Friday, March 6, 2015

Sweet pea's new baby doll

Sweet pea received a new baby doll for her birthday, she was a bit late in getting here but she did make it. She is the Bitty Baby doll from the American Girl company. Since the move I had not sewn her new baby up an outfit. As I was told that Ella the waldorf doll and her could not share clothes and she needed her own things.  (I just love my Sweet pea!)

So first up is Ellie Inspired pattern Mini Holly Days made to a day gown length paired with our Mini Bonnet pattern. I couldn't leave her nappy uncovered so I made a wee little pair of bloomers to cover it.....

with ruffles on the bum! I made Sweet pea several pairs when she was a baby too so it is wonderful to be sewing wee things even if it is just for baby doll. I have been given a list of things to make her and I have my own list of things I want to make her too so this dolly will be as well dressed as Sweet pea's other American Girl doll. I do love sewing wee little things. 

Happy Weekend!!


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  1. So perfectly made; just beautiful! Love your choices in fabric, too. I'm sure it will be much-loved!


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