Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Little Things To Sew: The journey so far and a cover to cover challenge.

I have had this book for well, a good bit. I said that I would finish every project in this book but still have yet to sew everything. That is until now!
Over at Bartacks and Singletrack she is having a sewing challenge to finish every project in the book, perfect to help me do the same!
Ok so here are the projects that I have sewn.
1. baby doll carrier

2. tutu
3. Explore vest ( also Hiccup's vest too)
4.bucket hats
5. cozy bear hat (well bumble bee and lamb)
6. juggling balls (no bag yet though)
7. Little Red Riding hood cape
8. Messenger Bag
9. Doll Size Tea Party dress
So I guess I am about half way through the book. Almost there! I know mittens will be made this week and the Puppet theater will be done before Christmas. (Prince C Santa gift). 
If you have the book join in!
Don't have it yet? You can find it here at Oliver + S.


  1. Wow! Good for you! That will be fun to watch. I've made the Red Riding Hood, the doll dress, the mittens, the penguin backpack, the bear hat, and the doll carrier. I LOVE that book! But I just don't think I could live up to the challenge. I have absolutely no desire to make a quilt! ;)

    1. Maybe everything but the quilt? ; )
      I am very excited to finally finish every patter. I will be making a few things from this book as Christmas gifts.

  2. Wow Sharon, great work. it's fun to see it all in one place like this. That bee costume gets me every time!
    So happy to have you sewing along with me.
    Jenny Jo, even one completed project is enough to count yourself in the game, there's no need to make everything. that's just my silly idea,... and Sharon's too it seems!

    1. Thanks! I do love the puppet theater that you made, hope C's is as half impressive.


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