Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Snowflake Fairy tale Dress

While amidst my Holiday sewing Sweet pea requested a Snowflake "skaters" dress, one like Dora's. You know Dora the Explorer? Her Ice Skating adventure came out last week and Sweet pea had fun "skating" along with her when she declared that she too had to have a skaters dress. Now I told her that I would not go out and buy fabric for this dress but we could see what we had on hand to make one.

She picked out this purple dotted fabric and I pulled out dome scraps of blue I left from her butterfly dress. She said they were perfect, score! All I had to do was paint some white sparkle paint onto some of the skirt dots. Sadly you cannot see them in any of these pictures. (She sure does love them)
I used the Oliver +S Fairy tale dress pattern. I did square out the neck line to "match" Dora's dress. The snowflake had to be hand stitched on too. I am not that great a seamstress to be able stitch it on with my sewing machine. It was supposed to be a quick dress, haha, it took three days to make it! I guess it was all the hand stitching on this dress but oh how I love, love this pattern! It's so worth every minute spent on it. : )

As you can tell she adores this dress! She couldn't be happier with it. I think it is because she "designed" it. She does love to help get into the planning of making her clothes. I hope she always stays this way.

Here is a close up of her snowflake, I used a metallic silver thread to sew it on, to give it that wee bit of sparkle. (A why the hand stitched it on)

The only problem she had with this dress?? I have to make our little dog a matching one. How on earth does one make a doggy dress?!? I guess I better figure it out real soon because she is wanting it today....
Happy Sewing ladies!!


  1. So lovely!
    I agree with you: the Fairy Tale dress is totally worth the extra sewing hours - She looks like a princess :)

    1. Thank you! I think this pattern will end up being our most used O+S pattern.

  2. Precious! The dress is so very pretty. I love that snowflake!

    1. Thank you, the snowflake was from a free printable color page, easy peasy! Well except for the cutting part. ; )


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