Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Summer Dreaming

Ah summer days as child, the warm sunny days with the gentle breeze blowing through your hair. The carefree days that have late sunsets watching the sun go down and then waiting for the fireflies to come out.   The early mornings of waking with the sun just to see what adventurer awaits the day. Yes we do love summer break in our home!

With summer days fast approaching I am trying to finish up the last of my summer sewing for my youngest two. (school break starts this Friday for our older ones) Miss Sweet pea wanted a summer frock with smocking and this beautiful fabric from Art Gallery. The Art Gallery is a new favorite fabric brand of Sarah's and mine now. It feels different compared to normal quilting cotton, much like that of the Sarah Jane Out to Sea fabric. It pleats up ever so nicely and is a dream to sew with.  

The pattern I used is Sugar Horses from Ellie Inspired. (you can find the pattern here) I have always loved this pattern but have never made one up until this fabric was calling my name. My friend then had the idea that I make it into a maxi length, oh so clever of her!! Sarah and I both love the length of this dress. It was the only mod I made to the pattern, the rest was in the pattern including the smocking. I love the way the smocking looks on this pattern too. 

As she is growing up so is her hair style choices as well. She loves her hair is gorgeous braids now when fixed up. No more ponytails for her. (Thank you to Disney Frozen and Elsa for making this possible! It is amazing that mama cannot talk her into new hair style but a cartoon queen can, go figure) 

She loves the length of the dress as much as the details too. I kept the dress 1" off the ground leave so there will no tripping on the hem. This dress will be used for our trips the lake beach this summer. It is nice and cool she has told me. 

 I will be most certainly sewing one of these up every summer from now on, did I mention the pattern goes up to a size 16?!? Sarah wears a size 5 so no worrying about her out growing the pattern any time soon. The pattern also has a short sleeve and long sleeve options. I am already working out a fall version in my head for Sarah for her first year in school. 

This is my very favorite part of this pattern, the smocking!! I really loves the add to dress, simple but elegant. (I wonder if I can talk Laura into making this in my size?!?) 

Yes bring on the summer days please! We are ready for all that it brings. 



  1. Such a pretty dress! Beautiful fabric.

  2. Gorgeous! She's grown so much.

    I love the dress. It looks like a pattern that will be just as nice on an older girl as it is on a young girl.

    1. Thank you Cindy! She has grown, hard to believe she is 5 already. I think this will look good on her for years to come, I love all the looks that can be done with this one pattern.

  3. Oh gosh, this is just lovely! How I would have LOVED to stroll through a meadow with skirts billowing behind me. Oh, okay, I would still love to do that. Your smocking is so pretty here! AHHHHHHH.


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