear about your leg, I hope you are up and about and back to normal soon. I broke my foot about six weeks ago and it has been such a bummer and definitely put a damper in my sewing. :/

    I love this shirt! Great fabric choice! Prince C is getting so grown up. So for the two part collar, do you just trace off the collar piece that is attached to the neckband with seam allowance? I want to try this.

  3. Thank you! I will be working on a tutorial next week for how to do this, it is fairly easy.

  4. He is truly a prince, loved the shirt. You did pretty good job here, design on the shirt is also good. Thank you for sharing it with us and keep posting such posts


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