Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pin Wheel Applique' Mini Tutorial

 Ok, so this has taking me a bit to post but this is so easy to make I promise! It is a mini tutorial but like I said it doesn't take much to make a pin wheel on any garment.
 First I took the pin wheel fabric and enlarged it by 200% on my printer, scanned twice.Cut around one pin wheel and the stick, like above. Mark with a fabric pin where you want the stick to go. You'll stitch this first using a close zig zag stitch.
 For the pin wheel take the second copy and cut out only the center of the pin wheel. You should have two that look like these now. This is the pattern pieces for the two fabric pieces you need to cut.

I ironed on the heat on bond to the wrong side of my fabric first then traced my pattern on the paper backing of the heat and bond and cut them out. Easy peasy!
 Just layer the two fabric pieces big one first then small and iron them on. I stitched around the smaller "inside" pinwheel first using the close zig zag stitch on my sewing machine. Any machine will do this too, nothing fancy to it.
Then add you buttons to the center of the pinwheel and that's it! I layered a brown button then a smaller yellow button on top to match the center pinwheels of the bow fabric. It was very easy to do too.

Next up the little whale sun suit!

Have a great weekend!!


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