Saturday, October 26, 2013

Litlle Things To Sew Book: Mittens for All!

With Chilly weather here and a sewing challenge at hand I made all five kiddos mittens. I only needed to make one pair for the Sewing Challenge but with five children I had to make each a pair.

All the kids' mittens are made out of fleece. Sweet pea's bias part of her mittens are form ribbon we had on hand that she picked out all the boys' is plain old black fabric I had on hand. 
As you can tell she was very excited to receive hers. She ask me twice if these were hers to keep and wear any time she wanted. Makes this mama smile! 

Little man is another story, he needs to wear and does if I am looking at him but as soon as I turn my head they are off in a flash.

They are cute on him though.

The boys' mitten I bought a remnant piece of fleece from the fabric department at Wal-Mart for all three pairs. Nice and warm, and cool fabric too for the older ones. Now lets see how quick they lose them. ; )

Over all this is quick pattern to sew, easy peasy too.  Eleven more things in the book to go!
Happy Sewing!


  1. You weren't a professional competitive person in a former life were you? You're flying along! Cute mittens and I love Sweet pea's attitude, so nice when they appreciate your effort.

    1. I love it when they appreciate the effort! This makes sewing anything so satisfying. : ) Today I might have to make little man a Winnie the Pooh scarf.


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