Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Vintage style Tea Party Sun Suit for His First Steps

As I have said it before I love to make vintage style clothing for my baby boy. I love those old style romper and overall for baby boys. I thought that Oliver + S Tea Party Sun suit would fit the bill for what I was looking for. For this one I did a special little hand stitching to mark his first steps. I made piping the same color as his sun suit but no changes were made to the pattern itself, well except for the leg closer. I think it looks so very cute over his birthday Sketchbook shirt too. : )
These photos were taken over 4 weeks ago as he was just starting to walk. (Yes, it has taken me that long to post this.) Now Prince C has this mastered down.
Up we go!

Almost there...

now standing....

Yep, he is walking here!
This was right after his 1st birthday.

Here is how I added the hand stitching to the bodice, first I traced the bodice pattern onto the fabric and then traced my hand stitching pattern onto the bodice. Mine is based off a pattern article from the Sew Beautiful magazine (the John and Suzanne pattern) I then interfaced the whole bodice pattern piece then stitched my pattern.

Here it is all done! I think this is every mommy's prayer as their little one starts to walk.

This is how I finish every one of the Tea Party sun suit pattern. I have never had a problem with his seat coming undone or unsnapped. I will have to share with you ladies on how I do this one day.

Another favorite part of the little suit is the fully lined inside. *sign* I love, love fully lined clothes. This was easier to do than I thought.

This is my favorite Tea Party sun suit to date. I think I will keep it forever. : )

Happy Sewing!!


  1. It's a work of art, Sharon! I would keep it forever too.;) The outfit is even more adorable on him!

  2. It's just gorgeous -- and so is he :)

  3. I love this little romper - so old fashioned and fantastic! Beautifully crafted, mama.

    And his face! Even better! Love your toothy smile, Prince C! You'll be running around in no time!


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