Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sun Shine Girls!

The sun is out and shining and the weather is turning hot! Well for where we live any way. Yes 80F is really hot after -30F for the winter we had. ; )
Sweet pea's new favorite movie is Strawberry short cake fun in the sun. She has watched it so many times that she has been singing the "Sun Shine Girls" song  around the house, heck even Price C is starting to sing the song too! Then she ask me if I would sew her a swim suit, I had swim suit fabric on hand so I said sure. I have been trying to decide on a pattern for a bit now anyway so the to of us looked together (way too much fun!!) and we picked out the Tankini pattern from the Peek-a-boo shop. I think the selling point for her was that Ella would get a matching suit. (Although I keep telling her that Ella can't not really go into the water)

If you couldn't tell already she absolutely loves, loves this swimming suits! She was sing and dancing around when I was taking her pictures, and when she wasn't dancing she was practicing her surfing. She really wants to go surfing.

So that pattern and instructions themselves are super easy and quick. Although sewing the arm bands on the wee doll size really was not any fun I tell you. I was growling a bit but it's only for her doll so I tried and let it get to me. I used some thinner swimming fabric so it might have been why but the back of the racer top is a bit wonky. I have some ideas to keep this from happening so I really want to give this pattern another go. I seen some denim looking swimming fabric at the store up the road so I will go back and pick some up on Monday I think. I am pretty pleased with it over all though.

I made her the shorts to go with the top seeing this girl can't sit still and to make sure everything stays covered. I love this pattern for that! The two piece really makes it easier for her to use the restroom on her too.

Well now she wants me to make a swim suit for me, I would love to try it....after the rest of my sewing is caught up baby girl.

 Ella had to wear her swim suit all day too. : ) She is working on her tan. ; )  

I have really wanted to try sewing one of these for a while and it was not as scary as I thought, in fact it was a bunch of fun! I really want to make one more for Sweet pea before mid summer and Make Price C a rash guard and swimmer trunks too. I might try and sew myself one as well too. We will see.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Swimmers look great! Your swimwear to-do list sounds the same as mine. I dithered about the tankini pattern but bought the one-piece from Peek-a-Boo instead. Making swimsuits is fun isn't it? Easy!…. well, except for Ella's arm bands

  2. How adorable! And it never would have occurred to me to have a matching doll swim outfit.


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