Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LTTS Book No-tie scarves for all!

This past weekend it turned very chilly here with the highs in the 30sF most days. It even snowed on Saturday. So I had to make four out of five children new scarves. OK, OK Sweet pea really didn't need one but I had some fabric on hand already so I thought why not. (J's still fits him and it is much liked so he didn't want a new one) This is #11 on my list to sew from the Little Things To Sew book challenge too. Yippy!
This is such a clever sew and easy if you follow the directions in the book. Why do I say this? Why on the second scarf I didn't and had to rip out the whole scarf twice. Yep, twice. This was because I thought the first one was darn easy that I didn't need to reread the instructions again. haha, joke was on me! After lots of frustration I reread the book then did duh! hit my self in head. lesson learned.

Other than that, they were easy and quick to sew. I love the way it makes into a no-tie scarf, a simple hole through the middle. The kids love the no-tie part too, there is nothing to slow them down on the way out the door! They all proudly wear them to school. :-)  

Miss flamingo looks great in them too!
Happy Sewing!

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