Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mini Aura Lee smocked dress

I have been absent from blogging lately but it is time I get caught up with it! Here is the first of many doll clothes I will sharing this week. The dress is a smocked one. I have recently received a 16 row pleated so the smocking bug is now spreading quick! 

The pattern is one from Ellie Inspired (Of course!) It is the Mini Aura Lee. I followed the pattern other than trimming the dress in baby pink lace and adding a ruffle at the hem. The pattern calls for a longer dress with growth tucks added but this one seemed to need a ruffle for spring time.  

I really enjoyed smocking this one. I love the look or wee half rows. They seem just the right size for the doll bodice. The dress reminds me of something that the Samantha "girl" would have really worn many years ago. A very classic look to it. 

The dress only took my three hours to sew but a whole week to smock but it was really worth it. The pattern was really easy to follow and I think I am getting the hang of pleating and smocking now that I am going to venturing out a bit from just sewing them and I am working making a few patterns up myself. (my first two patterns released this past month, you can find the Mini Penny here and the Mini Skinny Jeans here 

I can't wait to share all doll clothes I have been making, well over 50 garments now. (Do you think I have gone over board?!?) Until tomorrow, 

Happy Sewing!! 



  1. It's so pretty. And congrats on the release of your patterns!

  2. Glad you finally got a pleater. The sky's the limit now with all the smocked outfits you can create! Plus it's fun to experiment with different fabrics to see what can be pleated. For thin wool, I discovered spraying it with a fine water mist as it was going between the rollers helped pleating. Oh, and pleating two layers of fabric at once wasn't such a challenge at all.
    Have fun with your new toy!!


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