Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We are back!

We are back after the move to Illinois. The move went great and everything made it here in one piece. The kids had fun riding the moving van with their grandpa.

We are living out in the country, the kids are loving' every minute of it too. They have been running around all day enjoying the sun shine and fresh air. It's wonderful that they can run around the yard bare foot.

I love it out here, it's so very peaceful.

Perfect for a summers day of reading...

or a lovely walk in the woods.
 Sweet pea calls it the forest and my how her imagination has already made it the perfect place for her play.  

It is very quite out here except for the kids running around, having fun.

We are very worn out from the move still but I think we just about have it all finished. My dad and mom help us out a ton. We are so very thankful for them.

 I almost forgot about grandma and grandpa's garden! It is full of wonderful goodies. It has been wonderful to see the kids helping out in it. J really has seem to take it the most. Future farmer???

Sweet pea has not stopped moving. She loves, loves to play outside here.

I have missed everyone and can't wait to see what you ladies have been up too!


  1. Well I sure missed you and your amazing sewing creations. Caspian sure looks like he's grown quite a bit over the summer months. Your parents property looks wonderful - lots of greenery and a perfect place for kids.
    Welcome back Sharon!

  2. I missed you! Glad that you're settling in. It looks like a lovely place!

  3. You were missed here too :-)
    So glad the move went well and that you are back. And what a gorgeous place you have moved too - my kids would love all that space and freedom. Looking forward to seeing what is first up on your sewing queue

  4. So good to have you back on line, Sharon. The two youngest look so well and happy. And your surroundings are amazing!! So glad your parents are being so generous, and that your arduous move is over. How is the house hunting going? Hope the school returning for a new year goes well.

    Fiona xx


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