Sunday, April 15, 2012

Another Outfit for Our soon-to-be Baby Boy

 Oh what fun it is to sew tiny things for our new boy! I am finding it very addictive. :) This outfit in the Oliver + S After School Pattern that came out this past fall. The pattern was made for girls but also works great for little boys too. (for girls there is a adorable ruffle for the pants!) I did buy it with the idea of making it for Sweet pea this past fall but wasn't able to get to it. I am sorry it took me this long to try it out now.
 I made this outfit in 6-12 month size for the baby for this fall. I used the Children at Play fabric line for the top, I do love this fabric line!! The salvage makes for great tags!
 I tried something a bit new by adding the name tag to the sleeve. I am liking this for the baby's tops.
 The pants were made out of a wales cord. It so soft to the touch so I think it will work great for baby clothes. Yes, it has real working pockets on the pants! They are so tiny and cute.  :)
 I did put a size tag in the pants too. That way I will remember what size they are later.
 My favorite part of these pants are the great detail that goes into them. The sides are pieced together with lovely top stitching. And those tiny back pockets just get me. They make me smile. :)

I have one more piece of clothing to make for this outfit, a boy version of the Sunday Brunch Jacket for O+S then back to some Sweet pea love. The poor thing spent the whole time I made this asking "is this for me?" When I told her it was baby bothers she would give me an evil look and tell me "not for baby brother" lol. I think she has become a little green eyed monster when it comes to sewing for her. ;)

Happy Sewing!!


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